Saturday, October 17, 2015

POTUS OBAMA Denigrates the Professional Integrity/Investigation of the FBI under Director James Comey! 
Over the past few days, I was completely stunned when I heard Obama pronounce in an interview that “Sec. State Hillary Clinton had made mistakes with her personal Email server. But she did not harm national security.” I have already explained in my former blogs how Hillary was guilty of having a personal server for her emails. I have already stated my views that the Diplomatic Security Service of the State Department; as well as, Pat Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management at the State Dept., were both culpable in allowing Hillary to commit this travesty of justice.

However, I, like many of my national security colleagues, were waiting for what one institution in the federal bureaucracy would determine concerning the legality of Hillary’s actions— THE FBI. Any hopes that the FBI could conduct their usually professional, extensive, and impartial investigations were immediately negated by the impromptu statements made by POTUS on the TV show, “60 Minutes.” The lawyer, Obama, knew that as an officer of the court he was sworn to uphold the laws of the court. Accordingly, he was obligated to keep his mouth shut regarding any ongoing federal investigations.
In the last few days, Obama has evidenced a real problem with his ability to assess reality-- both in foreign and domestic issues. Without delving into any fancy psychiatric terms, Obama is clearly showing signs of mental fatigue; as well as, erratic, inconsistent behaviors. No recent statement has been more detrimental to the State of the Union than the one he just made undermining the legitimacy of the present FBI investigations into Hillary’s use of personal emails. 
Recently, the FBI, in concert with local law officials raided close to 200 child sex traffickers in a multitude of states in order to curb the increasing numbers of child sex sites on the internet. At its core, the FBI under Director James Comey, has been an efficient, politically impartial, effective organization in apprehending alleged criminals of all types. 

From the very beginning of Obama’s tenure, I felt that he was a man of few accomplishments and even fewer skills; other than those which allowed him to act in a secretive, dissembling matter. I have stated previously that Obama was born of the CIA family through his mother’s past activities in Indonesia; as well as, his maternal grandparents who were openly declared CIA operatives at the East-West Center in Hawaii. In concert with this type of secrecy and duplicity, Obama initiated all types of domestic False Flags  [Newtown Conn., et. al.] . Similarly, he has made absurd declarations of non-existent “successes” like the SEAL raid on an already embalmed Osama bin Laden. 
Accordingly, Obama will have the increasingly dark stigmata as a man who deceived the American public on his ascendancy to the Presidency and then manufactured more contrivances and falsehoods in order to maintain his tenure for two terms. The one element of his tenure that I had lauded—The Iranian Peace Accord—was admirable; but not sufficiently worthy of an event in order to override all of his other past and present miscreant activities. Obama’s inability to manage, initiate or maintain a professional demure as POTUS has been one of the most disturbing factors of his tenure.
I have this uncomfortable feeling that as he gets closer to the end of his stewardship, Obama will make more and more inappropriate comments that might compromise the integrity of our different domestic and foreign agencies [ie. DNI James Clapper] in order to salvage the remnants of his stewardship. Also, his off-handed utterance concerning a possible ‘third term’ as POTUS was indeed a dangerous sign of where he thinks he might be heading.

I can assure POTUS that if he tries to enter a third term as a presidential candidate, he will find himself in a quagmire akin to what he had just created in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. There will be no third term for Obama. Similarly, Obama will have to recuse himself from the Hillary Clinton investigation. And, if the FBI finds her guilty of federal crimes, then she must serve her term in prison, accordingly. If not, then the rule of law and order will be fractured permanently-- and the tide of anger will awash through this country like an Ebola epidemic-- rife with anger and violence.
Thomas Jefferson stated the following:

“Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on an office, a rottenness begins in his conduct.”


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  2. I do not understand how the Iran deal can still be construed as a good deal when the leaders and massive crowds of people shout death to America in the streets and still reaffirm their desire to see Israel wiped off the map- utterly makes no sense that this can be good. This reminds one of the N. Korea deal Clinton made, which effectively gave them the bomb.

    In addition, the Koran says its ok to lie to non-Muslims- so how can their word ever be trusted if their god says its not only ok, but an honor to be able to deceive non-Muslims? There may be some things you do not like about Israel- but they are the only nation in the middle east with a stable government, a fairly good degree of safety for the people despite the constant terror attacks, and the only nation there where all the religions can be respected and worship in peace.

    On Obama, he obviously is a Muslim if you look at his actions and not his flowery words. He despises Christians and has contributed to the massive world-wide genocide he started by his policies in the middle east, including funding the Muslim Brotherhood which turned around and started crucifying the Coptic Christians who has lived there over 2,000 years with no issues and who are over 2 million in number. Also, Obama started a war a Christians in the military as well as purging the military of any officers who did not agree with his radical agenda and desire to declare martial law against the people to stay in office. This guy is toxic and wants to bring American under an Islamic Caliphate with all the Muslims he has put in high office within the federal government, including security positions, along with bringing in the 200k refugees, 90% of which are not from Syria and not really refugees, but terrorists in disguise.

    Former Clinton Insider Larry Nichols Alex Jones Interview on Obama's Plans not to Leave Office:

    1. Obama will leave office.

      The Iranians have been seeking detente with the US for over twenty years now but it's been Washington that's not wanted any improvement in relations.

      If the Iranians wanted an atomic bomb they would have one by now.

    2. Why he should leave office, so that some free market idiot can get in and cause another capitalistic crash and totally destroy nation and western world.

    3. USA is on right path, there are no negations with savage 3rd world capitalists. You are in or you are gone. Obama is doing right thing with Putin, no talks over Syria. We can talk with Russians only when Communists take over Russia and kill Putin in revolution while Russian people demanding to join in.

    4. People do forget noble Van Jones.

  3. Dr.P......

    I think I know something about CIA matters, in fact I know a lot about these topics....

    And I'm totally unconvinced that Obama's mom or her family had anything to do with CIA. The evidence just isn't there and I've looked into it. Furthermore they were all stupidly progressive socialist, pinko communists.....

    You can try to claim that like Lee Oswald that they were merely pretending to be socialist progressives to play an act but that doesn't comport with the facts for at least two reasons...

    1.Their progressive social views and anti racism and anti colonialism caused them to encourage their only daughter, Stanley, to get fucked by a negro from Keyna and get knocked up by him when she was barely eighteen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's something a REAL socialist family would do...NOT a phony one.

    2.I've never ever seen a case of a whole family pretending to be leftees so they can infiltrate the Left.... Yes Lee Oswald was not a Marxist but pretended to be one. But a whole family carrying on a front like that for decades????

    I don't buy it.

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    2. Obama is OK, he needs 3rd term like Roosevelt only that 3rd term must hereditary, that is all. Also we need full democracy in USA.

  4. Obama is a cynic who doesn't believe in any ideology and that's why he does what he does.

    His whole career has been a phony act of using the zealousness of do gooding Leftees to advance a career for himself...

    But he doesn't believe any of it and that's why he always promises things he never intends to actually do.

    His that way because he grew up with Leftee weirdoos as his parents and grandparents and like a "Preachers Kid" who sees the idiocy of his Minister/Pastor father he grows up not believing in religion....

    Obama grew up realizing that Lefist politics and convictions are bullshit, and that's why he is what he is.

    1. Obama is biggest realist there is. He is genius.
      But there are no worry, he de jure have one year to crash system inside country (poor capitalists) and outside country (3rd world capitalists). Ruling class (rich noble capitalists) must get what belongs to them. You did not build that, and people behind those who make it must make it also.
      It is game over for savage people living of other peoples misery... They know what they are going to get.

    2. I meant to say that rich noble capitalists, all 8 of them must form central committee. And that is it. 8 of them will choose King by doing public voting 5 to 3. People would cherish them as liberators and uniter of world. King would be crowned by Pope.

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    1. He did what he could do, he gave Obamacare to most savage nation on earth under greatest amount of propaganda ever. Capitalists on top got scared when they saw what kind of idiots they have under them self...
      Obama saved ass of USA, and I agree, Obama did not have to do that. USA had to go to in 2009 as bankrupt nation in to bankruptcy and had to be carved by China, Mexico, Russia and Denmark. Owner of debt decide what has to be done with debtor. That is capitalism. Now people talk against Obama and he gave them communist economy and saved them.

  6. Synthetic Frans fats, never go out from your body and we are already poisoned with them. Free Market.
    Margarine also. Nazis created margarine by hydrogenating coal. Eat that. Eat this.

    1. Old synthetic motor oil goes in to food production regularly, you just just pass hydrogen over them, and same goes for all old oils from food industry. It is cost effective, eat it. And you will like it. We should put Ron Paul in that tanks as material also. And all European capitalists. I now get it, EU is history. No one can pollute space, health, soil, minds, productive capitalism and full warehouses. Ok as capitalist, would you rather control South Korea, or North Korea, which one have more real capital. One is sick and used other is clean and pure. One is poisoned with people with sick property relations in their heads, other is free.
      Same with Germany.

  7. On study of psychology, one student said to professor that head is sexual organ for thinking.

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  9. The violation of a TREATY vote by 2/3 of the Senate WITH IRAN IS IMPEACHABLE & TREASONOUS.

    His finesse with the foreign affairs committee to reverse the vote count is far from mental incompetence


    The man-child ("puer") is a psychopath & doesn't function as you perceive him to be.

    The Iranian deal is a bluff, as all his chaos has been...more mass human tragedy than any other era.

    I could never retain you as an expert witness because your baseline of normalcy is mischaracterized.

    He is the HOUSE GANGSTER & he would tell you, looking STRAIGHT INTO YOUR EYES: "THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS."

    If Comey was clever he would file RICO CHARGES AGAINST. CLINTON, Pat Kennedy, Biden OBAMA BRENNAN McMullen, Gates, Panetta Dempsey DONILAN RICE.

    Only Petraeus is not guilty. He is the whistleblower, which is why he was fired, & why he testified first. Now he has a record & is an impeachable witness.

    Regardless, Loretta Lynch will never prosecute, & Obama would fire Comey. As a counterpunch, Comey would leak the evidence of the CON-SPIRACY.

    This calls for a "Nuremberg Trial." . Their defense will be "they were merely following orders."