Monday, September 8, 2014

Zalmay Khalilzad Former Ambassador to Afghanistan, UN and Iraq Under Bush Jr: Investigated by DOJ for laundering money and illegal charges for Pentagon Contracts [ANHAM FZCO].
I have been writing blogs for years about the miscreant activities of our 9/11 Chicken Hawks who under the direction of Bush Jr/Cheney initiated the ersatz war in Iraq.On top of that list of corrupt, cowardly American officials has always been the name of Paul Wolfowitz,  Deputy Sec Def under Sec Def Rumsfeld.  However, allow me now to review the ‘token Muslim’, Zalmay Khalilzad, the CIA asset recruited at the American University of Beirut, who was eventually involved in the planning of the Iran-Iraq War; the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. He was assigned to administer these countries when in fact he had no experience as either a manager nor nation-state builder. 
Zal, as he was affectionately called by all of us, was assigned to me during the latter part of the 1980’s when I was working on the West Bank.  He was efficient and spoke passable Arabic. Over the years, we became friendly.  He had a seductive manner about him, acquiescing to almost all propositions then altering them behind everyone’s back. His intellect was sharply honed at the University of Chicago along with Richard Perle,  Paul Wolfowitz, and Scooter Libby under the tutelage of the Wohlstetter family [intellectual ‘hawks’ who delineated the Pearl Harbor “Stand Down”].

Zal wormed his way up the ‘greasy pole’ of the Republican Party,  toadying to their every wish,  assisting the Vulcans: Stephen Hadley, Condi Rice, Richard Perle and other Jewish Neocons to induct a faux intellect George Bush Jr, and Cheney into the White House.  Next, we know all hell broke loose in a wave of constant chaos resurrected through various ‘terrorist entities’ like Al Qaeda and now ISIS.
However,  there is something in the nature of the American soul (and world bloggers) who are disgusted by these parasites and creators of wars.   We are compelled to find out what the truth is behind these ‘evil warmongers’ who refuse to serve our country yet insist on trading their access and influence for ill-gotten gains.  Such a despicable man is Zalmay Khalilzad, a blemish on both the history of American diplomacy and Afghanistan nationalism.
As I had suspected for years,  Zalmay’s  character is basically sociopathic and completely absent of moral rectitude. When he was appointed first to the Pentagon and then to Afghanistan and Iraq, I knew that in time, he would self-destruct.  In this self-inflicted process of avarice and corruption,  I was also suspicious of his Viennese wife, Cheryl Benard,  a professional who had always espoused the need to invade Afghanistan in order to liberate the ‘Muslim Women’.   She was finally implicated by Austrian State Prosecutor, Thomas Vecesy, for ‘an alleged transfer of $1.5 million in an attempt to launder money that came from ‘illegal activities’ in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.

I was not surprised by her complicity.  These were two PhD professionals who wanted to live the ‘high life’ in the Washington ‘social/embassy rounds’.  I knew that between the both of them they did not have an ounce of wit about business practices or any knowledge about how to make money honestly. They would spend some time in my house asking me basic questions about organizational behavior and other topics that indicated to me that the higher these ambitious,  greedy foreigners climbed up the Republican ladder of Texas avarice and insolence, they would have to skirt the laws of our country as well as the places in which Zal would become Ambassador.
Unfortunately, many of our brave men and women in military service died as a direct result of the venal activities of both Drs Cheryl Benard and Zalmay Khalilzad.  Good news: Once this hornet’s nest of ignominious behavior is pierced than all the rest of their so-called colleagues in crime will follow:
[1] Stephen Hadley with Condi Rice have their own consulting firm.
[2] Paul Wolfowitz , at American Enterprise Institute.
[3] Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, David Arrington.
[4] Michael Chertoff-TSA.
[5] Sandy Berger [already indicted for stealing secrets]. 
Zal and Cheryl will start to talk and the new FBI and  Federal Prosecutors will extract all the necessary information to indict the aforementioned culprits along the same crimes ---‘laundering money’ from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Iraq, Iran.  Concomitantly, there will be further indictments for ‘raping and gouging’ the American taxpayer with inflated priced Pentagon contracts for work that was never really done.

Now is the time for all the veterans of both the Iraq and Afghan wars to decide the fate of these true villains who called you all into a ‘false war’ for their own profit and personal gains, while their children were sent off to pricey private schools and colleges, safe from the ravages of war and destruction. Zal and Cheryl were ‘foreign guests’ of America. They thought as ‘foreign guests’ of this great country; they were entitled to rob, steal and deceive us,  at will.  Start rounding the thieves up!  Let’s clean house and make America a bit more decent.



  1. The University of Chicago and surrounding neighborhoods in the late 60s, early 70s was such a cauldron of terror that gave birth to political monstrosities of both the right and left that would plague this nation and world for decades to come. On the one hand the neo-con disciples of Leo Strauss, like Khalilzad & Wolfowitz, were earning their PhD's at UC's political science dept., meanwhile the Weathermen were agitating "Days of Rage" then going hardcore after the assassination of Black Panther Fred Hampton in Dec. '69. Interesting isn't it how both sides made use of terrorism to achieve their supposedly diametrically opposed goals. Ayers and Dohrn would mellow with age, focusing on "education", then happening to host the launch of the political career of one Barack H. Obama, Jr... Who would become a terrorist in his own right, as "Generalissimo Predator Drone"...

  2. There are many cases under the Federal False Claims act in which "relators" or otherwise known as "whistleblowers" are seeking restitution to the government for work never done, or falsely done.
    Many billions was wasted and embezzeled in various clever ways. Perhaps more money was siphoned off into personal accounts than was actually used to build anything that lasted more than a few months.....

    And this is as true of Afghanistan as it is Iraq.

    Everything was improvised, including the security contracts...many of which went to notorious mercenaries and their air charter firms which earlier had been involved in the daimond wars in Africa and coups in asia.....Bremer and his ilk would hire anybody, sign any contract, etc. to try to stem the Tsunami of chaos and turmoil engulfing the place......

    Bremer arrived in Iraq with written orders from Wolfowitz to disband the Iraqi military and dissolve the Baath party...

    Bremer was only an errand boy, and I believe Wolfowitz's orders came from Israel, the party along with Saudi Arabia which engineered this war in order to distroy the Iraqi Baath Party.

    However it was the destruction of the Baath which caused all the later conflict, and fuels the conflict continuing there today.

  3. After the peace treaty with Egypt in 1978 all of Israel's attention focused on the threat of the Baath in Iraq. Higher oil prices had sent colossal amounts of money into Iraq, which was building a huge military with nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Israel's prior efforts to support the Shah's programs to seek to de-stabilize the Baath transformed into full scale covert support for the revolutionary Islamic state in Iran after the 1979 revolution which fostered the Iran-Iraq war, which hobbled Iraqi military and economic development.

    The real blow came in 1992 when the US chose to keep the Baath in power after the first Gulf War. The entire US government, including SECDEF Cheney, argued that removing the Baath would result in the disintergration of Iraq. The US stood by and did nothing while the Baath viciously suppressed Shiite rebellion in the South, but fostered independence of the Kurds in the North by imposing a no-fly zone. Thereafter pretexts were found to enforce international embargos of Iraq which impoverished the entire country and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis from disease and starvation.

    When the Campaign of G.Bush Jr. prevailed in the US Supreme Court and came into power the Israeli plan for using the US to invade Iraq went into action. Whether the 911 event occurred or not some pretext would have been made, and by that time former fence-sitters or opponants to an Iraqi invasion such as Rumsfeld and Cheney became advocates.


    Dr. Mary Claire King must be stopped.

    Dr. Mary Claire King, the mad scientist of genetics at the University of Washington, is now advocating for universal testing of all women for the gene she discovered, which makes it "more likely" that a woman will contract breast or ovarian cancer.

    King's sadistic, anti-female campaign of surgical mutilation of young, healthy women has reached a new and horrific stage.

    King's new advocacy for the genetic testing of all women is coupled with her insistence that all such women found to be carrying her gene discovery promptly have their HEALTHY breasts and overies cut off.

    This mad and insane, sadistic and bloody woman needs to be stopped immediately.

  5. Round them all up! NFL's Ray Rice incident might be the downfall of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and there are rumors that Condi Rice will replace him. Yep, that Condi Rice.

    The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart is a total idiot, but drivel like this gets printed in a major newspaper.

    Washington Post
    Condi Rice: The one person who could save the NFL
    By Jonathan Capehart September 8 at 7:17 PM
    Condoleezza Rice made a startling admission to the New York Times in 2002. The then-national security adviser to President George W. Bush said it was “absolutely right” that she wanted to be commissioner of the National Football League. This was no joke. Rice was serious, but she wanted it to be known that she wouldn’t want to do it “before Paul Tagliabue is ready to step down.”

    1. No insider has suffered at all. No one goes to jail. The country is bankrupt and they just keep getting jobs.

      The Hill
      September 09, 2014, 11:02 am
      Condoleezza Rice: NFL commissioner?
      By Judy Kurtz
      Support is growing for former secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to take over as NFL commissioner following criticism of how the league handled the punishment of former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice.

    2. LOL...

      It's just a game American public. It's just a game. No one of any seriousness would want to be the Commissioner of any profit-making sports league unless they can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality like George Mitchell.

    3. Now Mrs. Ray Rice is defending her husband for knocking her out and insists it wasn't a serious matter. And of course this is what Solange Knowles did to JayZ in an elevator, and what Chris Brown did to Rhianna, and what OJ Simpson did to Nicole Brown...etc....

      And the common factor here is that negros are violent people who expect to use very harsh violence among themselves and accept it as part of their culture because it's part of their innate capacities and mental characteristics which cannot be changed.

      Negros are simply brutal and primitive humans by nature and this will never change.

    4. Because negros have dark skin they must spend much more time in the sun in order to make adequit amounts of vitamin D. But if they spend all their time indoors and fail to eat a diet high in vitamin D such as asians do with sea weed and fish....

      Then they are prone to high rates of cancer and other problems arising from vitamin D deficiency. That's why rates of breast cancer in Africa are very high for women living in the cities.

      I hope Condolezza Rice gets a form of aggressive cancer and dies the slow painful death she caused so many others to have.

      Then she will meet with Kissinger and Nixon in hell where they all belong...with Pinochet, Vernon Walters, etc....etc...

  6. And they will all be joined by the person who invented the damned bathroom paper dispenser that allows you only 1 small square at a time, and that after a reach of seven feet from the latrine and six inches above the harsh, cold tile floor, all whilst the rest of the roll, mocks you from its locked ballistic plastic dispenser. Surely the inventor of this psychological torture device will be in hell with Kissinger without a doubt.