Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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  1. Looking at some of the contents of the Daily Mail forum, unfortunately the public are buying this 'tosh' hook line and sinker. We have a new improved 'Terrrrurist' group called Khorosan with their 'Toothpaste Bombs' (stop selling them the toothpaste then!) as the new Beardie Bogeyman of choice. I was quite amused the other day because Police boarded a Plane because of an alleged IS logo on a they have their own luggage range now. The good new is I am regularly on LBC the largest Talk Radio in the UK and phone in to get info from here and other sources out. Yesterday I got about 10 mins on IS, John Mcain etc talking about it as a manipulation and was not 'cut'. The MSM really are playing out 'The Hero with a Thousand faces thing or Star Wars as a blueprint. How fantastic would it have to be for people not to buy the narrative?