Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jeb hires a crisis actor intern to trash Trump, but she was busted.  Hard to hide your FB posts


  1. I think time, is accelerating little bit too much... And it is mostly Russia. China does not have anything with this. Seems to me like USA went down several times already but because of time you do not notice how it went back on same place. Maybe these staged events are part of that.
    Maybe this promoted synthetic narrative by those actors is doing needed miracles for stability and trust.
    USA just have problem because it is over ocean, but this acts do go to world and say, hey, we are here. Like, hey our movies on your TVs abroad are real.

    1. And that girl actress, looks nice.

    2. In middle age such were burned en mass as witches because of red hair. That was ultimate crime.


      A Vietnam veteran with a son who fought in Ramadi with the Marines! An accomplished author, writer and jouranlist! A statesman who stands up for veterans and served as Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan Administration! An advocate for criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform, and a champion of the working man!

      An all-American MAN'S MAN who can bring in independents and Republicans who are disgusted with the clowns, CHICKEN HAWKS, and gun-grabbers and WALL STREET WHORES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      JIM WEBB EARNS MY VOTE !!!!!!!!!

      A REAL MAN

    4. My dream ticket is Jim Webb for President and Bob Kerry for Vice President....

      Let's let the Vietnam veterans turn this ship of state around !!!!!!!!

    5. That girl.... looks like some kind of MK-Ultra Project Monarch Presidential Model. The glazed eyes say it all.

      Trying not to think of what that wretched monster Jeb! must be doing to the poor waif behind closed doors...

    6. That report is idiotic.

      Showing up at rallies and asking scripted questions is not "crisis acting."

      That woman is just an obnoxious, annoying starfucker of Republican politicians.

      There's nothing here.

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  6. Hide your eyes...

  7. I think my favourite crisis Actor was the bloke on 9/11 who regurgitated 'mostly due to structural failure because the heat was so intense' followed by the parents in Sandy Hook who days after their children have been massacred are all shaven and coiffed and laughing about their children, try watching any of these folk with the sound off, wooden acting. I believe we had a few of these critters after 7/7 wandering around the streets with bandages like 'The Mummy' looking for a photo opportunity.

  8. In her opening speech Hillary was ONLY ONE who mentioned shared profits (i guess, as transitional model for now, between capitalist and worker) in opening of debate.
    And she said she knows how to get job done. Combining those two lines made me happy...

    Ah and the worse, the better...
    Voter turnout in the 2014 mid-term elections was a mere 36.3 percent, the lowest in over seven decades!!!

    Maybe Hillary is really real international corporate communist internationalist, and Sanders khmm national corporate socialist, same division was inside communist party here...

    Only big and huge difference was that international wing of communist party here had no economical aspect and nationalistic wings (of every republic) were one holding economy...

    While in evolved USA, international wing is dominant economically because of corporations. That shows how communism beats all other economical concepts, especially when international

    While national corporate model is needed in defence so corporations can operate outside core and get protection if needed.

    Do not get me wrong, USA is communist economy ruled by capitalists, only problem is that capitalists like to replicate them self on terrain in sense of small private entrepreneurship which is possible going to bring down whole western world and will bring total destruction of NATO and WW3.
    To prosper we just need to kill small capitalists for start, then CEOs will become communist managers by them self. Imagine that tomorrow you must go work in to someones restaurant, workshop and something similar. You must kill them all right away or you can only kill your self.

    President Obama was right when he said that he wants you to make it, but he wants other behind you to make it also.
    That is absolutely utterly impossible if you have capitalists on terrain.
    Problem is that corporations will also support such system because they are removing competition by supporting failures and non organised labor on terrain.

    They have few good points.

    But maybe US communism is perfect, maybe they support small business as way for total destruction, just how Marx said that all those nations on lower level of existence (capitalistic one, he named Russia and Serbia) will have to make place for developed industrial communist countries of west.

    1. LOL Hillary won't give the time of day to anyone who's not a Jewish Wall Street Hedge Fund Tycoon!

      Her circle of funders and friends are all billionaires who don't give a shit about working people.

      Hillary's life goals have been to get a rich as she can and live among the rich.

      Everything else is garbage.

    2. You know what, yes you are right... I am sucker, I fell on show. You are 100% right.

      And you also make me think... To kill all whites... it is just too expensive (time, energy infrastructure)... Not now...

      But Jews... you know what, they really do hide behind capitalism little too much, and so many people cannot be wrong, also many people wants to kill them, and Jews wants democracy so that can be their last election --- As example to youth it could work. In Poland, German soldiers had to calm exhilarated crowd from hurting them self while they were burning barns overcrowded and filled with Jews. Germans would already be on Mars, and today Siberia would like pastures of Schwarzwald had Germany won.
      Germans were good and honest in colonising Africa and had good relations with natives.

      And i understand Germans. Germans are only nation which can function even inside the most evil system called capitalism and act as decent humans. And yes Jews were biggest problem because they were part of global capitalism. Hitler was right.
      All other nations must have communism to be decent.
      Because everything else is anarchy. National-socialism for Germany was perfect system for perfect people.

  9. "Mentally unstable"

    Only democrats confuse loyalty to party with loyalty to country...because most have never asked what they can do for their country, but demanded what their country can do for them.

    1. If you think Republicans are any different you're dreaming.

    2. Let's look at the Democrats who served in Vietnam...

      Bob Kerry

      John Kerry

      Chuck Hagel

      The triple amputee guy from Georgia whatever his name was

      Jim Webb

      Now as for the Republicans....

      George W Bush?? How about Cheney???...hmmm...perhaps not....


      Oh how about Bob Dornan??

      Oh yeah he served.

  10. Cheney doesn't mind sending someone else's son to Vietnam, or someone else's daughter to Iraq to die in battle for his liberty. Cowardly cunt

  11. Lfh! He only dodged Nam 7 times, maybe he was having a bad hair day. Someone had a-go at me for dodging Nam the other day on info-wars. Although I was 7 and British at the time of the draft it was a bit of a stretch. I loved Dicks body language in those pix of 9/11, feet up on the Desk like he was watching a Sunday Movie he had seen many times before. Murderous Fucker!