Thursday, October 8, 2015

Obama Should Never Apologize to “The Doctors Without Borders” 
On Any Condition Whatsoever!
We are a sovereign nation, they are merely a collection of self-anointed medical practitioners who have no legitimacy except for their own self-righteous attitudes. For quite some time, I have heard and seen this French inspired organization, “Doctors Without Borders”, intrude into a myriad of world conflicts acting as noble healers. I am not a fan of theirs for many practical reasons.
Most importantly, I do not know what their real agenda is concerning a variety of different conflicts around the world. I do not know their vetting process and even if I did I, would not grant them legitimacy of any sort. The group is composed of like-minded physicians, nurses and health workers who see themselves as ‘healers’ of the ‘sick and dying’ in every conflict that creates death and dying. As physician and international crisis manager, I find that they have become more of a hindrance to a successful resolution of a problem than their designated self-worth.
Any organization that is initiated by the French or sustained by that government becomes suspicious because like the USA, Israel and many other countries, ‘self-sacrificing doctors’ are often used rightfully or wrongfully as ‘intelligence operatives’ and/or sympathizers for a cause. I do not condone any military action against a clearly designated hospital wherever it is; and please note my scathing blogs about Gen Campbell and our DOD ineptitude in Afghanistan. Yet having criticized my own country does not allow for or condone a self-anointed representative of a Non-Governmental Organization [NGO] to demand an apology from our POTUS or any other senior military /civilian official.

Do we Americans belong in Afghanistan?
The answer is a resounding No!
That was a political/military faux pas committed by previous White House Officials, Presidents and Generals.
Do we owe any foreign civilian groups, be they American Missionaries, Physicians, or Mercenaries any apology whatsoever?
Again, I would state that we do not owe DWB any apology. Rather, I would ask them what right do they have to enter any combat zone that has been festering for fifteen years or more and then make themselves the moral arbiter of what is right or wrong. Just because they are willing to consciously sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of a ‘so-called noble cause’ as in treating the wounded; does not make them the ultimate moral authority in that situation.
Even less impressive to me is the ineffectual, laggard United Nations that has the audacity to declare anything either a ‘war crime’ or ‘ UNESCO Heritage Tragedy’ example: the ISIS destruction of Palymyra. In reality, the UN is nothing more than a eunuch organization replete with political corruption and intelligence operatives who have nothing to do but spy on each other.

Yes, I am ashamed that POTUS Obama decided to ‘apologize’ to somebody called Dr Joanne Liu, ‘the international president of Doctors Without Borders’. Whoever she is in real life and whatever her true motivations might be is clearly not my business. However, I might speculate that she may be a Chinese spy or a collector of critical information for some intelligence organization that I am not privy to at this moment. In the real world of medicine, everyone in a combat zone, no matter what they may say or do, is suspect as to why they allow themselves the “luxury of treating combatants”, irrespective of which side those combatants might be on.
During the recent Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone and Liberia, I found out that Doctors Without Borders had not performed very impressively. Therefore, we Americans had to send 3000 brave men and women into harm’s way to set up the infrastructure for the subsequent termination of the epidemic.
Lest you think me somewhat harsh or paranoid with respect to doctors who find that they have a ‘God Complex’ and want to rush into a variety of battles, please consider the following physicians who used their medical skills to ‘help people’ in the same way that Doctors Without Borders claim they do:
Dr. Bashar Assad-Board Certified British Ophthalmologist—decimates his people with chlorine gas and barrel bombs.

Dr. Radovan Karadzic- attended Columbia Medical School in NYC; psychiatrist and leader of the Bosnian Slaughter of Muslims. 
Dr. Mahatir Mohamed- Prime Minister of Malaysia for 22 years. Physician; involved in major political/ fiduciary corruption and unsolved murders.
Believe me when I tell you that I can add names upon names of doctors around the world who, in the name of Hippocrates and do no harm, have committed more moral travesties than one could ever imagine. From my international operational perspective, Doctors Without Borders represents a potential nest of informers, intelligence operatives, and other miscreant activities that complicate a combatant scene where countries and not NGOs are at war.

I am tired, if not disgusted with Obama having to apologize to the outside world when in reality his apology and possible resignation should be made to only one legitimate entity—THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! He should explain to us once and for all why he finds himself and his WH team in a cauldron of endless mistakes and errors which has never really been dissected by his inept staff. As an American and a veteran, I await an explanation of any sort to clarify why we are still fighting and killing innocent civilians in Africa [AfriCom]; Middle East [Cent Com] ; and all points of south.
No POTUS should ever have to be encapsulated in a web of apologies when in fact those words of remorse should be pronounced only to the American citizen/taxpayer who are his boss and the boss of every other official in the Federal Govt.
Senator Claiborne Pell [D-RI] explained the following about our POTUS:
“People leave Washington DC do so by way of the ballot box or coffin.” 



  1. Yes, this sucks. It hurts, there are 330M people who were made to be dumb desperate sea of silence, one Chinese spy, and Obama who is gone from office next year. And he is bowing to Chinese spy. I have just 3 letters to say ---- TPP! :)))))
    Nations exist as something good only because they are protecting culture on some territory. Obama must ask for apology from American people because this deed is not of American culture. Definition of culture is: "everything what goes unchanged from one generation to next generation".

    1. Maybe Chinese military intelligence infiltrated US military. Seems like US army could not believe that they were hitting hospital, mostly because such mistake would mean that some part of system which never goes wrong, went wrong.

    2. Dr.P you wanna know why the US is killing all these people in all these places? You as I worked in government so here's the answer.

      It's their jobs. A system has been built out and staffed and funded. It's a bureaucracy. They have their own institutional beliefs and assumptions which no one dares challenge. If you let them they'll be there forever because that's how they get promoted, and then retire and go into private industry or double dip or whatever.

      It's become a way of life.

      That's why a President and NSC and White House staff are supposed to reign these people in and manage them. But we have a President and his advisors who have all drunk the kool-aid and find it easier to go along with what the national security people wish to do.

    3. Presidents who opposed these kinds of people were John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and strangely enough Richard Nixon....

      And look what happened to all these people....

      The ones who go along and are never bothered are people like Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and his son, and Bill Clinton.

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  3. SAP operators are here, domestically.

  4. Dr.P I don't care if this organization was up to mischief or not.

    There is no excuse for hitting anyone's hospital !!

    I don't care who's hospital it is, even if it's the "enemy's."

    They informed everyone of their location and there's no excuse for this kind of mistake.

    This is like when a US Navy ship in the 1980s accidently shot down an Iranian airliner. Or when US bombs hit al-Jazera's hotel room.....

    This is bullshit and you know it.

    The US is hitting all kinds of wedding parties, bystanders, and families here and there in all these theaters, and the reason is because of incompetence. These personnel are not trained and following procedures. We've got a bunch of yahoos out in the field.

    And a few here at home killing American citizens and staging it as accidents when the targets are harmless and there's no necessity for that kind of action.

  5. My personal message to all the SAP, Special Access Program assassins out there....

    You are not of the calibre of your predacessors, and yes I do not care about my spelling.

    Your Vietnam-era forebearers in killing at close range all wound up in psychiatrist's offices because they, unlike you, were not sociopaths. They were misled soldiers and Marines who thought what they were doing was necessary out of patriotism so they followed orders. Only later did they understand that they were lied to, manipulated, and used by higher authority. They had a conscience, and therefore they suffered for the extreme suffering they unjustly caused others.

    You however are not them...

    You are simply scum.

    You who tattoo your bodies and listen to hip hop gangsters and joke about torture and killing of ordinary people are the hip hop generation of assholes, liars, and remorseless killers.

    You are merely dumbass asshole shit-stain panty waste morons. You will never feel guilt because your commanders don't need to lie to you or manipulate you to do this work...because you just enjoy it, and you have no patriotism or morals of any kind to get in your way.

    In fact you are the liars.

    Just look at your buddy Chris Kyle, who was a pathological liar who could never tell the truth about any topic and who wanted to enrich himself financially and never gave a dime to any charity and was basically a sociopathic criminal/killer who enjoyed violence and loved the fact that his government gave him the opportunity to kill ordinary people....

    That's you.

    Remember what happened to Chris Kyle?

    His fate is yours also....perhaps not so quickly though.

  6. Let me put it to you this way...

    Your commanders are ruthless and indifferent but they are not sociopaths like you are. They actually hate you. They look at your tattoos and your music and see how remorseless and malevolent you are and they see you for the scum they know you to be.....

    Think on it.

    1. They value your lives so much less than the targets they send you after.

    2. I think that those who think that they are killing for some good cause are even bigger sinners and are even worse then sociopaths, killing is never good... Killing can only be justified or defensive, but never good.

    3. Okay so this is the truth..

      In 1992 retired Lt. Col. David Herbert Strier explained to me that he and one other person killed a government scientist in 1953 by throwing him out the window of a hotel in New York after having hit him first over the left eye with his elbow, the way he used to do when he fought illegally and underage in NYC in the 1930s. He was very proud of his ability to knock out people with his elbow, and demonstrated this to me and explained that this is what he did to the government scientist, who he later said became a huge problem in the 1970s when the matter of his death became public.

      In 1994 the family of Frank Olson exhumed the body of Frank Olson and it was determined that he suffered a hematoma over the left eye, evidence of a blow, which occured prior to his dive out a closed window.

      In 1997 David Strier was still alive, and I contacted the Cold Case unit of the NYPD and spoke to a Det. MacQue and then to Asst. District Attornies Lansberg and Scirocco. Lansberg and Sirocco thereafter sought records pertaining to the government employment of David Strier. Instead of replying to their requests, an office of CIA contacted Sirocco and informed him that CIA would block any efforts at discovery regarding David Strier based on national security. Instead an office of CIA send Sirocco a letter intended to be shown to the son of Frank Olson, Eric Olson. The substance of the letter as I understand is that the former narrative produced by CIA regarding the death of Frank Olson was untrue, and that his death was due to the actions of CIA officers.

      David Strier worked directly for James Angleton and was one of several such persons in Counter Intelligence who James Angleton used as assassins while they were stationed in Counter Intelligence postings. Angleton originated in Italy and Italy remained his closest area. Strier was the Head of CI in Italy from 1953 until the end of the 1956 elections, thereafter he was stationed in Havana.

      David Strier was a New Yorker and was LCN connected from childhood and remained so even after he entered the US Army Air Corps in 1942. His LCN contacts permitted him to work first as a stevadore at the age of 14 and then as a fighter at the age of 16, both illegal.

      While fighting he sustained brain injuries which resulted in a later government diagnosis of "ocassional discontrol" due to leisions preventing communication between the frontal cortex and lower portions of the brain. He was unable to control his impulses and was responsible for numerous violent crimes resulting from his condition.

      In the 1970s his son was killed by government agents when he attempted to contact media sources and convey his father's explainations for his participation in other killings, including the murder of the wife of Cord Meyer, Mary Pinchot Meyer in Washington D.C. in 1964.

      David Strier also told me he participated in the killing of Cord Meyer's wife.

    4. James Angleton was a personal friend and trusted ally of Dr.Walt Whitman Rostow, who taught at MIT until 1959, and was the person who directed me to apply at MIT in 1982 and I attended there from 1983 until 1986.

      Upon Angleton's request David Strier resided in Austin Texas until his death in 2004, and Dr.Rostow who had lived in Austin since 1970 undertook to monitor David Strier's activities and conditions in Austin, along with a cleared forensic psychiatrist in Austin.

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    6. If you assholes want to kill an American citizen over nothing at least have the decency to lure that person out of the country or something....

      But if you are arrogant enough to think you'll do it here without any consequences because you've gotten away with it before then okay....

      We'll see what happens.

    7. Oh and another thing....

      David Strier talked because he didn't fucking care anymore. His only son was dead and he was old and wasn't afraid of anyone. Whatever his faults were he was fearless.

      Some people are no longer afraid of anybody.

    8. David and I were watching television in 1992 when something came on about Dr.Jack Kavorkian. David laughed and said, "There's a guy just like me! Both of us are too old to care anymore about what anyone might do to us!"

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    10. Thanks MIT. Your posts are the best on the net by far.

    11. Thank you. It's not easy for me to say this.


      I have my doubts about Hunt's confession. He tried to negotiate a five million dollar fee for his "full admission," which is suspicious in itself. Also Hunt admitted to having gone into government archives to plant false stories to mislead the public about Kennedy's actions in the Diem murder in 1963.....Hunt sought to portray that Kennedy wished Deim's death, which was the opposite of the truth. Hunt is a liar...pure and simple...has no credibility.

      Now regarding his involvement with the Kennedy assassination....

      He sued Liberty Lobby in the 1970s when a paper they owned claimed he was in Dallas on Nov. 22 1963 and was involved in the assassination.

      Mark Lane defended Liberty Lobby and in the course of the trial Hunt changed his story repeatedly about where he was on Nov 22 and what he was doing. He had no credibility in his testimony and lost the case.

      It's clear from the Liberty Lobby case and other factors that he might have been involved, maybe centrally given that the operation centered in JM/WAVE station in Miami, which he worked in at that time....

      And it may be that his confession has some elements of truth in it, however he has so little credibility and was so desperate for making his confession into a money-making business that I have to discount it.

      But yes he does appear to have been involved in some manner. He was buddies with other JM/WAVE people such as David Phillips, who admitted to his brother to having been involved in the assassination. Hunt was also close to Allen Dulles at that time and Dulles was definitely the leader of the operation, along with Lyndon Johnson.

      I think Hunt's implication of Johnson was based on conjecture or rumour, but it was well informed and he was accurate in that aspect.

      I don't think that Corsican mechanics were the shooters but I could be mistaken.

    12. On the topic of assassination.....

      I've been involved in enterprises where serious problems developed, or where a really bad problem existed somewhere and then suddenly everything was reversed and all the problems that existed were instantly solved.

      They instantly solved because of the death of someone.

      It's almost miraculous how the sudden death of some bad actor can reverse everything and change a really bad situation into a positive one.

      And when this happens there's a tremendous sense of releif...almost joy. Instantly all these vexing problems just dissappear overnight and now the road is clear.

      This is the elation of seeing an enemy die suddenly.

      But the problem is when you make this kind of thing a program.

      When you set up a system for killing people then it's a tool just lying there to be used....and it gets used when it shouldn't

      Instead of killing only bad guys the people controlling this tool will use it whenever it's merely convenient.

      They'll use it when it's not necessary, and they'll use it just to save trouble down the line or merely to tie up loose ends.

      These tools are just too serious to be left in the hands of government officers because such people are not moral people.

      Government cannot be trusted to carry out capital punishment against criminal convicts because they'll end up killing lots of innocent people as well because they're not competent enough or conscientios enough to conduct it properly.

      The same applies with killings by national security officers, and when they bring these practices to the United States itself and murder Americans here it becomes a completely outrageous situation which must be opposed.

    13. I watched the television series "Call Saul." What happens is that the Jonathan Banks character is a crooked cop in Chicago but his son is also a cop there who is clean....he refuses to take bribes. Because of this his partners don't trust him and even though it's not necessary to kill him just out of there peace of mind they decide to go ahead and murder him. They didn't need to do it but they did it anyway because they were bad people and he was a good person and they didn't like that.

      That's exactly the way it is in the military and CIA today. If you're a good person those around you will see that. They will hate you for it because they know they're murderous and cruel and you are not. They hate the fact that you're consciencous and they are not. If you try to leave for any reason out of conscious or anything else they will zero in on that and condemn you for it because it's the point of their hate for you.

      Then they kill you.

      That's how it happens, and it's totally unecessary. They'll kill you for nothing but the real reason is that they just didn't like you because secretly they hate themselves and by killing you they are seeking to justify their mentality and ruthlessness.

      That's the psychology of this kind of "national security homicide".....

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    15. In the 1950s CIA looked for people who "would have no guilt in kiiling," and therefore used Strier because Strier had a history of violence and they assumed he had no conscience.

      But they were mistaken. Strier's violence wasn't due to sociopathology. It was due to the occassional discontrol and lack of ability to control impulses.

      The truth about Strier was that though he was a cynic he had a normal conscience and felt guilt about everything he did.

      That's why he talked.

    16. After the 1950s there were so many problems arising from the bad behavior and undependability and untrustworthyness and crimes of using "people who killed the no guilt" that CIA reversed course and no longer recruited sociopaths.....

      Sociopaths are unworkable.

      So instead they began recruiting non-sociopaths who were just extremely patriotic country boys....

      And they had to lie to them a lot to motivate them to kill....but with time this didn't work so well either.

      Now they're back to using sociopaths but now when they're done with them....

      They kill them like they killled Chris Kyle.

      SAP operators are now being killed like flies.

      They're turning up dead everywher being killed by other SAP assholes who love killing in between taking meth and getting more tattoos and listening to gangster rap or whatever......maybe the "butthole surfers."

    17. Miles Copeland used to know James Angleton very well and tells the story about how when Angleton was in the OSS in London that he brought down another officer, Steve Penrose, because he hated Penrose for being a consciencious officer. Angleton hated officers who were not malevolent and ruthless and felt psychologically threatened by having Penrose around simply because he was "a nice guy." "No nice guys allowed."

      Angleton felt so threatened and resentful of Penrose that he cobbled together phoney intel from newspapers to be fed to Penrose, who used them and passed them up, then Angleton exposed that there was no source for the "intel" other than newspapers and Penrose was gotten rid of.

      This is the mentality of the psychos in intelligence and why they will kill others around them who act out of conscience and seek to retire.

      At least Penrose wasn't killed but later on Angleton would develop his own personal killers for that purpose. Angleton had his own people who reported to him through Ray Rocca, and these people were no one else's but his.

    18. Chris Kyle was a pure sociopath. He always lied to everyone about everything and lied in situations where telling the truth would have served him better. When he would get caught in a lie he never became defensive or continued to insist he was correct. He was just say, "Awe shucks" and then continue with, "Yeah well that's okay I understand...." But he never pushed his lies when he was caught. Above all he loved to pretend to be a Christian, and would go on and on about his Christian faith, which of course he possessed none of. In Texas it's very common for fraudsters and con men to attach themselves to large evangelical communities. Kyle was about making money, also a Texas evangelical Christian pattern, and his backers who created his demonically inspired company "Craft" as in "Witchcraft" with it's punisher skull logo and "violence solves problems" slogan was pure Kyle.... It's pretty clear that Kyle actually did kill the number of people he claimed to in Iraq, however it's likely that many or most of them were not fighters. It's far more likely given his nature that he simply shot ordinary people so that he could boost his kill numbers because his business partners in Texas were intending to use his status as "the world's most deadly man" to launch his career in media and in their "Craft" venture.

      Kyle is emblematic of the kinds of sociopaths in the services recently, such as the assholes running Abu Gahrab and the other prisons the US was running, and no previous generation of Americans would have conducted themselves that way because previous generations of Americans were not steeped in immorality such as today's Americans are.

    19. It was my job to babysit David Strier, and because of his inability to control his temper he had no friends...none. He was married but otherwise he was totally alone. He used to play solitaire with cards.

      Strier had very low self esteem, and from time to time he would insult me. Even though he depended on me for companionship he wanted me to know that he was the expert in every matter and my own opinons were total shit. He knew this was untrue, but he would say this to me anyway because he actually knew that I knew far more than he did and he felt very inferior about this ....therefore his constant seeking to con me otherwise. But then from time to time he's acknowledge that I was higher IQ than himself, saying things like, "You are incisive. You always get right to the heart of every issue." Before I worked with him he was selling mobile homes in the 1980s. Can you believe that? Mobile homes? Euginio Martinez of Watergate fame and other matters JM/WAVE used to sell used cars.... What the fuck????? Martinez was a highly trained wiretapper of the first order. Used cars?

      David Strier always carried a Colt 1911 with him, even into banks when he needed to be in a bank, and he had no permit. And then his office and home were full of guns here and there, and in his cars. It was an arsenal of Colt 1911s strewn about except for his 7.65 FNs, and he offered me one which he explained he'd used to kill someone in Dallas. I declined.

      David was a Democrat and a progressve and always complained about Angleton and Rocca and everyone else in CIA who he said had a "terribly mistaken and stupid mentality" about social issues. He said in Cuba that the "people really sufferred under the system there" and he was happy to have supported Castro in the revolution.

      Even when I worked with David in the 1990s he STILL SUPPORTED CASTRO, or at least had only positive things to say about him and the revolution. He was upset that US policy was opposed to Cuba and Castro.

      It was because of this willingness to oppose American policy and his empathy for the disadvantaged that I respected David, even though he was constantly seeking to degrade me relative to himself and was explosive and at times enraged beyond all control

      When he would do anything outrageous I would just smile at him, and he never had anyone do this before. He looked at me once and said, "You smile at me. You're the only person I can be around."

      Then once he said to me in amazement, "You're a nice guy," as though in his world that was the strangest thing of all.

    20. David said to me once, "Sometimes I come down on you like a ton of bricks....but I don't mean anything by it."

    21. Before David died he was hospitalized and by coincidence a friend of mine was one of his nurses. She said he had government people with him almost constantly. She explained his knife and gunshot wounds and described his body as full of scars from attacks. She also said that he had nightmares constantly and woke up in the night screaming.

      Thank you American government for giving we Americans this way of life.

    22. In 1956 David Strier was seduced by an English national female who succeeded in getting him to marry her. Without his knowledge she used her marriage to him to illegally expatriate large amounts of her family's monies out of the UK, which was a crime at the time.....

      This brought Strier under investigation by the FBI.

      Strier spoke with derision about the competence of the FBI agents involved.

      Furthermore he told me that James Angleton had absolute proof that J.Edgar Hoover was a homosexual.

      I was amused though not surprised when I heard from others also that Angleton had a photo of Hoover sucking on someone's cock.

    23. Strier was a very talented graphic artist. And I was an artist also and had sold drawings and paintings in galleries.

      Strier had very large hands and fingers and I was always amazed to see him drawing intricately and with such precision with his large hands and fat fingers....

    24. The thing David liked to do more than anything else was dance. He was a highly accomplished dancer, and when in Cuba before the revolution he used to go to after hours clubs where the professional dancers used to gather and dance with each other. He danced with them with similar talent, and said,
      "They had no idea I was there on government work. We were all just dancers having a great time."

      "We would do the Mombo-jombo!"

    25. FYI many people believe that the LCN, mafia, hitman who killed Jimmy Hoffa was Frank Sheeran. Like Strier Sheeran was six foot three and weighed 230 pounds with large hands.

      Sheeran also was a dancer, and made his living teaching dancing at Arthur Murry dance studios.

    26. According to Roy Demayo hitman Richard Kuklinski he learned most of his hitman techniques from the most active hitman in New York and Jersey at that time, who operated an ice cream truck and sold ice cream products to children from his truck.

    27. Is hitman systematised profession inside US? It is listed inside book of professions of US labour department? Here we had one problem with gentleman who was swineherd, but as such profession was not specially mentioned on list, he had to be put closest as shepard. Maybe in US he would be put as swine hunter?

    28. Or problem is just blunt, swines cannot legally work! Swine hunting other swine is not work in any social sense. We cannot go further because someone would say than that capitalists are also working something. Parasites are also animals, they have also rights.

    29. There must be an action movie there somewhere, by day a mild mannered Ice Cream vendor, by night an Assassin
      whose catchphrase is something like 'you have been iced!' I like it. Real life is much more bizarre than fiction.

  7. Dr. Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. you forgot to mention THE RED CROSS, which is a known "INTELLIGENCE FRONT"!

  8. What happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya??? It is actually simple! Under orders from UNITED STATES Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KIGHTS OF MALTA for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) had their (THE C.I.A.) "INTELLIGENCE MERCENARIES" (local radicals) assassinate UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR STEVENS and his (Stevens) assistant on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED! However, can The Benghazi Select Committee show sufficient proof with the evidence acquired? In addition, there was a "BOGUS" VIDEO produced on the WEST COAST in the UNITED STATES used by THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY to make it look like a riot; and as everyone should know by now, there was NO RIOT! While the said assassination was taking place, former NAVY SEALS tried to rescue AMBASSADOR STEVENS and his (Stevens) assistant! During the prolonged fight (several hours), two (2) NAVY SEALS were taken-out; and this brought the total number killed in the said attack to four (4)! The Benghazi Select Committee needs to show sufficient proof showing THE C.I.A. "indirectly" assassinated UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR STEVENS and his (Stevens) assistant first; and after that, it will be easy to tie former UNITED STATES Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to the said assassination! Did Hillary Rodham Clinton have any relevant prior criminal history? YES! As stated in other comments, the assassination of Vincent W. Foster on July 20, 1993 by THE C.I.A. under orders from President William Jefferson Clinton for his (President Clinton) wife (FIRST LADY Hillary Rodham Clinton) constitutes relevant prior criminal history (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Clinton Murders" [This is a copy of "The Clinton Murders"!] posted by volhead49 on March 15, 2014); and buy an authentic copy of "THE DEATH OF VINCE FOSTER / WHAT REALLY HAPPENED" originally produced by JEREMIAH FILMS during 1995 at ! In addition, as stated in other comments, the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry by THE C.I.A. (accidentally witnessed a "drug drop" connected to THE C.I.A. MENA OPERATION out of THE C.I.A. AIR BASE at Mena, Arkansas heavily connected to Governor of Arkansas William Jefferson Clinton) on August 23, 1987 just outside of Alexander, Arkansas (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Clinton Murders" [This is a copy of "The Clinton Murders"!] posted by volhead49 on March 15, 2014) are partially relevant to the assassination of UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR STEVENS and his (Stevens) by THE C.I.A. on September 11, 2012!

  9. As stated in other comments, THE ASSASSINATION OF VINCENT W. FOSTER on July 20, 1993 by THE C.I.A. for President William Jefferson Clinton is relevant to the ASSASSINATION OF UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR CHRISTOPHER STEVENS and his (Stevens) assistant on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya! Therefore, The Benghazi Select Committee needs to question Larry Nichols (FORMER INSIDER WITH THE CLINTON CRIMINAL OPERATION) about the "carpet fibers" he (Larry Nichols) found at "THE BILL CLINTON PARTY PAD" near FORT MARCY PARK on July 20, 1993, just after Vincent W. Foster was found at FORT MARCY PARK, Virginia! According to Larry Nichols, he (Larry Nichols) acquired a sample of the "carpet fibers" at "THE BILL CLINTON PARTY PAD" on July 20, 1993; and Larry Nichols compared said "carpet fibers" with the "carpet fibers" found on Vincent W. Foster during the OFFICIAL AUTOPSY of Vincent W. Foster! According to Larry Nichols, the said sample of "carpet fibers" and said "carpet fibers" found during the sad autopsy actually "MATCHED"! Therefore, Vincent W. Foster was assassinated at "THE BILL CLINTON PARTY PAD" on July 20, 1993; and FIRST LADY Hillary Rodham Clinton probably "lured" Vincent W. Foster to "THE BILL CLINTON PARTY PAD," because Vincent W. Foster never checked-out from THE WHITE HOUSE; and he (Vincent W. Foster) stated that he (Vincent W. Foster) would be "right back"! SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Insider: Obama May Be the Last President" (at 28:27 to 31:12) [I do NOT agree with the "THEORY" by Larry Nichols that Vincent W. Foster committed suicide! It is obvious! Vincent W. Foster was assassinated by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) under orders from President William Jefferson Clinton (TRILATERAL COMMISSION MEMBER, possible SKULL AND BONES MEMBER (graduated from Yale University during 1973), and VERY EVIL CRIMINAL) for his (President Clinton) wife (FIRST LADY Hillary Rodham Clinton)! Alex Jones interviewed Larry Nichols!] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on August 17, 2015; "The Clinton Murders" [This is a copy of "The Clinton Murders"!] posted by volhead49 on March 15, 2014; and buy an authentic copy of "THE DEATH OF VINCE FOSTER / WHAT REALLY HAPPENED" originally produced by JEREMIAH FILMS at ! As stated in prior comments, "THE MOTIVE" for the assassination of Vincent W. Foster by THE C.I.A. for President Clinton was a "phone call" between Vincent W. Foster (SENIOR COUNSEL TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES) and Gerald Parks (PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR at Little Rock, Arkansas tied to THE CLINTON CRIMINAL OPERATIONS) over substantial "EVIDENCE" [Supposedly, Governor of Arkansas William Jefferson Clinton and Rodger Clinton (Governor Clinton's brother) were having sex with "under aged girls" while doing various "illegal drugs" (primarily cocaine) at Rodger Clinton's apartment!] located at Gerald Parks' residence! As stated in prior comments, Gerald Parks was assassinated by THE C.I.A. (interconnected assassination with the assassination Vincent W. Foster by THE C.I.A.), a couple of months after the assassination of Vincent W. Foster on July 20, 1993, via a "drive by" at an intersection just after having dinner at a local diner (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Clinton Murders" [This is a copy of "The Clinton Murders"!] posted by volhead49 on March 15, 2014); and just before said "drive by," any and all "EVIDENCE" concerning THE CLINTONS located at Gerald Parks' residence was "STOLEN" by THE C.I.A.! THIS WAS THE ONLY THINGS TAKEN FROM GERALD PARKS' RESIDENCE BY THE C.I.A.!

  10. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (October 8, 2015) I went to Cancun Juice located at Warner Ave. and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California! I arrived at Cancun Juice at about 3:00 p.m. on October 8, 2015! I was at Cancun Juice from 3:00 p.m. to about 6:40 p.m. on October 8, 2015! At about 5:00 p.m. or so on October 8, 2015, I noticed a WHITE POWDER SUBSTANCE (COCAINE SET-UP ???) near the front entrance to said Cancun Juice (Warner Ave. and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California)! Later, there were a few "WEED AND SEED OPERATIVES" (NOT TRANSIENTS) at said Cancun Juice! Just before I left said Cancun Juice, I poured water on the said WHITE POWDER SUBSTANCE near the front entrance of Cancun Juice! At the time, there was a couple at the said front entrance; and they (said couple) were "WEED AND SEED OPERATIVES"! They (said couple/man) stated: "He is scared." This was immediately after I poured water on the said WHITE POWDERED SUBSTANCE! I DID NOT PUT SAID WHITE POWDERED SUBSTANCE NEAR SAID ENTRANCE! Furthermore, I was at Cancun Juice to raise money for the rest of the day (October 8, 2015); therefore, I HAD NO MONEY, when I arrived at said Cancun Juice at about 3:00 p.m. on October 8, 2015!

    1. You mean here? It looks nice... US have very good public infrastructure in most of areas, but in some parts where people who works for private peoples lives, it is on lower level then in Africa.,-117.8853143,3a,75y,271.52h,83.1t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJNN3I_Um_wz5kQIWjfgSQg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xa0561cf274acfa59!6m1!1e1

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  12. When I think of Dr's at War I always think of 'Hawkeye' and 'Hotlips' Hoolohan. I do think if you accidentally 'toast' a medical centre you should say sorry, even if it is insincere and through gritted teeth, it is just not cricket to blow the living fuck out of patients who are already a bit poorly, even if they are 'humanitarian bombs' with a logo or message on them. I was listening to Johnny Cash on the old IPhone and it struck me 'A Boy named Sue' will have to be changed because of all this transgender business. Now if you are called Bill or George you will have to hide your shame from town to town, because you are not called Lucy or something. Also what is all the fuss about 'Jackson' and why does every fucker want to go there? Also what was Johnny's alternative to San Quentin, to release all of the murderers and rapists into the community, I do not think he has thought this through.

    1. Ayman al-Zawahari is an MD also...

      Many people who become MDs do so out of the social status and remuneration and because they like it that everyone defers to them and must call them "Dr."

      If you think MDs are all altruistic think again.

      In Puerto Rico you'll find a storefront MD practice on every corner, and these are idiots who joined the US military and became MDs that way.....

      That islamic nut at Fr. Hood who shot up a bunch of people with his armour-piercing FN57 was also a psychiatrist.

      Go figure.

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  14. I once read something about "medicines sans frontiers" along the lines of a nurse or doctor going about there ethical business where upon they were told with gun at head to do the opposite or something along them lines... I've tried to search for the article with no luck so anybody else please thing I do know us the same organisations income shot up last year by a huge 25%

  15. People: "Obama help us, we need help, and revolution in Russia!!"

    Obama: "No, you people, we american capitalists, we do not want America to rule world, we want our system to rule world, and your bloodsuckers to rule you, but just little below us. You know, we hate american people and we hate you!"

    People: "Ah, ok!"

    1. Rich people: "We love you!"

      People: "Thank you rich people, we love you also."

      Rich people: "We love you more."

      People: "Thank you rich people..."

      Rich people: "Ok now let get back to work..."

      People: "OK, we love you rich people!"

    2. Rich people: "vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr debts must be repayed vrrrrr..."

      People: "We love you rich people, what did you say?"

      Rich people: "Debts must be repaid vrrrrummmm..."

      People: "Ok rich people we loveeeeee you."

      Rich people: "vrrrrrrrrrrrr"

  16. Ahhh finaly, here is answer to this idiot system with money, where goons, drug dealers and entrepreneurs, because they have more money are noble citizens and even they get right to reward someone with worth or not... Finaly, China is model for future.

    1. People I must warn you about Alex Jones and his entrepreneur spirit, first of all he said that females should not go ultra sound for breast cancer, he is lunatic.
      Then he started to sell liver cleanser, and i got crazy, i wanted to do that also, then i went here to this nice communist pharmacy and then lady boss asked me what for, and i said to get rid of liver stones, and then she said that is lie, you cannot do that, you can just damage your liver, then mother told me later that that lady had liver transplantation and that she knows everything about liver.

      Here is pharmacy near me.,16.432305,3a,75y,85.44h,78.44t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s5Ya2P-43symPgzU0CMyMlA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

      Then this lunatic with cancer Larry telling on AJ that Obama will put Caliphate on, i mean capitalists would put eskimo religion if they would count that they can earn 1$ more from what they invested. But it is not economical to put Caliphate... This all is getting to be $ joke...

  17. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama remind me of blood sucking parasites, they never cease to insult and disgust the American people. I hope these two find an island in the middle of no where and move there and impose their shit for brains anti American Laws on each other till they puke green split pea soup and their head turns 360 degrees in circles.

  18. Replies
    1. I must remind you they love you more!

      Well guys I must congratulate you all, I must congratulate my self also, we all are finally leaving liberal capitalism! Which is not system but always transitional period.
      Thx Reagan.

      Finally, US does not want spend spend too much money on lies any more, now government will begin to rule by using brute force, FINALLY, there will be no more lies people.

      VW case and punishment of VW is now fascism on open:))
      Germans did not respect sanctions on Russia as they should have, but they went "free" market to invest where profit would be larger (in to evil capitalistic Russia)...

      As I hate profits, I agree, Germany had to be punished, they should have invested in southern EU were we people hate to work, not where they would get more! I remind dear Germans that they keep politically and economically this part of Europe, so NOW PAY MFs.
      I agree with US government, it is anarchy when people start thinking that they should be able to do with "theirs" what they think they should because they think something is theirs, and not of God.

      Our noble president Obama rightly said: "You did not build that!" I will buy book of president Obama. It was translated and it was on shelves here, I watched it, but i did not buy it, mostly because I did not have money. But even that was not reason, I was too small and stupid to understand. I hope president will forgive my narrowness and cold in my hart in that moment.

      Also I expect commentary on this blog from now on to be more respectful of our President Obama and whole administration including even former members of administration like respected secretary Clinton who gave her self up for us all. I expect at lest one tenth of love given by administration to be shown by us, back.

      We all must pull together toward common goal and there are no time for views which are going to hold us on this narrow path full of curves on which we can walk with with raised foreheads only under guidance of our president Barrack Obama.

      Jim Willie, had to go back on my view, he said week ago that VW was because of dollar, yes but not 100%, i said it was because of Russia. Now he is saying it was because of Russia. :)

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  19. And now a msg from our new President:

  20. Hillary wants to ride us like we are all a bunch of donkeys. Kiss my ass Hillary.

  21. Politicians should be asking the American people what policies they would like implemented and should not be cramming their ideologies and self interests down our throats. Its "We the people...

    1. You will not see this case of police shooting on, on it can only be if it is in context of : "yeah you have rights, look how you have rights, yeahhhh".

  22. Kendra Godon Smiling-Laughing UCC shooting interviewee while recounting seeing people getting shot and dying in front of her- False Flag Like Sandy Hook?

  23. Dr P check out the above link, does this look like a normal reaction to news that your friend who was shot in front of you just died? Evidently this lady is happy about the news as she smiles and giggles. Looks like we are going to have another "happy ending" to this (tragic?) event. BS Alert!

    1. It is interesting to note that there are many Hoax videos piling up online by people sick of these phoney shootings and on this one there are very few trolls trying to defend the status quo. The 2 hour police scanner chat clearly shows this is a drill / hoax.

  24. Here we have... Free market shows us that work for federal government is much better, because you get more money - salaries are bigger in that sector. Therefore free market indicators are saying that we need to abolish private sector jobs.
    Private sector is failing because it is more corrupt, because there one boss can f up and cheat hundreds and hundreds of people. While in government sector you just cheat if you are in same time while working for government sector, connected with private sector also.
    Free market is showing us which sector is less corrupt.