Sunday, September 7, 2014

Washington ThinkTank Icon: Brookings Institute Up For Sale!
Scholarly Institutes supply Countries/Issues “Objective Conclusions and Reports” [that favor Norway, Qatar, U.A.E interests]  for the Right Price of course!  In addition, Brookings,  a non-profit Institute will lobby U.S.G. (illegally) at Tax Payers’ Expense!
These sanctimonious institutes of “Research” become the world’s bordello for U.S. Policies that Americans Don’t Want or Need! Thanks goes to the Brookings Institute; Atlantic Council; Council of Foreign Relations; and The Center for Strategic and International Studies [CSIS] for making it all seem so legit.
In a recent  NY Times article,  entitled “Foreign Powers Buy Influence At Think Tanks,” by Eric Lipton, Brooke Williams and Nicholas Confessore, these intrepid reporters took on the burden of examining the chicanery of one of the most sacrosanct Washington institutes of so-called, ‘Intellectual Pursuit’—the Brookings Institute.
Why is this an unusual investigative journalistic article?

The President of the Brookings Institute, is none other than the 32 Degree Masonic Equivalent of the WASP /Journalist Establishment, Yale-trained, Strobe Talbott, former Editor of Time Magazine and Deputy Secretary of State under the Clinton Administration.  Many of you who are aware of Bill Clinton’s miscreant collaboration with our venerable dysfunctional CIA, cocaine dealers par excellence but did you know that Talbot literally ‘cleaned’ out the well-documented CIA lies of Clinton’s involvement in Mena, Arkansas?  Strobe is an inveterate ‘Washington insider’ with all that term denotes.  There was a time when Strobe’s intellectual baggage was admirable as when he was assigned to Russia during the Cold War.  However,  Strobe quickly receded into the services of pandering for money to any and all countries worldwide,  much like Brooking’s Vice President,  Martin Indyk,  former Australian spy and neo-con Dennis Ross’s toady, another illustrious, faux diplomat to Israel.
I have  told you readers many times that after having been in the Council of Foreign Relations, the Disney Land equivalent of power and intellect,  I left for the simple reason that the CFR, like most of the Washington Think Tanks was primarily a huge waste of time and money.  However, what I did not know, is the fact that many, if not most these so-called ’think-tanks’ parading as ‘non-profit research organizations’ were literally ‘Lobbying Organizations’ for a wide assortment of countries.
What is the problem then?
Let me quote selectively from the NY Times article:
“The scope of foreign financing for American think-tanks is difficult to control.  But since 2011, at least 64 foreign governments state-controlled entities or government officials have contributed to a group of 28 major US based research organizations.” ‘… a list of 13 foreign governments donors to the “think-tanks from Germany to China…”
”’Yikes’ said Todd Moss, chief operating officer at the Center for Global Development after being shown dozens of pages of email between his organization and the Norwiegan government [remember, they gave us quislings during WWII]….. which detail how they lobby the white house and congress on behalf of the Norway government. Todd responded, “WE WILL ABSOLUTELY SEEK COUNSEL ON THIS.” [my emphasis].
Now, most of you will ask me why does a nice, quiet, oil-rich, ex-Nazi Collaborator like Norway needs a pathetic think tank like the Center For Global Development? 
Here it goes, believe it or not:
Norway has spent over $24M on enhancing Norway’s role in NATO; here is the doozy: promote it’s plan to expand oil drilling in the Arctic as it pushed its climate change agenda [ in order to produce more oil].” 
Oil Watch International, an environmental advocacy group calls ‘Norway’s forest protection’ a ‘scheme whereby POLLUTER USE FORESTS AND LAND AS SUPPOSED SPONGES FOR THEIR OIL POLLUTION.”[ my emphasis].
Next Norway, no slouch in making money and world pollution, then hires the Center For Strategic And International Studies, to ‘double on the Brooking’s Study’ which will encourage Norway’s need to drill for oil in the high north translated into EnglishArctic Circle.  

Norway has always had a checkered history of morality.  They were more than happy to anoint QUISLING as the Prime Minister during WWII while at the same time, they sent a few soldiers to fight with the British against “Quisling supporters”.  Get it? they play both sides of the game, just like Switzerland, Sweden, and many other Scandinavian countries. Norway also gave us the literary Nobel Prize Winner in Literature,  Knut Hamsun , 1920 , major Nazi Collaborator who had to spend time in an Allied prison.
If you think that these ‘innocent Norwegian sardine eaters’ are a moral disaster,  listen to these ‘scholarly’ disputes:
“In order to influence USG thinking on the Middle East, Qatar hired one think-tank to argue that Muslim Brotherhood-style political Islam is the Arab world’s best hope for democracy.”
“And the United Arab Emirates hired CSIS to allow them to buy United States Ports“ with Bill Clinton as the advocate.
“Michele Dunne, served for nearly two decades as specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs at the State Department….In 2011, she was the natural choice to become the founding director of the Atlantic Council’s Rakik Hariri Center for the Middle East named after the Prime Minister of Lebanon, who was assassinated in 2005” 

Let me tell you about RAFIK HARIRI.  He was the most corrupt businessman in the most corrupt country.  He was ‘assassinated’ because he screwed over more business partners as he acted as the well known pimp of the Saudi Family.  He bought up all of Lebanon while he had control as Prime minister.  The Syrians killed him as a favor for countless other entities that already had it with Hariri and his near-do-well Israeli Pimp son, Bahaa Hariri [Gen. Sharon was ready to kill him for double crossing the IDF in Lebanon].
What should Americans do?
Eliminate the notion that anyone of these think-tank jackals are scholars.  Like any official Washington Lobbying Group,  force all think-tanks and their participants to register as official lobbyists for any country that gives them a so-called research contract.  Nothing is so pathetic as a think-tank scholar who cannot think,  cannot write and has nothing left but connections to corrupted greedy entities wanting US approval and access.

Let’s start scaling down Washington DC, epicenter of mediocrity; political cronyism; and expensive slap-stick comedy.  No more tax payer funded monuments to lies and corrupt business practices.  Stop funding these “freeloaders” masquerading as intellects or researchers.  These upper crust welfare recipients are detrimental to our national security.  Call a spade a spade and a lobbyist a lobbyist.  Lobbyists have to pay high taxes to ply their sly craft of influence peddling and meddling, as they should.


  1. Oh my God you're the first person in history to seek to criticize Norway LOL...

    The Norwegians are of course the richest people on earth. With no natural resources except haddock and cod fish they always have had the world's highest standard of poverty but no billionaires either. And all this with no heavy industry or manufacturing to speak of...just hard work and empathy for each other while HAVING NO CRIME AT ALL.


    Ever heard of "Norwegian organized crime" or any "Scandanavian mafia?" There is no crime in Norway because everyone there is moral...

    Yes moral. The most moral people on the planet...

    Who give more money in foreign aid...NOT MILITARY ASSISTANCE...BUT real foreign aid than any country on earth.


    This trust is now ONE TRILLION DOLLARS...making the Norwegians richer than the Saudis, Kuwaitis, etc...put together!
    They invest none of this money in Norway because doing so would OVERHEAT THE ECONOMY..can you believe it??

    Now as for collaboration with the Nazis...


    Not only did the Norwegians welcome the Nazis but many Norwegians volunteered to fight in the Waffen SS in the "Viking Division" and the "Nordlund Division" which served fighting to defeat Stalin and Communism in the Soviet Union.

    And you call this immoral?

    Maybe if you are a Jew such as Oliver Stone who thinks that because Nazism was anti-semitic that it was the most evil force in the world....more evil than communism or Moaism or Stalin or Pol Pot or whatever...just because it's an evil to YOU.

    Well there are no Jews in Norway to speak of...maybe helping to explain their lack of crime and their continuous economic prosperity in good times and bad for everyone else.

    So the anti-Semitic factor is something we Norwegians don't think about. We supported the Germans and the Nazis because we didn't want to see Stalinism survive anywhere in Europe much less spread within it.

    That's not being's the hieght of morality under the circumstances....and I didn't say circumcision that horrible mutilation given to us by the Jews and Jewish doctors which the Norwegians never practiced on their male children because there are no Jewish doctors in Norway.

    We Norwegians have our foreskins !!

  2. And as for the Norwegians drilling in the arctic....

    Man what do you want them to do...leave all that oil under there untouched?

    As a Texan it irks me to no end when I hear others who want cheap energy but complain when we go get it for them.

    Yeah there are environmental costs...big deal. Do you want the energy or don't you?

    I don't see the Norwegians spilling oil all over American shores like the Brits and American oil companies do.

    The Norwegians are the world's most professional offshore operators, unlike the English and their American cousins.

  3. On a personal note my grandfather's cousin was the Labour Prime Minister who was ousted by the Germans and Quisling, so it isn't like there's no dissention within my own family on this issue....

    However on May 10, 1940 the British invaded and occupied Iceland, and before that they were occupying several areas in Norway. My Norwegian Labour Party relatives didn't act really neutral like the Sweds did. If they had they'd have counter-attacked the British invaders but instead they let the Brits do whatever they liked on Norwegian territory and that's what necessitated the Nazi occupation.

    Anyway I'm glad my Labour Party cousin was tossed out and that Quizling came in, as support for the Germans in the struggle against Stalin was the only real issue. It's wonderful that so many British ships and convoys were decimated by axis forces from Norway as these convoys, personally order by Churchill against the wishes of the Royal Navy, deserved to be slaughtered for their support of Stalin.

    In addition...

    Many Nordic Norwegian girls volunteered to become wives and breeders of Nordic Nazi officers so as to promote racial hygiene and the advancement of mankind.

    My own father was German and chose a Norwegian wife to bear his children, and that's why I have an IQ in the one tenth of one percentile as well as many talents and empathy far above that of other humans from lesser races.

  4. Before he moved to Texas my great-grandfather from Norway used to cut down trees in eastern Norway. Norway is very scenic and mountainous and the only area for growing anything is the hilly area in the east close to Sweden, which is flat and boring but forested. That area close to Sweden used to also be forested by Dudes like my grandfather cut down all the trees to make fields for growing food. It's sad that that whole area used to be forested like in Sweden next door but now it's just a bunch of fields for miles and miles. But I guess it's what was needed.