Wednesday, September 24, 2014

“After Six Weeks Of U.S. Strikes Fail To Dislodge ISIS in Iraq”, NY Times, 9/23/2014, By David Kirkpatrick and Omar Al-Jawoshy.
As I have said many times before, it is easy for a President to start a war; but it is exceedingly difficult to effectively manage that war; and usually impossible to win a war.  Again we are presented with one more piece of evidence that planes, bullets, drones and inept Iraqi soldiers leads to nothing more than stalemate.  Its a safe bet that these unwilling and unable Iraqi soldiers will contribute to an outcome of complete and utter defeat.

Defeat Squared if is such a concept existed means that we Americans have shed our blood, guts, and money/time in order to prop up a so-called , “Iraqi Army” draped in shards of raging cowardliness; ethnic infighting; and a military ineptness so blatant that it reminds me of a certain poem.  That poem is called, “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennyson,  an 1854 narrative,  written about the failed British attack against the Russian forces in the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War:
“Half a league, half a league,
All in the Valley of Death,
Rode the six hundred
“Forward, the Light Brigade”
  “Charge FOR THE GUNS, ‘he said:
I won’t continue because I know that you get the idea…..
We are now repeating the travesties of foolishly created strategies and imprecisely mapped out tactics which are leading our own soldiers, be it in Iraq or Syria or anywhere else into:
If our generals and military leaders cannot defy an incompetent civilian president who promotes unnecessary wars, it becomes even more incumbent upon our citizenry to cease and desist this inanity called, “Wars of Terrorism.”  Clearly our legislators, as we have often repeated, are eunuchs bound by fear and self-preservation.

Like the Vietnam War days, I think that it behooves us to demonstrate once again in the streets of countless cities, towns, and counties over the USA to call for an end to these expensive faked wars or threats.  Trillions of dollars compounding exponentially are wasted because our leadership is duped into committing atrocities RATHER than building our own country.  I fear that we will be mired once again in the LBJ matrix where bread and butter must be traded for bullets, artillery, drones, and jet planes. All of which are completely and entirely useless and costly as this article shows once again.
If America refuses to act today, then your boys and girls will one day be called up before a draft board that will force them to serve in yet another pre-determined lost war like Vietnam, Korea, Iraq [three times], Afghanistan [twice] , Yemen, Sudan, Somalia…..Remember Obama was the candidate who was against all the aforementioned wars when he was the Senator from Illinois.

States should refuse to follow the diktats of this decaying Washington Cancer and these NEOCon puppeteers,   I strongly suggest that all wars abroad cease and desist before we completely self-destruct. This time it will be around the secession of those states who refuse to follow the follies of incompetent Presidents, Military Leaders, and  decaying legislators who represent nothing more than their own selfish interests. This war might be called the 2nd Civil War.
I am not a  poet and I will not glorify the stupidities of military ineptness but twenty years ago, I did write a novel describing the rise of a SECOND CIVIL WAR…. The book was called, State of Emergency.

My book predicted this rise of an incompetent President like Obama, and the subsequent concomitant accession of more experienced governors of western states.  This time I see Governors of states like Texas; Florida; North Carolina; South Carolina; Colorado; Washington and Georgia who will defy orders of Washington and go off on their own.  This wonderful Republic of ours, can no longer endure these military excursions into the “BOWELS OF HELL.” Repeating the saga of the wounded returning to an indifferent public who cares neither for the unnecessary wars nor their dramatic carnage bestowed upon soldiers and civilians alike.

This country will teeter on the brink of destruction if our infrastructures, education systems and healthcare systems are not attended to properly.  Quality of life and future of our country are NOT a concern of a 2nd term president out of touch with reality and a bought, paid, corrupted congress that attends only to nefarious special interests groups.
Start your grass-roots campaign to demand state secession from the metastasized tumor called Washington D.C.  You have nothing to lose, but your own welfare and happiness.  Please remember the immortal words of the Scottish writer,  Robert Browning:
“So free we fettered fast ..we are!”


  1. I think the Union must be preserved, but I can see a possibility of states or cities practicing "civil disobedience" against unconstitutional policies of the Federal government as a way of weakening the power and control of those who have hijacked the central government. That could take many different forms on many issues.

  2. I don't know how to break this to you but the states you cite as likely to consider secession like Texas, etc., are the states where there is the greatest support for these wars.....

    Additionally I think there's a huge difference between the Neocon/Israeli agenda of toppling the Iraqi Baath Party by the invasion of Iraq and these smaller brushfire conflicts which currently arise.

    I was completely opposed to the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the activities in Yemen and such places where campaigns are staged directly against "jihadists" using drones, etc...

    However now that these horrors have been unleased, now that the Iraqi Baath is dissolved and it's ROAD WARRIOR HELL in the region.....

    Well there are some places where it would be fun, yes I said fun, to have some operations going on.

    ISIS is one of the few situations where I could actually have no compunction about killing every member of a particular enemy force...and that's a rare thing for me.

    As such if I were in the US military I would welcome deploying there and having a field day of creative operations, planning and conducting all kinds of attacks using strikes using everything I could think of which would guarantee my safety while watching these "bad guys" bodies ripped and blown apart like a video game.

    The air strikes are largely symbolic. But what I hope will happen is some real special forces/small unit actions and air assault to kill these assholes. It wouldn't be an occupation or anything expensive like that - just a whole bunch of strikes here, there and everywhere to kill..kill..kill.

    1. Some fascinating commentary again MIT! And yes I'd have to agree that small cells of special forces would have a field day but unfortunately that's not what our leaders advocate! A precise action costs peanuts compared to dropping bombs ect and we are all aware who benefits from military hardware being produced! And this very point should be driven home to the masses!one thing I'll gladly concede is its extremely difficult to comment due to the high quality of opinion, debate and facts posted on here but we can but try!!!

    2. What they're doing now is using a $1 million dollar cruise missle or laser bomb to detroy a $4,000 truck.

    3. Ha ha right on the money MIT! I was having the self same conversation with my friend coming back from the construction site! We seem to see it but why don't most people???

  3. I was watching on Youtube the Abba Eban history of the founding of Israel, "The Birth of a Country..or something like that..maybe the Birth of Israel or The Birth of a Nation?"

    Anyway he reminded me that the British in WWII trained and armed the Jews of Palestine to resist the Nazis because it was thought the Germans were going to win in north Africa and drive on the Palestine!

    So it was the British who first armed the Jews of Palestine, and then 33,000 of them joined the British Army and deployed to Europe to fight Germans, and those members of the "Jewish Brigade" stole huge amounts of British arms and took them back to Palestine....

    But the central issue was the way the Jews of Palestine viewed Nazism and all it's followers and sympathizers in Palestine and elsewhere.

    Many Arab leaders in Palestine and elsewhere in the Middle East allied themselves with Hitler on anti-Semitic grounds. The Leader of Iraq, Reza Khan the father of Shah Pahlavi, was pro-Hitler and was removed by the British for that reason.

    So from the beginning the Jews of Palestine have viewed their PRIME SECURITY ISSUE as being the existence and capabilities of pro-Nazi elements IN THE MIDDLE EAST.


    But when I got into government I learned that the prime Israeli security focus was on any pro-Nazi elements....and to them that meant...


    The Iraqi Baath was always THE PRIME FOCUS OF ISRAELI SECURITY EFFORTS because the Iraqi Baath was a Nazi-patterned party which shared Nazi principles of anti-Semitism.

    It was this factor of the anti-Jewish ideology of the Iraqi Baath which drove the Israelis covertly to destroy the Iraqi Baath or contain it.

    1. Anyway this film on Youtube by Abba Eban is excellent and gives the zionist perspective throughout the founding of the country...

      It explains for example that it was an old Jewish friend of Truman's from St. Louis, one of his old men's clothes salesmen, Eddie Jacobson, who singularly convinced Truman to meet with himself and Chiam Witzman...and it was that meeting which turned Truman into a zionist against all the advice of this Administration.

      So the whole Arab-Israeli conflict was caused by a St.Louis clothes salesmen named Eddie Jacobson, without whom there never would have been a state of Israel...

    2. The small town I grew up in, the German-speaking town of Neu Braunfels, had three or four long-standing clothes shops, and they were all owned by Jews..Jacob Mendlovitz and Jacob Schmitt being the chief ones...

      This was the case everywhere in Texas, in Houston and Dallas and San Antonio, and it must have been the case in St. Louis as well. They had all the connections to the manufacturers in New York and so forth. It was their racket. I used to know a guy in Dallas who used to have train cars full of last years' lines of clothes and he would set up in flea markets around Dallas and sell off all this stuff and make a thousand dollars a day in profit on Saturday and Sunday....He did this for years.

      It's amazing.

    3. On a regular roll today with the MitBits. Good ones.

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