Friday, September 12, 2014

Henry Kissinger’s new book called WORLD ORDER receives a grade of  C+  maybe B-. 
Please readers don’t worry about a New World Order! It ain’t goin’ happen’ noways!
Many of you have written to me about the impending gloom that you feared would be encased in Henry Kissinger’s new book, World Order.  Sorry but I have to disappoint those individuals who believe the past statements made by many of our Democratic and Republican Presidents [Clinton, Bush Sr , Bush Jr et. al] , Henry is not espousing any new type of world order.
What Henry has done quite masterfully is to explain the rise of the concepts of nation-states as they are reflected in the present situations of Western Cultures in comparison to Islamic Culture and Chinese/Asian cultures.  For the first 200 pages,  Henry illuminates very clearly the rise of those three respective civilizations without any of his former Teutonic prejudices,  as manifested in his early writings and thoughts.

You all know I was a DAS during the Nixon Administration when he was Secretary of State and that I refused to work with Henry directly or in any way to help him in his efforts to prolong wars. My assignments were directly overseen by Lawrence Eagleburger, a man of his own rectitude and strong opinions. However, having said the above, I was really surprised to read a very cogent discussion of what I would call Comparative Civilizations.  The book is lucid, well-written and develops some very interesting conclusions which I will leave up to you to read or not.
One insight that I particularly liked was on P. 167, when Henry says the following:
“For nations,  history plays a role that character confers on human beings.  In Iran’s proud and rich history, one distinguishes three different approaches to international order.” 
For me that is quite an admission for Henry where he states what I had learned all along at MIT,  that different nations have different national characters.  Also I must give credit to the fact that Henry is 91 years old and despite two severe heart attacks and two coronary bypasses,  he found the time, courage and fortitude to write his last book, which I consider probably to be the best of all his books.
Why did I give Henry a C+ or B-?
I came out of a very rigorous past of study and credentials.  For most of my academic career,  I was not an A student.  In fact, Cornell University and Cornell Medical School were appropriately severe on my lack of scholastic enthusiasm.  I was at best a C student.  At Harvard Medical College,  I did relatively better but again, not an “A” student.  With this personal academic history,  I must assign H.K. an average grade for his last work.   Henry simply recapitulates the history of the different cultures as if he were a Professor of Freshman at Harvard College or maybe, even a High School Teacher in Advanced History.

His clear elucidations do not earn him points for original thinking or new concepts for the 21st century.  Henry demonstrates real problems when he has to address the modern phenomenon of the internet and social media.  If Henry had been at MIT in 1973,  he would not had any such issue because he would had studied with Professor Ithiel de Sola Pool or Everett Hagen or Lucian Pye.  So in terms of understanding modern times,  Henry seriously lacks any gravitas or credentials other than the sobriquet of a “Historian”.
Yet part of me leans toward leniency and grades Henry a B- because he gives credit to many of his formidable colleagues in his last book.  Allow me to mention a few: Charlie Hill,  the most brilliant, unusual Foreign Service Officer that I ever had the pleasure to work with and ‘annoy’. We had worked together in the Carter, Regan and Bush Jr administrations. He was the ‘keeper of the door’. In every administration there is one individual who is as important as the Sec State, but no one, not even the NYTimes reporters knew about Charlie Hill. I would walk into his office, usually to be reprimanded for something but I always enjoyed seeing him. Why? Charlie would sit at his desk, silent, Buddha-like, not even raising his eyes to greet you.  One side of the table he had a motorcycle helmet, on the other side he had an original copy of some Greek historian which he was literally translating in front of me with his beautiful handwriting. When I left his office on the Seventh Floor, I was often asked what did he tell you?  My response was always the same, “I have no idea! But it was brilliant!”
Next Henry thanked Les Gelb.  Many of you might remember his name because he was the Managing Editor of the NY Times, as well as the President of the Council On Foreign Relations.  To me,  he was someone very special.  During a very tense time in the Carter Administration when the lovely, gentleman-like Cyrus Vance had internal problems with Zbigniew Brzezinski [smart, tough Pole],  Les was the first one to defy Zbig’s orders and resign publicly.  Les represented the type of courage that we always need in every different administrations.

Henry also thanked a man I did not know well but I admired as one of our finest FSO Ambassadors---Jay Stapleton Roy.  Finally one of Henry’s closest associates and also a very brilliant China scholar and brave individual was and is, Winston Lord, a former Ambassador to China. Winston, a modest, brilliant scholar of the Far East, was a humble man  yet born to wealth who possessed all the humor and courage of a man who defied the Chinese Authorities during the Tianamen Square crisis.  There he sacrificed himself and his famous wife, in order to shelter some of the Chinese Political dissidents. He has always garnered my admiration for his courage and scholarship.

What you really are reading is not the story of new world order but rather the story of a poor immigrant German Jew who came to America in order to flee the Nazis; and rose to the highest positions of power and national security throughout his career, garnering the talents of those different young men with whom he could and could not work. Whatever else I can say or not say about Henry Kissinger,  he was and is a historical phenomenon equivalent to the man I wrote about in my book--- Charles Maurice de Perigord Talleyrand or simply Talleyrand.  Henry wrote his doctoral thesis on Metternich but over time he had learned more than the Teutonic icons he so adored and tried to emulate. He became more like the French Cardinal Richelieu and his nephew, Bishop Talleyrand. That’s not a bad place to be in history for a German Jewish Refugee who lived near the George Washington Bridge and who started his national security career in the Army Counter Intelligence Corps interviewing Nazi war criminals.

Unlike most of his WASP predecessors at the State Department,  Henry was not born to the manor.  Right or wrong,  he has earned his place in the history of western civilization.  As did his much maligned patron – President Richard Nixon-- who understood better than anyone how to manipulate ‘Henry’.  If not for those ignominious ‘snitches,’  like John Dean and Bob Woodward,  Nixon would be recognized for the great President he was once.  Remember: it was Nixon, and not Henry who had developed all the incredible strategies to approach China and neutralize the Soviet Union.  Eventually, history will accord both men their rightful place in our textbooks. 
If you want to understand Henry then I recommend that you buy his book, WORLD ORDER.  For those out there who are considered conspirators, like me, forget about it.  There is no conspiracy in this book.  Just simple history and clear, lucid analysis.
That’s all folks!



  1. Have you moved to Colorado, or are you just smoking cannibus there in Florida or wherever you are.....

    Please read some real history with real facts about Nixon and Kissinger before you make such outrageous statements refering to Nixon as a great President, and Kissinger as having merit as a immigrant, etc....

    Kissinger was a poor scholar in the 1950s, best known for a laughable book he wrote about nuclear strategy which he knew absolutely nothing about and which caused him no end of jokes and humiliations.... He only wrote the book because it was a chic topic and he wanted in on the racket, but knew nothing about the subject.

    Then he takes up a strange relationship with Nelson Rockefeller, who for whatever reason cottoned to HK and made him his favorite advisor for foreign affairs, above the likes of scores of others more noteworthy.

    After Rockefeller lost the nomination to Nixon for some unexplained reason Nixon made him his personal foreign policy Czar, although Nixon didn't know Kissinger from Adam...didn't know him at all.

    Then the horror begins....

    Kissinger barks out orders here and there for the assassination of anyone anywhere who is viewed as a threat to any of Kissinger/Nixon's various monsterous third world Chile, in Indonesia, in Cambodia, in Uraguay, etc...etc...personally ordering the killing of scores of Constitutionalists, etc., who wanted their countries to have governments like the United States rather than El Salvador...all in the name of "Realpolitik," a topic I dare say HK really doesn't know shit about.

    Then they are unable to bring about a suitable resolution of the conflicts in Vietnam, Cambodia and they use indescriminate bombing of villages on a massive scale....bombing the rural areas of these places to smitherins.
    All for what? What was the "straterigy" in the mind of mediocre scholar/mad for power little Henry ??

    Well I guess he thought, wrongly, that even though all of America's allies wanted the US out of Vietnam and didn't think a US withdrawl would signal anything bad.....

    HK in all his stupidity acted as though a US withdrawl would cause allies to not believe in America's assurances ?????

    This is fucking crazy.

    HK and Nixon and everyone else knew that.....


    And yet HK goes on with the fiction that the US was there to support a small ally which wanted us there, and if we leave them it would be abandonment?

    So for that, in order to get a better deal so the US can pull out he bombs a million people to their deaths?

  2. And let's not forget that Kissinger committed treason against the US when he sabotaged the Paris Peace talks in 1968 so that there would be no negotiated settlement and he would BE ABLE TO CONTINUE THE WAR....all the while Nixon is campaigning to bring the war to an end.

    Oh yeah we really need immigrants like Kissinger. He's another venal, self-serving immigrant charlatain madman in the service of other madmen who is evil enough to cater to.....

    1. Or better put, Nixon was campaigning for President saying that he intended to bring the war to and end while Kissinger was sabotaging the Paris Peace Talks, telling the South Vietnamese that when he gets into power that he will get them a much better deal, working with Madam Claire Chanault, etc....pure treason.

  3. Kissinger is nothing more than a joke, a clown, of a creature in the last decades...calling Christopher Hitchens a "Holocaust Denier!"

    A "Holocaust Denier?"

    Christopher Hitchens?

    Now that's the kind of flat-out BALD FACE LIE that Kissinger has spent his whole FUCKING SICK MISERIBLE LIFE telling about....


    Kissinger is a freakin' lying...lying...lying....unbelievable how he lies and makes up totally absurd lies about everyone and anything.

  4. And as for Winston Lord the guy's a lapdog to Kissinger. Just a pitiful lapdog.

    1. I used to work with Walt Rostow, and Walt Rostow was no scholar...he was a psychopathic man masquerading as a historian, economist and scholar...but was really a madman using acedemics and politics to fullfill personal fantasies of "statesmanship" and "glory" when he's really just lying all the time about everything and killing people on a genocidal scale.....

      Kissinger was the same kind of genocidal madman, always lying and never telling the truth....and all because of his personal problems because he's an ugly little Jew who can't live a normal life of finding a girl, fucking her and making babies...having a normal he slaughters all the normal people of the world...LIKE CONDOLEEZA RICE...


      The guy's an ugly little shit social misfit who can't get a girlfriend, has sexual frustrations, etc...and becomes the man who hijacks the American government to kill ordinary people who have wifes. girls, people who love them,,...children...

      Rice and Kissenger have no children...nothing human.

    2. "The greatest aphrodesiac is power."

      Henry A. Kissinger

  5. Now Nixon did a lot of damage in Cambodia and Vietnam and slaughtered a lot or ordinary people he considered "unimportant," as Kissinger thought such people were "unimportant."

    But let's look at something important Nixon also sought to destroy...the United States Constitution.

    Yes, it was Nixon who ordered his Attorney General to fire an independent special prosecutor looking into the burglary at Larry Obrien's office.....and when the Attorney General refused Nixon just fire him...then went to the next guy and made the same demand and that guy refused and so Nixon fires him...and then to the next poor guy and Nixon fires him.....

    Now this is obstruction of justice on a massive and ridiculous scale, and that was the outrage which displayed how illegal this man's mind was, how he thought the President could do anything he wanted and was above all law...all law...well it ain't so.

  6. So why was it a matter of life or death to Nixon that there be NO investigation by the FBI or any prosecutor into the matter of why a bunch of BAY OF PIGS Cubans were breaking into Larry Obrien's office ?

    Well Boys and Girls here's the answer...

    Hold onto your hats because I'm going to give you for the first time the real truth about Watergate and why Howard Hunt, James McCord, Euginio Martinez and "Frank Sturgis" were sent there.....

    1. FYI..

      It was because Nixon ordered the FBI to stop the investigation that Deep Throat within the FBI leaked info to the Washington Post to seek to expose what Nixon had done...


  7. It's on the tapes...and Haldeman testified to it....

    "If this gets out it could open up the whole Bay of Pigs thing.."

    According the Haldeman...

    "...meaning the assassination of President Kennedy."

    --- H.R. Haldeman.

  8. Larry O'Brien's office was to be bugged because he used to be the attorney for Howard Hughs, and Howard Hughs was the contact point Nixon first used when seeking to use Johnny Rosselli and La Cosa Nostra to assassinate Castro in 1960. Nixon was afraid O'Brien would use Nixon's involvement in the Castro assassinations and the Kennedy assassination to blackmail him because the Castro Assassination and the Kennedy Assassination were the same thing...the same team...and that team was first formed by La Cosa Nostra at the behest of the National Security Council Committee 5412 which Nixon Chaired.

    It was Nixon who got the ball rolling on the entire mafia effort to kill Castro, and it was their teams, with the CIA, which CIA then used to assassinate Kennedy.

    Nixon knew completely who killed Kennedy, and why and how, and he was implicated in setting up the program which was later used for the program, including Sturgis, Hunt, Morales and others....

    And as well our fond friend Gerald R Ford.

    1. Therefore the Pardon of Nixon by Ford, as Ford had covered up for CIA in the Warren Commission.

  9. "If we are not taken care of and Hunt goes to the media or elsewhere EVERY TREE IN THE FOREST WILL FALL."

    --- Watergate Burgler/CIA Head of Security James McCord

    1. FYI, Google "Kissinger" and "Kissybutt."

  10. You obvious preferred Eagleburger for a reason.

    Allow me to refresh or augment your memory:

    Part 1:

    "... the option to develop synthetic biological agents--bioweapons as alternatives to nuclear weapons--came from Dr. Henry Kissinger...

    Among Henry Kissinger's most influential patrons as he worked his way up the ladder of success to become Nixon's 'Deputy to the President for National Security,' was Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, the son of Standard Oil, that is Exxon, heir John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

    The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research was established in New York in 1902 and by 1928 had received from John D. Rockefeller $65 million in endowment funds.' In contrast, as late as 1938, as little as $2.8 million in federal funding was budgeted for the entire U.S. Public Health Service...

    Before World War II, major financing of medical research by federal agencies, had been generally opposed by America's scientific community. It was only during times of war that organizations like the NAS or the NRC received major funding. Both the NAS, established during the Civil War, and the NRC, set up during the First World War, were largely ignored in times of peace....

    Following WWII, Henry Kissinger, who had become General Alexander Bolling's German translator and principle assistant.

    Bolling was the 'Godfather' to the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency that ran "Project Paperclip," the secret exfiltration of approximately 2,000 high level Nazi's, about 900 of whom were military scientists and medical researchers, including Erich Traub, Hitler's top biological weapons developer and virus expert. Bolling also served as a high ranking member of the Inter-American Defense Board, a Washington based group that delivered Walter Emil Schreiber, Hitler's chief medical scientist, the "Angel of Death" Joseph Mengele, and his assistant, "the butcher of Lyon," Klaus Barbie, among others, to safe havens in South America where they worked on CIA projects.

    "Did these viruses, AIDS and Ebola, evolve naturally, were they accidentally produced, or were they intentionally created and deployed?" I conclude, unquestionably, they are not natural. I leave you the reader, and concerned citizens of America and the world, to decide whether it was a horrible accident or treacherous covert population control experiment. "

  11. Part 2:

    In the fall of 1947, Kissinger worked on covert operations at Harvard as part of a foreign recruitment team for Office of Policy Coordination (OPC).

    After graduation, he was a consultant for Dulles' Operations Research Office. It was Henry Kissinger's job to seek and find such Nazi's that might be of service to America against the Soviet Union.

    In 1952, Capt. Kissinger became a consultant for the NSC's Psychological Strategy Board, consulting on the employment of Nazis as "freedom fighters" behind the Iron Curtain. (Sound famil + LIAR-- "the Syrian FREE ARMY")

    Kissinger became the chief of Army Counter-Intelligence. He trained other agents to hunt down Nazi's at the European Command Intelligence School in Oberammergau, NOT to be tried for war crimes necessarily, but rather to serve U.S. military rather than Russian interests...

    It was this operation that spirited the creation of the CIA as a cover agency for the powerful Gehlen Org, the German intelligence agency run by Reinhard Gehlen--an organization whose power superseded even the Nazi SS because of its prewar connections with German military intelligence.

    General Alexander Haig served briefly for Gehlen, & detested what he saw, the revival of Anti-semitism & against the new state of Israel.

    After Hitler, Gehlen served Allen Welsh Dulles, whose "Operation Sunshine" brought Nazis into the U.S. spy service...

    in 1954, Kissinger became NSC's consultant to the highest policy making board for implementing clandestine operations against foreign governments.

    The Council on Foreign Relations, along with the CIA, grew in power under the leadership of Nelson Rockefeller, and in 1955, while serving as President Eisenhower's assistant for international affairs, Rockefeller invited Kissinger to discuss national security issues at the Quantico (Virginia) Marine Base. Subsequently, he became Rockefeller's 'closest intellectual associate,' and soon after, Kissinger authored several military proposals for Eisenhower, who unimpressed, turned them down.

    Kissinger proposed that tactical nuclear weapons be developed and a bomb shelter [be built] in every house in preparation for limited thermonuclear war. 'The willingness to engage in nuclear war when necessary is part of the price of our freedom,' Kissinger argued...

    Eisenhower warned America that the gravest threat to world security, democracy, and even spirituality, was the growing military/industrial complex.

    The Rockefellers and Kissinger played leading roles in the evil expansion of military contractors. Bent on creating what President Bush openly heralded as a "New World Order," few people realize the current international alignment of economic powers is a direct result of actualizing Henry Kissinger's contemporary manifesto--a tribute to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta--entitled "The Meaning of History." In this Kissinger 1955 Harvard doctoral thesis he argues that the concept of peace on earth is naive. Peace must be secured by the creation of small wars around the planet on a continuing basis so as to maintain an international order of economic powers, and of course, keep the military industrialists happy...

  12. Now, how much of this do you recall, Dr. P?

    By 1968, Kissinger was a seasoned spy network expert. Under Nixon, as as director of the NSC, he set up a new operation which excluded the CIA from policy.

    In 1973, Kissinger told the Israelis NOT to mobilize, but rather, WAIT, until the Arabs fired first. He went into hiding on the first day of the Yom Kippur War.

    He was playing games & delayed the supply of arms until October 14 & refused to send them, except at night. As the Secy. of State, he wanted to take credit for the peace negotiations.

    According to John Loftus' book, " The Secret War Against the Jews", Kissinger's intension was to "let Israel win the war, but to wound them a little during the process." He played chess with Israeli lives, with an arrogance, exceeded only by his incompetence.

    On October 6, behind Kissinger's back, Chief of Staff Gen. Alexander Haig ordered a CIA PLANE ENROUTE FROM israel with 40 field commanders to train on the TOW MISSILES, while the full US INVENTORY in the USA & Germany WAS SHIPPED to Israel.

    On October 12, Haig withheld a joint letter to Nixon from oil companies for a few days to increase the price of oil, which helped Golda Meir hold back Soviet backed participation on the Golan Heights.

    On October 14, the Israelis repelled a massive Egyptian attack in the Sinai, the war's turning point.

    Haig saved Kissinger's reputation.

    On October 16, OPEC ANNOUNCED A 70% oil price INCREASE.

    On October 17, the Saudis threatened Nixon with an oil embargo if the re supply to Israel continued. Nixon refused to back down.

    On October 19, Nixon announced $2.2 billion in aid to Israel.

    Only Kissinger was oblivious to the consequences: Libya & Saudi Arabia announced a U.S. EMBARGO.