Sunday, October 25, 2015

These animal abusers will get their punishment thanks to attorneys and animal rights activists at South Florida SPCA


  1. There is a correlation here in GB, with people who abuse Animals often are physically violent to children. If they cannot look after the Horses why the fuck keep them?

    1. That is their private property. Intelligence report: president Hollande was in Greece last week trying to ask President of Greece can banks start taking and evicting people from their property...
      Answer was that he can fuck off. And I guess they were commenting weather also.

    2. They didn't "abuse" the horses. They just neglected to feed them because they probably didn't understand what was involved.

    3. Holy shit thought that girl, or woman, is hot.

      She's fifty years old and her body building has given her an amazing body.

      I'd do her in a heartbeat!

  2. We are entering new brave digital economy, we must also make sure that left does not try to use it by nationalising it. No nationalisation, it must be of people, not of government. Now danger is growing from both sides. Crazy idiots called conservatives who thinks that profits should be private, and crazy idiots, now called socialists who thinks that profits should be of government.
    But we are on verge of real feudal democratic communism.
    I agree with globalists we need to support small private entrepreneurship. People should go catch frogs and flies while noble people will catch them in their greed. People needs deprograming, deprograming can be done only by pushing them in to their greed more.

  3. I thought it was amusing that they are training Californian Cops in the use of they will enter with Drag-on!