Thursday, October 1, 2015

China is Aflame with Minority Uighur’s [Muslims] Explosions in Guangxi Province.
This is an area near the Human Trafficking route to VietNam, Thailand and onto Turkey.

As Russian SU-25 jets stream across the Syrian desert to strafe ISIS once and for all, China has entered the arena of terrorist attacks. September 30, 2015 will probably mark the beginning of the counter-terrorism actions against the Uighur Muslim radicals located in Guangxi province. On that unfortunate day, thirteen deadly explosions occurred over a two hour period. Detonations created by home-made bombs set off gas explosions, killing large numbers of innocent Chinese civilians. One can assume that this is the beginning of a major attempt by the Uighur minority to strike back at President Xi’s previous attempts to restrict this Muslim minority group.
Coincidentally, a spade of recent bombings in Bangkok, Thailand were connected to the Uighur smuggling network that went from Guangxi province through Vietnam onto Bangkok, Thailand. What China is about to witness is the resurgence of the widespread Islamic militancy violence that has been nurtured in Pakistan and Afghanistan, thanks to US ineptitude, and spread southward and eastward into all corners of SE Asian and  China.

I have limited experience with Chinese Intelligence but I found them to be professional and ruthless when provoked. The Uighurs will find themselves in a low intensity conflict [LIC] with individuals who, one might say, work ‘with extreme prejudice.’
It seems to me that Obama’s meeting with the respective leaders of China and Russia was tantamount to the WH giving them each permission to pursue their own agendas with respect to the problem of Islamic extremism. In the case of Syria, POTUS gave Putin permission to bomb the ISIS targets at will. I presume that he also ordered our military to assist the Russians in their fight against ISIS without any possibility for interference. Both American and Russian flight patterns had to be coordinated so that there would not be potential for an airborne accident.
As for China, POTUS had to reassure President Xi that CINCPAC would not constrain the actions of the Chinese military to enlarge their network of retaliation against the expansive Uighur militant cells extending all the way from China to Turkey. Now, Americans are going to see a far more concerted effort by our erstwhile allies –the Chinese and Russians – in helping us, America, restrict the cancerous growth of Islamic militancy.

I would not be surprised if Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai were in some ways affected adversely since they have been the major funders of ISIS and the extreme Salafist groups. From my tempered perspective, we have entered a new phase of the war on terror. Now, we will watch what happens when two authoritarian societies decide to destroy a ‘clear and present danger’ to their respective homelands. I can only add: “Welcome to the fight, China and Russia!”


  1. Nice new fonts. Chinese from imperial times have best methods of tortures nurtured and developed inside imperial courts. Japanese are second best. That is why those nations are very good in dressage and have very good trained people. Albert Pike was writing letters to his Italian friend how there would have to be 3 world wars. Last one against Muslims. We do not have evidences that Islam is of Satan directly, but it is not far away. I prefer "atheists" any time over them, because atheists will follow cultural norms of western judeo-christianity in default. And would accept Greek artistic style combined with fruits of Christian culture. Problem is that Russia wants and wants to follow that sick Konstantin model where Tsar de facto decide what will main bishop preach. In Serbia interior ministry is electing main bishop. Also in Serbia and Russia interior ministry, meaning "King" is founder of Serbian Islamic community. Meaning every country on world have own Islam, same for Eastern-Orthodox peoples. That is horrible for economic prosperity because King there does not have legitimacy given by God because he is undermining his Church by trying to do work of Bishop. Even economy cannot go over God.

    Psychologically such systems cannot work because than it is impossible for such King to go against oligarchy on terrain and introduce free royal cities as only reason for development of West in sense of cultural and economical prosperity.

  2. Dr Steve, This following video is 100% correct! "How Microsoft Is Social Engineering You Through Games"
    Theodore Morgan-Major, a researcher with Seele Team 6, a research team focused on the gaming industry and the GamerGate controversy.

  3. "Now, Americans are going to see a far more concerted effort by our erstwhile allies –the Chinese and Russians – in helping us, America, restrict the cancerous growth of Islamic militancy."

    Let me suggest a re-wording of this sentence: Now, Americans are going to see a far more concerted effort by our erstwhile allies –the Chinese and Russians – to restrict America's clandestine efforts to foster the cancerous growth of Islamic militancy.

    If the American people truly understood the latter as rephrased to be the case, they would hunt down their so-called leadership with pitchforks and torches (as G.H.W.Bush is said to have once remarked). The sad state of affairs being what it is, however, the American people must rely on Russian and Chinese leadership to do the job that our own "fearless leaders" pretend to do, while in fact doing quite the opposite.

  4. Thank you for reading and thank you for your feedback.

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    1. Thanks Tony, re-posted. He just seems super dopey.