Sunday, October 11, 2015

Putin Grows from Intelligence Tactician to Global Chessboard Strategist
While Obama is Avoiding Any Strategic Games.

By now everyone in the world has seen Russia engaged in combat in Syria.  26 Kalibr Cruise Missiles fly from the Caspian Sea into Syria, targeting various groups which primarily are against Bashar Assad. Concomitantly, Iranian Revolutionary Guards as well as Lebanese Hezbollah fighters are directly confronting those same elements. Remember: many of these groups were created by the Pentagon as well as others created by CIA.
So what does this all mean?
If one looks at carefully at the battlefield, one can become quite confused, if not disoriented by the shifting kinetics at any given moment. Yet, basic propositions have become more clear with respect to Putin and his relationship with the USA [read Obama]. After almost a year, Putin has honed his skills in the Games of State. Last year, he found himself tied down in the Ukraine supporting “separatists”.  However, he quickly pivoted around from there; initiated the Minsk Talks led by Byelorussia, and then prepared for his premeditated incursion into Syria as he watched Americans falter time and time again.

He understood that our rapprochement with Iran was an attempt to reconfigure the Middle East map where Iran, Russia’s erstwhile ally, and Turkey would be the new dominant powers as America withdrew to Asia. Putin systematically created small skirmishes around Moldova and Central Asia in order to show that, despite a failing economy and the US embargo, he could still maneuver around the periphery of the former Soviet Union. In fact, he moved some of his planes and submarines along the northern tier countries of NATO and potential NATO countries to warn them that it would be problematic to engage Russian forces. Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Norway and Finland were notified that there would be increasing friction with Russia, if they put NATO troops [read American troops] in the Baltic areas.
Putin became increasingly restless as Turkey allowed American fighter jets to land on Turkish air bases from which they could better attack Bashar Assad’s government forces. Once again, Putin saw that the chessboard was showing a not too subtle incursion into Russia’s former Soviet territories and allies. Putin remained exacerbated by the US bombing of Russia’s closest ally, Serbia, during the Balkan Wars in the 1990’s. Putin had to create a strategy which would demonstrate his resolve to act on behalf of the perceived national interest at a time when Russia was embroiled in domestic problems.
Over the past years, Putin saw Obama hesitate to act in Syria, rightfully or wrongfully. He also witnessed America’s continuous military/civilian ineptness in dealing with Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. He realized that our senior military officers and POTUS had no idea of how to conduct effective counter-insurgency strategies. This U.S.G. ineptitude was followed by even more failures in trying to institute post-combat nation states. Putin calculated correctly that America was faltering as a presumed super power. 
At that point, he quickly allied himself with America’s new business partner, Iran, to assure himself that he could be part of the newly created hegemony in the Middle East. That would allow Iran, the Persian Empire, to re-establish itself against the CIA-created ISIS, Al Qaeda et. al. Putin chose to ally himself with Iran against the former American Sunni allies –Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain, and Jordan. Putin, who has always been a close friend of the Jewish State, assured Bibi that the Russian missiles and jet fighters would not come next to Israeli air space [which is in fact quite small].

Putin had all of his chess pieces ready to move over the past four months. He built a tight alliance with Iran [while Iran fought with USA in Iraq]; Hezbollah [thousands of volunteer fighters]; and Bashar’s dwindling forces. The long distance missile strike from the Caspian Sea into Syria was intended as a clear message to all American allies that Russia could easily attack them with precision without even having to leave it’s warm water ports of the Caspian Sea. He placed combat troops [of all types] on the ground while he provided massive air coverage. This was a clear message to the world that Putin always is true to his word about protecting his allies. In contrast, America has never been effective in ‘crossing the red lines’.
Putin has reaffirmed what anyone who has worked with and against the Russians knows: Don’t Mess with them!  He embodies everything about Russia that is both admirable and bewildering. The Russians will always come to a friend’s side, if that person is really a Russian friend. The Russians are true to their word. If they make a deal with you and you play straight with them, they will be forthright. Yet if a Russian suspects that you may be too clever by-a-half, then they will play you like an accordion, jerking you around till you have had enough and quit.

Above all, Russians like to play and drink. If they feel you are not with them in temperament or in spirit, they will make certain that you will learn to respect them one way or another. I am not a big drinker but when I worked with the Soviets in Moscow and Tbilisi, Georgia, I had to toast, drink and learn to keep my wits about me while doing the necessary business. The essence of Russia is relationships that they can respect and be respected in turn.
Instead, we provoked them in Ukraine and insisted that Russia had then ‘annexed Crimea’ when in fact Russian troops and ships have been there for over well over one hundred years. Americans are perceived as childish and naive when we do not have political/military leaders who know anything about Russia other than the simplistic caricatures that are presented by our neocons and war hawks who have never really been on the front lines with or against the Russians.

Putin picked off our weakness as he became more enfeebled economically. He was warned to cease and desist his provocative actions. He has made his decision. He will continue to fight in Syria and elsewhere until he justifies the millions of lives that had been spent in creating the Soviet Union. The Battle of Stalingrad, where he had lost many of his relatives, is the primary paradigm for his defiance and resistance. He knows all too well, unlike most of our leaders, that Russia really won WWII because by the time that battle was over, Nazi Germany had been defeated. Yet, we never sent a senior official to the 70th Year Memorial of The Soviet Victory in WWII.

Big Mistake!
Now, we pay for all those slights and indignities that we incurred in our stand-off with Putin. Let’s see what chess moves he has left and hope that sooner than later, our POTUS starts to play at the same level. That does not mean going into Syria and fighting an ephemeral enemy. It means that our next moves must be thought out very carefully.
I can always dream… that is very Oblamov of me.


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    Also celebrating saints and drinking on those days is negative culture, culture can go against life and be negative for children. Think about that when you watch capitalist commercials advertising beer on TV. Good for USA is that germanic people does not go nuts and totally crazy when they drink alcohol.

    1. In Bosnia when muslims drink they always starts to stab each other, they do not have genes for that, in many cases just because they want others to stab them. Induced suicide, many times overlooked by police, also I believe there are such cases on US roads, when someone enter in to car drunk to kill him self, but he wants to look like it was not suicide, so he will crash him self in to incoming car.


      The Nazis were a revolutionary movement in Germany which collorated with similar movements everywhere in Europe and many other places. The primary things which characterized these movements were opposition to violent, revolutionary Marxism AND use of the state to create employment and suppress speculation.

      These two causes were of absolute, vital importance in the 1920s and 1930s...AND NO OTHER POLITICAL MOVEMENT OR PARTIES WERE ADDRESSING THESE PROBLEMS.

      The Nazis were revolutionaries and were zealous, many times over-zealous, but that's the nature of ordinary people when launching into transformational movements.

      To most people the violent antipathy and murders of Gypies and Jews by Nazis puts them beyond the pale, and in a category of unthinkable monsterosity.
      However I do not share that view is this is why....

      In times of war ordinary people do not have the ability to make distinctions. Ordinary people get caught up in the violence of conflict.

      During the war such otherwise kind and consciencious people as actor Jimmy Stewart and George McGovern committed horrendous war crimes...piloting bombers which dropped bombs on cities in which housewives, children, grandparents and shopkeeps were burned alive and blown to bit in front of their family members....forms of death FAR WORSE than anything the Nazis did to the Gypies or the Jews....

      I don't think you can judge the Nazis, or the Americans, or the Democratic Party, or the Republican Party, or the Conservative Torries...or any of these groups, by the particular crimes they committed except that all of them were composed of ordinary people, many of which perpetrated horrendous acts that I hope I would have objected to if I were there at the time..

      What happened in that war and after forces a confrontation with what ordinary people will do if the circumstances are right, and that ordinary people have capacities for tremendous harm if they are convinced what they are doing is justified.

      Few if any Nazis were sadists, and didn't kill Gypies and Jews because they enjoyed it. They did so because their zealotry for opposing wickedness informed them that killing these two groups was necessary because of their belief that these two groups were evil and refused to leave or convert or reform....

      Just as the terror bombings in Japan and Europe do not define America for me, nor does the killings of Jews or Gypsies define Nazism for me.

      It wasn't the most important thing.

    3. System is system.

      In capitalism you are killing poor every day around world by not doing anything to them and by exporting them war, also because there are no any planing toward them. Capitalism is socialism for rich.

      In national-socialism, you are killing other nationals/race, and you are introducing socialism for your own nation/race and you protect them.

      In international-socialism you are killing class and peoples enemies, those who too stupid to understand greatness of system.

      To me the worse and the most brutal system is capitalism.

      Look house of this family, that family is living in wooden barrack, walls are of paper, ceilings are low, you can see that they never red on book in their life, and they are not retarded, and now just imagine if they would be one of those 38% americans having to rent house...

      Gypsies here cannot live like that here. And those US whites were racially 100% regular. That is tool house in garden or dog house. And they do not look like addicts.

      Working class white americans would need Balkan Bosnian/Kosovo model of development and inclusion. They would be shocked by our model because to start right away with such advancement can be counter productive. Look how our gypsies have own houses with made of hard materials.

    4. I do not think it was killing as such that was a problem it was the nature of it. I think civilization is quite a thin veneer, if the supermarkets stopped getting food within three weeks it would go very 'Mad Max'. The problem is the clinical cold in the light of day killing the Nazis perpetrated. They had to build Railways, have timetables and Architects construct Crematoria. There are pictures of laughing secretaries having picnics near the camps while the smoke billows out, it is the planned, cold nature of the plan as opposed to an adrenaline fueled military attack. It was as someone put it, 'the banality of evil.'

  2. Finally Steve. Really prudent and thoughtful article. It is pity that you start to respect any country after it kicks ass somewhere. I do not like our president but this time I am proud of him.

    1. There's nothing to be proud about in Obama's inaction because it stems from indifference.

      The US should be engaged in Syria, Iran, Israel, and everywhere over there, but not because doing so would be a "strategic victory," but because failing to act positively is discouraging for the world. The US has the capacity to stabilize the whole region it it wanted to....but Obama and his ilk don't really care.

  3. Dr.P I really don't think CIA created ISIS. I don't believe that for an instant.

    1. And why they have blessing from USA then? They are selling their oil on global US controlled markets, to buy those Toyota pick up trucks you must have $.

    2. The Toyota Trucks cannot be bought in Iraq and are made in Texas to special order because of their Gun mountings. Fleets of them have been sent to the 'Free Syrian Army' by the US State Department. Even second hand trucks have been arriving by the Ship load as one Texas Plumber found when he saw his flatbed on the News with his number and logo still in place. Apparently up to 60% of all supplies sent are ending up with IS or whatever their current moniker is. They are a tool a contrivance, a confection created to course chaos and represent an excuse to remove Assad who bizarrely was an ally during the Gulf War. Because of this Syria were released from any involvement with Lockerbie and Libya were put in the frame. Putin has completely outmaneuvered the US and us because it now looks like 1. We were not really trying to take out IS and 2. We do not want the Russians to destroy the IS proxy army and the foes of Assad.

    3. Yes Toyota is face of American monetary imperial colonisation in Africa also, in Kenya those white bus taxis are all Toyotas... It helps because in Kenya they also drive on left side like in Japan, but we all know who s money is in banks which are giving credits to Toyota.

    4. Bill,

      That's about as thin as it gets. No sell.

  4. As for your suggestion that the US should have helped the Russians celebrate the 70th anaversary of the Soviet defeat of Germany are you mad?

    Duh the Germans have been our allies in NATO for a long time now and I don't think we ought to be celebrating the mass rape of millions of German women and the total plunder and destruction of Germany by the Russian barbarians.....duh.....

    That's fucking stupid.

    And as I've said dozens of times before every person I met in CIA except for the Jews there thought the US fought on the wrong side in that war and wished the Germans had defeated the communists in Russia...and I totally agree with that.

    Yes the Russians drink all the time...duh....

    They are barbaric, raping, degenerate animals. They are completely criminal and their population is dwindling to nothing because their lives are so miserable they don't even believe in family or children anymore.

  5. Now as for Putin's "grand chessboard".....

    This is the kind of psuedo strategic "thinking" or "statecraft" which is all bullshit.

    None of these stupid antics by Putin has led to the increase in the prosperity or security of anyone living in Russia....PERIOD!

    Every fucking item you cite has done nothing to improve anything in Russia but on the contrary has only inflamed every fucking thing against Russia and pissed everyone off !!

    This is the childish and idiotic "game" of statecraft and playing around like a kid in a sandbox.

    Russia is fucking hemmed in and surrounded and now they've found a little war closeby to toy around in. It proves nothing. Even if Syria became a Russian puppet state it wouldn't be any different for the West than when Syria was a Soviet client years ago. It made no difference to us in anything that matters.

    All these antics you cite by Putin are just pitiful but they comport with the pathetic ways that "strateragists" think of the world as a chessboard....WHEN IT IS NOT.

  6. When Stalin died in 1953 CIA officer Tracy Barnes was asked if now that Stalin was gone that Soviet behavior might improve.

    Barnes replied cynically, "No! Maybe we'll get someone worse!"

    That is emblematic of the hate with which everyone at CIA had about the Soviets and communists based on their absolute depravity....absolute depravity.

    If you really think that Barnes or anyone else would rather not have seen the Germans defeat the Soviets than you're dreaming.

    And as for "war crimes" these same people in CIA knew the US and England had perpetrated war crimes every bit of horrendous as anything the Germans had done, and that didn't stop them from supporting and admiring American culture and society, and the same applied to Germany.

    1. The Russian population is shrinking because there's nothing to live for over there and every just gets drunk all the time and also takes drugs. It's the bleakest place on earth. They literally have nothing.

      This is why their all about beating their chests and pretending to be powerful and full of nationalism and patriotism and pride...

      It's because they have nothing and they know it.

      It's their colossal inferiority complex.

    2. No they have homes, in Russia 90% have home, in USA only 62%, but even that is high number considering quality of such homes.

    3. As I understood it the whole point of Wall St and us funding the rise of Hitler was to take out Stalin, but Hitler got out of his box so to speak and desired more so in turn was taken down.

    4. I personally have a lot to care about...not drinking and smoking at all, and a lot my friends too. You are bringing bullshit my nazi many US people too arrogant to admit reality....

  7. I think nuclear war against USA is only solution because that would be first blood on soil caused by foreign power on US land from 1812 US-British war. (Hawaii is not American and it needs to go back to owners).
    And if we do not count Mexicans imported by US capitalists to lower wages as foreign power killing americans.
    Differences between civilised people and americans are just too wide. I am sorry, I lost hope. I tried but nothing can be done.

    EU must cooperate with China and Russia as only powers which can protect European wealth from pillage by american sub-humans.
    Chinese and Putin model of national sovereignty and respect for international borders plus concept of regional powers is only way to go. Socialism protected 3rd world, by Chinese navy is also only possible way.

    US concept of human rights goes directly against civilised concept where of human economical rights.

    Here i am now reading news that banks and constitutional court are going to to overthrow law by our leftist government by which banks must pay from their own pocket conversion of credits issued in swiss francs to credits issued in euros. two days after elections in one month.
    Capitalism and I am sorry, yes American nation must be destroyed as concept.
    American constitution is paper, made to protect capitalistic pillage, it was done under rise of capitalism and masonic lodges, and i am sorry it is unchristian and it is based on fantasy.
    This Russian plan for US territory is only solution.

    After socialist revolution is done in EU, to be able to do phase II, which is final extermination of every person who would support capitalist relation between two humans, EU must call Putin as guarantor of Greenland sovereignty. So that Chinese submarines can in every moment enter in to bays of arctic and protect Canada.

    It is important to block, first, channel between Iceland and Greenland and Iceland and Scotland, As way to begin tightening of blockade of north america.

    Then dirty bombs must be set by Assad intelligence in to every US city so that radiation must be untold by US government :).
    Then Putin must liberate Vatican and proclaim Pope to be only religious leader of world. Russian navy must be in Naples. That is must!
    --- I am full of ideas. I will now go eat something.

    1. I would no more kill all Americans for what they've done than I would kill all Nazis for what they did....

      But as for the Russians I haven't made up my mind yet.

  8. Clearly the US was hoping the Chaos they created would take out Assad. They failed. As the Russians pound Al Qaeda and the Daesh the US, in its infinite stupidity, took out two power plants in Aleppo.

    Punishing the civilian infrastructure to continue the chaos, its what we have been reduced to for decades.

    Russia needs to be there if it wants to keep control of gas supplies to Europe. It also has interests to reduce the export of terrorism to their sphere of influence.

    Now China will come in somewhere and flex its muscles as US policy implodes. It would be Yemen to offer a helping hand to the Saudis, It could be Africa, it could be Syria. In addition, it will be the Spratleys for sure.

    The sharks are circling and will keep nosing the US to see if the meal will be good. It just keeps getting worse and there is no end in sight. This once great nation has been reduced to weakness by a clack of idiots at the top of the three letter agencies.

    1. you think they care...

      They have golf communities for them self, it is not even that expensive there... I could join them, BUT I WILL NOT; I WILL FIGHT THAT EVERYONE will live on theses golf courts, if you do not drink, you are are not addict, if you read books, if you do not stink, if you are not muslims or fag then everyone would be able to live here...
      This model must go to everyone...
      We just must be able to kill addicts, that is all.

    2. It is good sign that Washington is become only normal city to live in and prosperous enough, like in every normal centralised socialist country... Buildings are not private, streets are planned. etc etc...

    3. Mr. Travers,

      What exactly would you like the US to do to keep it "great?" Why not let the Russians or the Chinese do business here and there? Why must only the US do business everywhere all the time and no one else? Does it really make a country great to elbow out each and every other large nation?

      Leave it alone. It's just a game.

    4. The Spratleys????

      Do you really think anyone gives a shit about...


      That's really a reach there...

  9. In Africa and former communist countries when people would get some carton box of biscuits from west, people would put that carton paper on wall and they would be happy, because it always looked better and nice. That is what we call extra profit, you pack something worth 0,4$ and sell it for 7$ in Africa, and you charge graphic and chemicals, (real stuff, minimised), and people are there then happy because they have something which someone other does not have, his social status is up, his wife will give him that night, kids are happy to have that on wall.
    Or you make war somewhere and then sell it again to those in war zone, they would be again happy.
    For US capitalists to get out of crisis they would need to have at least 3 continents in war, poisonous GMO biscuits tasting, looking and cheating tests they they are natural, plus packaged boxes with 3d hologram effect showing porn.
    That is only way to save capitalism.

    1. When I was in Africa one of the most prized things Africans wanted to have was a gallon plastic water jug, the kind you find here filled with water or punch or whatever is almost worthless... They thought those jugs were valuable.

    2. Yes, ok, right... But you know, jugs are dangerous because they are reusable you cannot sell them again. And then they can start competing against Coca Cola. Biscuits are proven.

    3. Oh yes they did sell them. Something which is trash here is sellable item to the African negros.

  10. When i was young and horny in 2003, Bush was about to invade Iraq. I was student and was living here in this two room flat, renting for 500per month but it was shared by roommate, nice communist area. We all still had money from Tito (salaries were just twice lower then in Germany now they are 4 to six times lower), plus free flats...,15.9988377,3a,75y,27.17h,92.79t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sosEnbLgrinygVDR6KVJm1A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

    So protests were organised in whole Europe against USA, in city that day was 10000 on main square. And most hard core among us came to my flat to organise and go to square. Plan was to put swastikas on to american flag, so while they holding flag at me on floor problem was how to draw swastika and to swastika to be seen among stripes, they wanted some one big swastika, BUT I SAID, no COMRADES! 50 little swastikas must be drawn between stripes... Also i said one david star must be drawn, but they did not like idea, but one was drawn, just one HI HI HI...
    So we went to city, and journalists were coming to us and asking all the time while holding photographs machines to burn flag, then as were were democratic we said ok but that someone else should do it, and one gentleman came...

    is CIA doing hell of job?

    People were chanting Buš - Sadam(e), meaning Bush (you are) Saddam), and: We do not want war.

    You are doing great job in Europe. Media, media, media. People are getting dumb like in USA. They really think that having lower salaries, not having jobs and not having flats is good.

  11. Look, here's honestly what i would do....

    I would start killing the military guys around Assad. I would use car bombs, rockets and missiles, and whatever. But it would all be through the FSA or anyone who is workable. Assad really isn't the key here anyway. Like Mugabe in Zimbabwe Assad is sort of a puppet being used by a military leadership who actually run everything. Sort of like in Italy in the 1930s when the Fascist Counsel really was the power behind Mussolini.

    Start killing these guys. Let them know they are targets and make them bleed. Assad himself will get the message. Give the FSA or whoever some missiles and put them down on some base HQs when you see the target is there.... Keep doing this. Have the missiles GPS guided with Circular Error Probables of about 15 feet.

    Keep this up so that you put down at least one missile a day. Put them on trucks and keep them moving.

    Keep killing these people. Kill kill kill....

    Make them throw in the towel. Go after the leadership. Blow them to pieces...arms, legs, feet....traumatic amputation everywhere....lots of blood.

    What do you think these Russian assholes will think then? These Hezbollah weirdos and the iranians and other freaks around Assad.

    Plenty of traumatic amputation and that's the key.

    Lots of blood.

    That is the key.

    1. There was article here how Croatian army "because of refugees" entered in to demilitarised zone on Montenegro border, it is 12km long but never mind. But article said in newspaper that is because of possible NATO intervention if Pro-serbian and pro-russian demonstration try to stop NATO and EU membership, and if their pro-russian wing of army start making troubles. It is weak 50-50 there now.
      In time of Napoleon Russian fleet was always there in that bay. And Montenegro in 1905. declared war to Japan in Russian-Japanese war. Truce was never signed. So if Montenegro enters NATO, NATO would be in war with Japan.

      That bay was Catholic and part of Habsburg Monarchy, so it should go back to Croatia. Same with Bosnia and Vojvodina (north of Belgrade). In bay only Catholic Churches exist. That is Yalta. Rest of Montenegro under NATO naval command in my city.,18.3305751,11z

  12. Now as for these ISIS weirdos...

    You find who their family members are, that is to say their fathers and brothers. Leave the women alone. Now study these fathers and brothers and uncles and sort out the nice ones from the assholes. Make a list of the assholes.

    Now grab some of the assholes and take their pictures and send them to their ISIS family members. Then the bargaining begins....

  13. "The best revenge is living a long time and out-living all your enemies."

    -- David Strier

  14. Marshal Ferdinand Foch (meet the fochers!) said 'It takes 15,000 casualties to train a Major-General', I wonder how many it would take nowadays.

  15. "Russia really won WWII"
    Stalin did not win -- he was named Haman -- Zionists won -- descendants of the Bolsheviks are running USA.

    "Banned in Britian : The Zionist Conspiracy and the UK Government"

    "Every year Jews name a Haman during Purim. Haman is the one whose head is cut off that year. Lenin was declared a Haman before he was poisoned by his own trusted doctor because he tried to nationalize the central bank. Stalin was declared a Haman before he was poisoned by his own trusted doctor. Kennedy (because he told Israel to stop making N-Bombs) (incidentally Jackie Kennedy was a crypto Jewess like Kerry is a crypto Jew) was a Haman before he was killed by his own CIA assassination squad. Saddam, Yasser Arafat, Hugo Chavez, Khaddafi, were all declared Hamans of the year before they were killed.'

    1. When will I be named "Haman" then?

      I hope they don't wait too long...