Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sandy Hook, Oregon. “Don’t buy guns, Don’t buy guns, Don’t buy guns”…says dad.
The Uncanny General Similarities between the recent Oregon shooting and the “False Flag” Newtown Affair of Yesteryear! I say: get better script writers!
History has an uncanny way for repeating itself in a variety of different apparent disguises. For example, the Newtown False Flag occurred in a liberal state (fiscally broke state) like Connecticut where some unknown tony community was the scene of massive slaughter. Similarly, Oregon is also a liberal state and the occurrence of the presumed slaughter of students was located conveniently in an esoteric part of the state not easily accessible to the truth or a further assessment of the incident.
Yet the piece de resistance for this psychiatrist, cum intelligence operative, was the amazing similarity between the two alleged perpetrators—both were by serendipity [one would make us believe] possessed not by evil intentions or malevolence like the Aurora Killer but rather Asperger’s Syndrome.
Amazing! or lazy on the part of the script writers.
Not only did they have similar so-called ‘contrived psychiatric histories’ –both manifested the need to be ‘isolated’ and ‘alone’. Each alleged killer lived with a ‘divorced mother’ whose father lived in another part of the state or in another state. Both possessive mothers took their respective ‘mentally sick sons’ to the gun shops to buy and learn how to shoot a variety of major assault weapons (blame bad mothers, convenient). Apparently, both single mothers were so attentive and concerned about their respective son’s fragile mental conditions that each boy was taken to their own respective shooting ranges in two different states and allowed to perfect their shooting and potential killing skills. Both boys were encouraged by the mental case mothers to shoot often….right!?! We are asked to believe that each mother, knowing their respective sons were seriously mentally ill, discovered at different times and places that the solution to a schizoid paranoid individual was to allow them to train to become proficient gun killers. I say the scripts were written by misogynists gays who were abandoned by their mothers.

If anyone were to believe each or both of these stories, one would have to wonder why our Special Forces failed in their entrance exams by excluding mentally ill boys with a history of Asperger’s Syndrome [Autistic Type]. The Oregon mother was so proud of her son’s knowledge and enthusiasm for guns of all types that she bragged about him on the internet as proof that a mentally impaired son with history of in and out patient psychiatric history could become so proficient in different guns. She, as well as other family members, went out of the way to buy high-powered assault weapons for her ‘autistic-head banging son’.
Wow! Sign up these nut-case moms to train special forces!
I must admit, dear readers, that this psychiatric history does not even warrant a pass as fiction, be it ghoulish and even bizarre.
All killing aside, something is exceedingly wrong in the basic narratives of both stories. Each story is so similar that one must conclude that there was one creator or team of publicists who forgot to check their past gun episodes for repeats, at least a different cause and character definitions. Repetition is the sure mark of plagiarism and/or lack of imagination. 
Joe Biden and Dr. Rand Paul [both accused of serious plagiarism] would be ashamed to pronounce any authorship of either the Newtown or Oregon narratives. Most importantly is what is not been said. Leave it up to our intrepid Commander-In-Chief to catch himself in the same stupid trap that did in his former master-in-chief-prevaricator, ex-Attorney General Eric Holder. You might remember that Holder was the “mastermind” and “federal bagman” for the Newtown payoff for of all the corrupt Connecticut politicians [Governor on down to the medical coroner]; as well as the supposed PTSD-Connecticut State Troopers who required extra federal monetary incentives in order to lie, feign illnesses, and allow the press to take pictures of them in all their grotesque sartorial splendors. One might also remember that the first impulses of that orchestrated scenario was gun control! don’t buy guns! gun control!

Not mental health services or lack of…. BUT gun control.
Obama, who has delivered the Ten Commandments of health care, increasingly refuses to say or reveal the fact that more important than gun control is that the USA has only1.1 psychiatrist for every 1000 American citizens. Obama forgets to cite the simple statistic of Obamacare that 100 Million Americans do not have any access to mental health workers, skilled or unskilled. Obama allocated $1Billion for a faulty internet site to monitor healthcare payments/sign-ups but not one penny to improve mental health services.
The only conclusion that I can make from this bizarre set of circumstances [Newtown/Oregon] is that our federal Inspector Generals are far more interested in investigating whether a leak came from the Secret Service to Senator Jason Chaffetz [R-Utah] than more important issues like the continuous false flags [9/11, Newtown,]  These constant scenarios of real, false, or imagined shootings has placed our entire USG on notice. Americans will refuse to pay for those federal/state/ local organizations that are already corrupted by nepotism, political favors and pathetically contrived ‘falsehoods’  initiated and implemented by anti-gun individuals/organizations and the White House/Justice Dept.
Time is of the essence. 
The more gun sprees that will be reported in the future which do not delineate the massive black-on-black crimes so prevalent in Chicago, Miami, Ocala, Detroit, Ferguson, Baltimore—the less we, Americans, will accept the ultimate legitimacy of any President – be he/she; black, or white.
Horace, the great Roman lyric poet, proclaimed the following:
“Acquittal of the guilty [USG] damns the judges [USG].”

BTW, it’s time that the Secret Service started to protect their true employers—We, the American People! They better start worrying about their jobs; if they genuinely feel that their sole obligation to the Republic is to protect [at whatever cost] those ignoble individuals who have killed, lied, or de-legitimized our constitutional way of life….I mean Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama!
A simple lesson of world history is that those who protect the individual and not the state are the first to go in any legitimate change of regime…… or untoward upheaval.
Please take heed:
No more 9/11!
No more Newtown! 
No more Oregon shootings!


  1. Yep I think also that jobs are most important! Stable jobs... Paid in a way that you can repay credit for house and car. This is getting stupid to watch. Politicians with their false narratives are getting out of touch 100%. Like there is still some solidarity among people, people do not have money in their pockets to care, and if they have some money they feel like they are selling their health and time for less then they receive, big time.

  2. Be it ever so humble of me I can say that I have personal knowledge of some false flag events, and these two shootings are definitely not false flag events. They were real events in which the two perpetrators had a lot in common. Life itself is a tangle of coincidences, and you can draw terribly wrong conclusions if you assume that coincidences suggest conspiracy.....they don't. Dramatic coincidences happen all the time in dramatic events. In my experience the more dramatic the set of events the more likely there will be very unlikely coincidences....that's just the way the universe appears to be organized.

    I've known people who have been part of false flag events, such as the USS Liberty attack in 1967, in which a high ranking former US official informed me in the 1980s that it was staged by the White House and Israel in order to justify a US retaliation on Egypt.

    False flag attacks are serious and dangerous and undertaken by discreet small groups in government to achieve big ends....

    They are not...NOT...undertaken by gun control advocates to push for a domestic agenda of this or that domestic policy. Gun control in the US is not the agenda of any American national security bureaucrat. It's just not. There is no way that anyone in the position to conduct a false flag event would apply such grave measures to such an insignificant issue.

    1. I read that summaries of intelligence gathered by the Liberty were being handed with Johnson's approval, to the Egyptions and as usual the Israelis found out, overreacted and attacked the Warship of an ally. Then Johnson hung the Liberty out to dry.

    2. USA signed UN agreement about global disarmament in sense of small weapons.

    3. Absolute balderdash. Adam Lanza is a hoax and the background story is a joke. This new one is just as tenuous.

    4. Bill,

      A nearby US carrier sent aircraft to aid the Liberty but the White House ordered them recalled.

      The carrier commander assumed the recall was because some of the aircraft were nuclear capable, so he sent another batch of different planes out to assist the Liberty...but when the White House found out Johnson personally called the carrier commander and ordered the second flight recalled also and ordered no aircraft would assist for many more hours.

      It was eighteen hours before any aid was permitted.

      The goal was an attack on Egypt.

    5. Walt Rostow the National Security Advisor was the engineer with the Israelis.

      Rostow the Jew...gee big surprise.

  3. Not let's talk about "asburgers."

    Unfortunately psychology and psychiatry in America are in a dark age, and they're constantly re-defining and changing definitions and categories because of their own lack of clarity and precision....

    Anyone who's seen classic autism can clearly see that it's not "asbergers." Nor is there really any such thing as a "continum" or "spectrum" when it comes to autism.

    Austism is like's either there or it's not there. The symptoms are either present or they're not.

    If someone is a little paranoid or a little prone to exaggeration you don't say, "Oh that's a little bit like delusional paranoia or hearing voices or delusions...."

    No it's not.

    Someone who's delusional and therefore schizophrenic has nothing to do with someone who exaggerates threats to himself or has an over-active imagination....

    So let's stop this nonesense about "autistic spectrum" because there's no such thing.

    These people with "asbergers" have no symptoms that rise to the level of anything like autism.

    1. Some young men are just really introverted and socially awkward.

      That's not a mental illness.

      It can be for example part of other mental illnesses that have nothing to do with "asbergers."

      In my High School a buddy of mine was the valadictorian and he was very shy and introverted when he was 13 or 14 and then was a little less so but still very nerdy, but once and a while he'd surprise people by these explosive rages when he was about 18 and under stress. He didn't handle stress well at all. Then after law school his law firm had him committed, involuntarily, because he developed full blown schizophrenia. I saw him in his delusional episodes and he was very intelligent and witty but definitely delusional and couldn't be reasoned with....

      Today he would just be diagnosed by some dumbass psychiatrist as "asbergers" when actually his extreme introverted behavior and and rages were because of latent schizophrenia.

    2. When I owned call girl services sometimes I'd work with girls who were borderline personalities. They had all the classic symptoms, and to me the one indispensible symptom of borderline is "control fallacy."

      The most inexplicable thing about a borderline female is that she will run into a homeless stranger and give that person all her money and all her possessions to save the homeless person from crisis. This is a very strange behavior for girls who are nearly broke themselves, but they will give all their money to someone, or beg from others, to rescue someone else because they believe if they do not intervene that no one else will and they alone have the control over circumstances to do this.

      It's a huge fallacy and it speaks to the error of those who think borderline doesn't exist, or that it's an anti-social disorder. It's not.

      Anyway I mention it because as irrational as borderline girls are they are also extremely witty and intelligent and EXTREMELY FUN to be around. They are creative and love to laugh and smile and feel.... They are amazing.

    3. Another disorder that's absolutely real and that dumbass psychiatrists like to believe is a fraud is Multiple Personality Disorder....or what they've wrongly stated today as "Dissassociative Disorder."

      It's not "dissassociative" anything people....

      It's people with multiple personalities so let's stop this false categorization.....

      It's absolutely real and the few clinicians who deal with it constantly know exactly what it is and what causes it....

      So for you disbelievers who would like to believe it doesn't exist go find a few dozen patients with it and live with them for years and then you'll be able to speak to the problem...

      Until then shut the fuck up.

    4. I do not think they think it is necessarily a fraud it is just not as trendy to diagnose as it was in 1980's New York where every client seemed to have it.

    5. Most psychiatrist today believe it's a fraud perpetrated by girls who do it to please people because their mothers also did it.

      It's the dominant theory and based on a small number of cases that have nothing to do with the majority of cases.

  4. I'll say this before and I'll say this again. No amount of periodic mass shootings will ever create conditions for gun confiscation in America....ever. I don't give a shit what Obama or that Jewish Senator from San Francisco says....

    Public opinion in America has never been more pro-gun and gun ownership has never been so widespread, and the Congress is further away from being able to undertake any kind of gun control than at any time.....

    No one would ever think that staging these shootings would make any difference.

    1. Forget about the guns. They are coming after our links...

      "I had a Supreme Court Justice say to me it's over"

  5. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. THE SECRET SERVICE has been compromised since THE TRUMAN ADMINISTRATION; and President Truman came to power after the assassination President Franklin D. Roosevelt (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Assassination of Franklin D. Roosevelt" posted by Webster Tarpley Radio (AUTHENTIC) on March 19, 2015)!

    President Truman was complete "sell-out" to THE BRITISH EMPIRE; and President Truman committed HIGH TREASON! In the interim, while President Truman was in power, the Office of Strategic Services ("O.S.S.") brought to the UNITED STATES over 1,500 NAZI "WAR CRIMINALS" from Adolf Hitler's regime; and President Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 and officially formed THE C.I.A.!

    During 1953, THE C.I.A. (actually "CRIMINALS IN ACTION") became a "PRIVATE FUNCTION" controlled by SKULL AND BONES (radical sub-chapter of the "ILLUMINATI" MASONS disguised as a Fraternity at Yale, University) for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)!

    A "good example" of the SECRET SERVICE being compromised is THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963! The SECRET SERVICE intentionally stood-down and let President John F, Kennedy get assassinated; and after the fact, assisted THE C.I.A. in the cover-up by destroying any and all incriminating relevant records!

  6. Dr. Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. I wonder if the current school shooter was a C.I.A. "WIND-UP TOY" ("ASSASSIN"), like the shooter that killed Arizona Chief Federal Judge John Roll and wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords! The "MOTIVE" was Arizona Chief Federal Judge John Roll and U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords investigating FAST AND FURIOUS at the Arizona border (initiated by illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (NAZI, SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER, and VERY EVIL CRIMINAL))!

    1. Wow Raymond I didn't think of that motive, interesting!

  7. These events are always cocktails of misinformation, they almost need a new category away from 'Falseflag'. Sandyhook is phoney, but the question is how specifically. One gunmen, two gunmen, no gunman. No Helicopters, preordered Portapotties (much like the preordered barges for the steel on 9/11) bizarre smiling, coiffed reactions to grief, the next few days, laughing!!! etc, etc. Now we have a new shooting and whatever went on they are fucking around with the images of the alleged 'shooter'. But as Dr P said there is always the 'Script' I do think they need some new ones otherwise it will just be embarrassing.

    1. Maybe this was done to put end chapter on to Sandyhook. Decrescedno. Maybe they are planning big one again with kids. This is cleaning of communication channels.

    2. Sandy Hook was REAL- I LIVE 10 miles from there and knew someone who was killed!

    3. Sandy Hook was REAL- I LIVE 10 miles from there and knew someone who was killed!

  8. Fuck, Matt Drudge is being interviewed by Alex in the Studio, he said the name ISIS was created because it was like Darrell Issa, who apparently was trying to impeach Obama.

    1. Matt Drudge is part of system, he is useless like Alex Jones. He also talks how to operate inside system. Nothing about association, nothing about sharing of corporate profits, nothing about representation inside their power structures. They are even more evil than corporations. They are sweepers and bandage givers of those Christians who still does not like this, by helping them to get in.

    2. Hey, your writing is very different today. Interesting.

  9. It is simple, have this had been real or uncontrollable, media would not be so loud about it.

  10. Take a troubled woman with a troubled son, put her on meds herself and get her son on meds, then nothing is her fault and she can pretend her son is normal and wants to make a man out of him because she knows he is a wuss, but won't admit it.

    Women do stupid crap all day long in this arena. They take bad situations and make them worse to create utter chaos, in the name of protecting their own self image, which is utterly destroyed at that point.

    These crackpot women, the mental health professionals, and the drugs they put these mental/emotional defectives on is the problem.

    Psychiatry will definitely only make it worse.

    1. You have a point. Many or most females are crazy...crazy...irrational, never satisfied by anything....

      Males are often stupid, destructive, etc., but they are rarely crazy.

      It's only females who have the capacity to eat nothing until they weigh only 50 pounds and are literally skin and bones and then look at themselves in a mirror and perceive that they are FAT.

      Girls and women are delicate creatures and prone to irrationality.

      What's to be done?

      Reverse the divorce laws and return them to what they used to be. Divorce should only be allowed when one party is intolelerably cruel or abusive to the other....otherwise marriage is until death, and this will keep crazy women locked into structures which they must have to save them from themselves.\

      Most women are like little children and girls never grow up.

      Sorry but true.

  11. One thing is for sure....the people in charge most definitely believe that we the public's heads button up at the back to stop the sawdust falling out!! More than enough evidence to show governments lie and engage in connivance and mainstream media is the largest protagonist..... Perhaps we really do need more and more mental health experts seen as the majority don't see it

  12. Aha,,,, i know, these mass shooting were always great for business... Gun sales are always up after these. Maybe this has been done by gun manufacturers.

    1. Brilliant Chia. Yes, it is the gun manufacturer's who do it to boost sales. Maybe the ammo manufacturers are in on it too. And the holster makers. And the gun show promoters. And the...

      You are a genius.

      My hat is off to you Shia.

    2. Of course it is not directly, but you maybe some general in secret fake operation and testings said that these operations should go on, because he accidentally have invested too much money in to small armament manufacturer...

  13. It is interesting to note that this college appears to have close to 4,000 full time students with 13,000 individual students taking various courses including community outreach. Damn near everyone would have a smart phone with recording ability and yet it is really silent online with any footage by anyone of any event going on. Rather strange. College President resigned just a few months prior to this event. Lots of irregularities. It is going to be an internet classic.

  14. A few of them perhaps still have morals and character...Dan Bongino left the service because of it: