Friday, November 23, 2012

Best Bad Osama Bin Laden Death Narrative
  The Man Who Never Was Dies Once Again –Now Revealed! For The First Time In Classified Internal Emails On Board The USS Carl Vinson.
  You won’t believe it!  But, yes, my dear friends , the Intelligence Community just can’t give up on how Osama Bin Laden----the Terrorist who never was---died a “million deaths”!
  This time,  Navy Intelligence reveals from “Internal Emails among U.S military officers indicate that no sailors watched Osama Bin Laden’s burial at sea from the USS Carl Vinson and traditional procedures were followed during the ceremony”.  Huh???
  WOW! I must be “one bad dude” for the CIA, Military Intelligence, the Chief of Naval Operations, the SOCOM Commander, the DCI, the SEALS and now navy officers trying to shut me up, squash the ‘truth’ about Osama’s re-death at the political convenience of a future president.  (for those of you just coming in…I said ten years ago that Osama died before 9/11/2001 of complications from Marfan syndrome)
  Now folks, I am pretty good at predicting events and political/psychological dynamics  but  I am really NOT THAT GOOD ---or to be frank---that DANGEROUS –for U. S. national security ---(including all of the aforementioned agencies and personnel) to have wasted so many tax dollars and months, days and hours to concoct a story line that even a moron on a leap year couldn’t believe. 
Maybe Presidents Clinton, Bush Jr  and now Obama [believe or not , he staked a piece of his election on killing an already dead man]--- they can believe this “bullshitski”—but , my god, hasn’t our intelligence system something better to do than stupidity?
  However, my dear readers, you do have to remember one basic axiom---no one loves the CIA more than the CIA. 
  You know what---they even have an office---at your taxpayer dollars expense to pitch stories to Hollywood about their ‘legacy of ashes’ that’s how epics like “Charlie Wilson’s War” and now, “Argo” get made.
  Unfortunately,  I had to see “Argo” in a preview again,  this time in order to cast my vote for best picture of the year. (In one of my many roles in life, something that the agency only dreams of possessing, is that I have been a TV Movie Producer which , believe or not, qualifies me to vote—drum roll please---for the “Best Picture “ at the Academy Awards in Hollywood.)
  Yes, that’s right.!
Now, guess who was laughing on the floor all through Argo?  You got it, me!
I could not believe how a smart, insightful Ben Affleck could have made such a bad film [that’s a question of taste] about one of the worst failures in the history of US intelligence----The Iran Hostage Siege.
I am always amazed by  THE CIA’s out right boldness, arrogance and self-congratulatory affection that they have for themselves ---over and over again.
  As I mentioned in one of my former blogs, Argo is really a testimony to the stupidity and incompetence of the State Department and more importantly the CIA. 
They never fail to F..k UP !!!!
  But the beauty of the CIA,  the military as well as the FBI,  is that they love to portray themselves as they believe they should have acted---appropriate, competently even a little bit irreverent—that’s the swagger part.
  These guys including SOCOM under Navy control and now the Regular Navy are invested in creating fiction.
But really, its obvious that they need some (lots) of help ….so let me try to give them some friendly advice.
  First, guys, if you want to create a convincing story line about the SEALS and the presumed killing and death of Osama Bin Laden—don’t use the names of Navy personnel who have been fired or retired.
That’s not only cowardly and silly, it’s also not credible.
Important!  as writers you have to be consistent—bozo!  Don’t use the name of an Admiral who was just dismissed by the POTUS and the Choir Boys—like Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette whom you just canned when he did do something noble like defy POTUS’s orders to “Stand Down” in the Benghazi affair.
  Hey bozos, stay away from using Admiral Mullen, the son of a former William Morris Agency PR man and a ‘self-aggrandizing, narcissistic’ bullshitter in his own right.
  Now, you have a cover story with no credible characters or witnesses but a bunch of names whom you, yourselves discredited.
Next, the most important aspect of intelligence or story writing is never to harp on a subject that has no truth or is really been discredited worldwide.
  But quite frankly, if you guys want to say you killed a dead man who never planned the 9/11 attack in 2001 and then you killed the dead man who never was on May 2011----go ahead, knock yourselves out but I can tell you, it won’t sell.
 Oh by the way, I do like the Latino touch.
  You have a Latino,  Rear Admiral Samuel Perez, Commander of the Carrier Strike Force [is he your in-house  spic?]  asking this nonsensical question, “Any news on the package for us?” Then you have the Latino responding,  “FedEX delivered the package” ----Are you guys kidding? This is really beyond stinky dialogue…. This is just bad!!!!!
“Both trucks are safely enroute home base,” Perez responds again.  Mira le! Mamacita que puede decir!!!
WoW! This makes CHEECH and CHONG sound WASPY!!!
  So now the navy gets rid of one Admiral Gaouette for bravery and puts in his place ‘frito bandito’.
As someone born in Cuba,  I find this stereotype of Hispanic Navy personnel ---OFFENSIVE!!
  C’mon…bad story line, used-up faked narrative, stereo-typed characters, lies, bad fact checking, you guys are really amateurs!
  The truth is that our military leaders have failed in combat since WWII –Korea, Viet Nam , etc. And don’t get me started on the mistakes, mis-steps of our intelligence service!.... seriously, leave the overt propaganda to Hollywood, you guys really need to concentrate on your jobs!  
You have repeatedly failed our country in telling the truth and dishonoring the memories of veterans who truly DID DIE in a real war ---not a contrived war ---- in order to serve our country and save it from domestic tyrants who call themselves POTUS, CIA operatives, Homeland Security or some other nonsensical national security acronyms which costs the American public trillions of dollars while veterans suffer needlessly in your VA hospitals… and our citizens have to work two jobs… and others are still on food stamps…. And thanks to your military-industrial juggernaut we, the US, rank 47th lowest country in the world in education
  The American public is tired of your lies, incompetence and arrogance and for that you will pay in time---- as the American public will deem fit.
  My past and future blogs are dedicated to one thing: telling the truth!
 In others words, as the CIA liked to say in the Movie “Argo” ---Arrr…go F..k Yourselves!!! 


  1. I'm completely with you regarding the Osama Bin Laden narrative being fake, but before 9/11? Among the people who believe that the current Bin Laden story is a hoax, there's pretty much universal consensus (and you had referenced a similar time frame) that he has been dead since December 2001. What about right after 9/11, when he was releasing statements such as?

    "I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people. Such a practice is forbidden even in the course of a battle......Drug smugglers from all over the world are in contact with the U.S. secret agencies. These agencies do not want to eradicate narcotics cultivation and trafficking because their importance will be diminished. The people in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Department are encouraging drug trade so that they could show performance and get millions of dollars worth of budget. General Noriega was made a drug baron by the CIA and, in need, he was made a scapegoat. In the same way, whether it is President Bush or any other U.S. President, they cannot bring Israel to justice for its human rights abuses or to hold it accountable for such crimes. What is this? Is it not that there exists a government within the government in the United Sates? That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks."


  2. absolutely ridiculous the "top secret" but leaked!! emails that said nothing than the lies put out in the first place!! they didnt even offer any sort of new angle to try and hoodwink the world! bin laden buried at sea, gadaffi killed like a rat in a sewer ect ect. its not really good enough to be honest and i totally fail to see how anything was achieved! it wasnt long ago rewards of millions were offered for his head or a hand even, with soldiers telling tales of derring do of how they were yards away! what with a kidney dialysis machine in tow?? that should be a hollywood blockbuster about how bin laden managed that in itself! we shall call the film hannibal bin laden the tiger of tora bora

  3. Only in Hollywood would the agency find a nest of kindred spirits whose lives are dedicated to the common ideal that distortion and lies are in every situation preferable to accuracy. Yes Milt Bearden, Frank Anderson and their ilk of history manglers have found the perfect crowd gullable yet sinsiter morons to proffer to the world a wholey fabricated comic book version of our world.

    Stay tuned this Christmas for the Hollywood epic of the Bin-Laden raid! See how our gallant hero "warriors," a testosterone-charged crew nobly subsumes their male assertiveness to political correctness by being led on their quest my a 110 pound blond case officer on the trail of the world's most vile villain. See how the SEAL team operates on their "capture" mission WITHOUT ONE ARABIC-SPEAKING member on board! Watch in delight as the SEALS shoot Bin-Laden in the head as he's seen peaking it out a bedroom door in hopes to see what the hell's going on out there. This was no kill mission -- this was,"we're giving them every opportunity to surrender as long as they meet us in the yard with their hands raised as we set down..."

  4. Hi Steve I am a great fan because it is so shocking to have someone who is obviously telling the TRUTH! and has the C.V. to back it up. Regarding the second death of Bin Laden I cannot believe so many people are buying it. No pictures, no witnesses, no DNA, posed control room shots, Bizarre burial at sea routines etc. Recently I have had to provide more evidence for a stolen bike to my insurance company. Do you think more people want to doubt the official narrative but are worried where such thoughts will take them?

  5. Alex Jones has reprised your radio interview in May 2011 in an article on 11-22-12

  6. Well, at least bin Laden can't be used anymore for political scare tactics or chest beating either.

    bin Laden is in the rear-view mirror of geo-politics.

  7. The terrorist who stole Christmas.
    A review:

  8. Nightline Propaganda 11-26-12

    "...the assault on bin Laden's compound, like the rest of the film, is as accurate as possible...You are at the center of something that is so epic and that doesn't come along very often and I think we were both aware of the fact that we probably won't have another story like this."

    "I can't imagine," Bigelow said. "I think it's the story of a lifetime."

    1. just named "best picture".

      time for re-education of Film Critics.

    2. Bigelow is on the board of the Academy coming up in a day or so....

  9. 12-4-12: Robert Gates, CIA PR PRO Prevaricator & sprinkler of Pixie Dust (on anyone who will listen), Bush 41 Messenger Boy, was on Charlie Rose, promoting his unpublished bio:

    This dialogue and info gleaned has confirmed in my mind that Bush 41 installed Obama, and he paid off Romney ($900 million?) to LOSE and make a fool of himself--Why he never attempted to expose Obama's past and his sealed records. He did no heavy lifting, except coiff his toupee.
    All Romney did was surf to the Boardwalk, collect $200 at GO! and on to Disneyland with the kidz. He never intended to be POTUS. Legal and illegal voters alike were cheated and disillusioned that the game is rigged for the House of Bush, the next POTUS: JEB)

    Worthy of note:
    26 min: On Iran: "When the POTUS cocks his pistol, he'd better be ready to fire it."
    Q: Prepared?
    A: Oh, yes! He is VERY TOUGH MINDED. He MADE THE DECISION to go after Bin Laden (should be "BEN" son of ..Laden.) This is a guy who RELISHES MAKING DECISIONS. HE IS VERY DELIBERATE. (HaHaHaHaHa,as long as Jarrett gives him permission)
    Q: He is decisive...& as tough as any POTUS you have served?
    A: ...I "think" so...

    44 min: On Winning "The Battle of Ideas" (whatever that dicta means?)
    "We know Al-Qaeda is in control of the Syrian Opposition (Because I made sure I put them there)...I don't think they are a BIG PLAYER..In Iraq, they way OVERPLAYED THEIR HAND WITH VICIOUSNESS.."
    (I could cry over that pathetic scapegoating.)

    46 min:
    Q: In your role(as Director) the CIA took on different roles other than intelligence gathering?
    A: It is a question of Balance: I have no inherent problem with a PARAMILITARY CIA with DRONES OF THEIR OWN (BENGHAZI??) This is an ERA when Human Intelligence is every bit as important."

    48 min, 30 sec:
    "Locating Bin Laden as to where he was living, was an extraordinary ("Fairy Tale") ANALYTIC ACHIEVEMENT BY THE CIA..."
    Q: There was an agreement with the Whitehouse and those involved not to talk about it but yet, it has been...("a massive PR campaign") & some extraordinary woman at the CIA linked it...Have you followed it?
    Q: What was going through your mind?
    A: I got a PHOTOSHOPPED VERSION (of the PHOTOSHOPPED Situation Room image!) & I was the GREEN LANTERN!...
    Getting Bin Laden was a sense of CLOSURE WE FINALLY GOT THIS GUY! We have been chasing him since BUSH

    This deceiver is sickening. It is beneficial to those who are rational thinkers that Rose's audience is mostly asleep at that hour.

  10. Charlie Rose is merserized by the Folklore of it all:
    It is up there with George Washington chopping down the Cherry Tree; Johnny Appleseed; Thomas Edison's invention of the Light Bulb; the sinking of the Lusitania; and the Gulf of Tonkin.

    Interviewing Kathryn Bigelow, she volunteers that Brennan was in charge of the "operation". She didn't want to talk about the female central character in her charade, saying she has a "right to her privacy" (especially if she is fictitious).

    Watch here:

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