Monday, October 12, 2015

Congressman Daniel Webster [R-Fla.] as Speaker of the House of Representatives!
He has been in Florida Legislature 20 Plus Years and has been responsible, fiscally conservative and effective.
The recent departure of John Boehner [R-Ohio] as Speaker of the House of Representatives has been apparent for some time. Contrary to the hysterical cries from the mainline Republicans and the liberal press decrying the inevitable ouster of Boehner and his protégé, air-head Kevin McCarthy [R-Calf], we do not have a ‘party of Jacobins’ [Wash. Post].

Change is hard in any time and in any place. There is no institution that requires more transformation than the staid body of K Street Mannequins which we call ‘the mainstream Republicans.’ Clearly the American people are disgusted with their so-called proxies in the legislature. The personal agendas of these representatives have overridden the needs of their constituents whom they may have visited from time to time.  
I do not know Daniel Webster personally. Yet he represents my North Central Florida area with a history of a man who has been considered serious, effective and quite conservative. He may not represent all my values regarding marriage or abortion; but that does not preclude him from advocating for streamlining the federal entity that has blown out of complete proportion to its intrinsic value. If that means that he will lead a coterie of slashers and cutters of a bloated federal budget/bureaucracy, I am for it. Currently none of our present legislators have been willing to subordinate their own private ambitions to the good of the nation. Think Paul Ryan, who dreams of becoming Secretary of Treasury in a future Republican Administration. That may never happen but that is his prerogative.

As for the more immediate contender: Rep. Jason Chaffetz [R-Utah], a spright, former Jewish football player who attended Brigham Young University and converted to Mormonism. He has the requisite personality traits of a chameleon [read sociopath] who will conveniently adjust to whatever political mandates appear profitable. Chaffetz profile reeks of opportunism in all levels of his life. He conveniently transformed on cue from one religion to another to seek the support of the powerful Mormon/Utah family, the Huntsman [multiple billionaires]. Then, he discovered somewhere in his rise through a herbalife-esque Ponzi scheme that his highly intellectual degree in communication and bull-speak was designed for a political career in the Democratic Party. Yes, he was a Democrat when he was a Jew and a Republican when he became a Mormon. A real switch-hitter! Next he found himself in the middle of several investigations on the TSA and Secret Service that served little purpose than to piss off these major agencies. He has accomplished nothing which is par for the course.
Republicans, choose smartly. If you fail this test, then just resign and allow the country to shut down until more effective desperate measures have to be invoked in order to make this country run efficiently. BTW, those measures do not entail a greater executive power for POTUS.
Change from within is preferable… 
However, if it is not feasible, then change will come from outside and the people of this country will demand a ‘Jacobin Revolution’ [whatever that really means.] Be careful for what you wish for ……
  As Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, once stated : 
“When the Gods are cruel, they grant your wishes!”
The choice is simple: The Devil or Daniel Webster! 


  1. Bi-partisan support for new law, means that new concept of pillage done by rich, is going to be little more complex then usual and poor will work more.

    1. Who cares who the Speaker is. That jobs is irrelevant with Obama as President and no speaker can lead the Republicans in the House. It's a non-issue.

  2. Guidance for poor people how to gain respect and love of rich who rule over your by force and media.
    Embrace and hug your enemy of your rich, talk to his enemy, the more you do it, the more your white rich will love you and respect you, they could even say, hey look, you are white, black and brown like me...
    Or he could say, gee look, we both are Americans, we are same blood. Do not talk with our common enemy, look how evil he is, we are not evil like they are. Wait I will hug you and I will be nice to you agin. This was just misunderstanding.

    Capitalists alone will say one thing which is not lie, and that is that there is no free lunch. And that is true, no, there is no one.

    Start by calling Chinese ambassador to your next local party meeting. Let he talk you about class revolution, how it was done in China, let him talk you about class enemies, and who are class enemies, and what you need to with class enemies in revolution.

    I know that USA does not have diplomatic relationship with North Korea, but China could do it. Lets see here how in UK local party members called North Korean ambassador to visit them. and to talk to them. That is how you do it.

    Working people have only force, that is all, nothing else, if you want bigger salaries you can get them only buy saying, it is enough, we will cut heads of rich people, but as long as you are saying, oh no no, i am not one of those poor people (some would say commie), then... Then you really do not count, you are really nothing, you are 0, just like your salary.
    Yes of course many would die, it is going to be violent, kids would cry, it could be even worse, but...

    It is like going to dentist.

  3. i have written this comment on breitbart and suddenly people reacted differently, some said that i am boring, that it was pathetic, one lady said it was sick sick sick, one guy said he was speechless ... all that all for this one comment...

    it goes like this:

    america is best country on world
    american free market capitalism is best system on world
    I am rich Chinese who bought house here, we were 35% of people buying houses costing more then 0,5M, in last 3 years in USA...

    i have white poor girls who works at me as my maids, my lesbian wife is playing with them and yell on them, they have poor kids with cancers and my wife sent them to church to cure them just how ron paul and glenn beck wants

    white girls have big boobs, but they are lazy, and they have minimum wage, we should abolish that, i like when they are pregnant and they must work, i like them to be my maids while they have big belly and i like it because in usa they do not have maternity leave so they must come back to serve my chinese wife
    next day with smile mmmm

    i like us free market very much
    i like tea party very much also, tea tea tea ...
    americans should work harder...

    most interesting was to see that suddenly i got even one non-breitbart reply in sense, oh in California we have maternity leave... and he got up vote in one second... but, cmon guys, do not loose focus so easily... never loose faith...

  4. This is a bit 'local' for my comment so I will just give you a great money making opportunity! Harvard University are paying $40 for every bowel movement for each of their active donors. Apparently they place it in a sick person and the healthy poop chases away the harmful C. difficile bacteria. One donor has earnt $1000 in the last two months alone. This might explain the 70's phrase 'get your shit together'. So with your morning shit, you have opened the shop as it were.

  5. Tonight, with this debate, is big day, we will see what will happen.

  6. The Republican field is colorful but they don't represent the opinions of most Americans.

    Most Americans are closer to the Democrats, but they have no interesting people any more. This obsession with Hillary is sick, and the Democrats need to find people like they had in the past. Even Bob Kerry or Jerry Brown could wip ass on any of these Republican clowns.

  7. It is all a sideshow to distract while they all rape and pillage. Nothing more.

    This whole charade is to make us think we actually have a say... which we absolutely don't.

    Trump is obviously an outlier and not part of the NWO acceptable equation.

    I'm with Trump if for no other reason than he is destroying Jeb and Hillary.

    1. Read my last post link to "crisis actor" hired to Trash Trump in N.H. Jeb is pathetic.