Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vote “Yes” for Scotland’s Independence!
I have been following the debates that are being launched by both the British and Scottish Governments [i.e. Representatives] regarding the benefits and dis-incentives for Scotland to secede from the British Union.  Scotland is a land and culture that has long influenced me since childhood,  from the fanciful writings of Robert Burns to the more serious considerations of the physician/writer A.J. Cronin, an outcast from the British Royal Academy of Medicine, Scotland has imparted me with an elan vital of writing esthetics that Shakespeare was not able to produce.  Of course, I have nothing against the writers of England,  Dr Somerset Maugham, also a physician/intelligence operative and playwright was an absolute genius.  Yet writers do not determine the final outcome of a nation’s destiny.  They do, however, indicate the underflow of courage, fortitude and determination that each of their respective nations possessed.
During WWII,  the Brits were a formidable force of restraint again the Nazi encroachment of Europe while France fell ungracefully down the steps of collaboration and sheer cowardice.  For me, the Scots have always been in the spearhead of the British Army,  be it in the Crimean Wars against Russia; or in WWI against the Germans; and even in WWII against the Fascists.  Remember that the infamous Black and Tan fighters? The core of any so-called British invasion or counter attack was always led by the Scottish Highlanders who were sacrifices ad nauseum in order to allow the proper British citizen a better chance of survival during combat.  I bring this point up only to demonstrate that for all of its supposed strength,  Britain has always relied on the ferocity of the Scottish people to ‘do the dirty work’.

Now Scotland is confronted with one simple question.
Are they a nation in and onto themselves?
Or are they part of a British Empire, to which, we Americans rebelled over hundreds of years ago?
My belief is that Scotland has it’s own natural resources—North Sea oil [how much is not yet determined] ; and they have the labor pool and entrepreneurial capacity to determine for once and all time that they are truly independent. Yet my insistence on their independence must go with one SERIOUS CAVEAT!! Scotland can no longer be part Financial British Commonwealth fund,  meaning that if they are to be independent, then Scotland must create its own currency which can be pegged to the euro or the british pound or the Libor. Scotland must have it’s own PRINTING PRESS, like America or England, in order to determine both it’s fiscal and monetary future irrespective of the EU or Britain’s financial future. That is a very difficult but yet very attainable position to achieve through serious negotiations with David Cameron, Prime Minister of England.
I would probably add that the British are in no way prepared for the imminent secession of Scotland.  They are too arrogant and complacent in their longstanding attitude toward Scotland as an appendage to England…. Which it is not! Next to consider,  there will immense ramifications for the secession of other parts of Europe which I find will be extremely helpful and beneficial to those countries or parts of countries that would want to secede from a corrupt, dysfunctional central control

In particular, I am talking about Catalonia.  From the very first blog that I had written two years ago,  I have always supported Catalonian Independence from the capital of Spain [an ersatz country created by French Kings], Madrid, because between a dynastic Royalty that has robbed the country of a rich heritage and an incompetent managerial bureaucracy which has given Spain the untenable 25% unemployment rate, Catalonia does not belong in this miscreant company of laggards and thieves.

Accordingly,  Belgium,  a country that has never been effectively integrated between the French Walloons and the Flemish Dutch, has not had an effective history of leadership in the past decade.  In one year alone, Belgium has had no less than five Prime Ministers.  Belgium, with its brutal royal lineage of decapitations and barbaric treatment of the Congolese,  is nothing more than a compilation of misbegotten French and Dutch citizens congregated on the doorsteps of Antwerp, the diamond center of Europe.
The next country that must disintegrate is Romania, a completely concocted amalgamation of Hungarians who have been displaced from their rightful heritage in Transylvania.  What we are witnessing today, is the undoing of the Paris Peace Conference of 1918-19 initiated by Woodrow Wilson, a Princeton Professor who with Puritan certainty and American arrogance insisted on creating nations along the line of language affinities which were at best faulty if nonexistent.  Therefore the 21st century brings us not chaos but a renewal of national culture which insists that their determinants of existence do not belong anymore to a central government, be it London, or Frankfurt, the heart of the EU.

Now Germany must face the hard realization that the EU will no longer provide it with cheap labor and foolish consumers who will buy only German products at an  exorbitantly high price which has been artificially created by German flooding of the EU market with cheap debt. We Americans and the world are witnessed to a new type of World War, not one where bodies will be slaughtered but artificial Royalties like England [born of German, not English blood], Belgium [pathetic royalty] and Spain[ no country whatsoever] will eventually evaporate in the long awaited ether of SECESSION.
Scotland step up and show the world what a true Scotsperson is like!
Catalonia, remember you are not Spanish!
Belgium, you are not Flemish/French. You are not a country!
Romania—dissolve yourself to the greater forces of the Magyars!!
Oh, lest I forget, the north of Italy should also secede.

WWIII will begin, not in combat but in the referendum votes,  in street protests and civic action.  May the strongest secessionist gain independence, for once,  and for all time!!!


  1. Your description of praise for the English role in the Second World War is completley unimformed, and a reflection of British/American propaganda against Germany.

    It was in fact the British and the French who brought about the Second World War, NOT German, or Nazi, aggression.

    It was the French who made sure that the Polish military/supremacist government would continue murdering Germans, Hungarians, and others they inherited. It was the French who told the Polish Generals they need not compromise one bit over their treatment of minorities OR the critical issue of what to do with Danzig - a place where Germans, NOT POLES, lived and needed to trade with Germany.

    It was entirely the French who put the Poles up to this by telling them they would deter and German retaliation...but didn't.

    When the Germans and Stalin together finally invaded Poland the French and the English had not one critical thing to say about Stalin...completely ignoring that the USSR had taken over 51% of Poland. No...they used the Poland issue to condemn Germany ONLY and as a pretext to DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY...something these groups in England and France had been wanting to do since 1920 because they were the "neo-con" hawks of their day and were dissatisfied with the outcome of the Great War, leaving Germany undefeated.

    1. To understand the why the British and French pro-war factions were so eager you must understand the military/strategic considerations they held. They believed with little doubt that they would defeat Germany, and de-industrialize it once and for all.

      The British/French strategy involved a phased conflict in which Germany would first be starved of grains for human and animal consumption as had happened in the Great War.

      With the Germans once again starving the English would initiate a strategic bombing campaign using their huge advantage in heavy bombers, the production of which was begun BEFORE the Munich Accords were signed as a delaying tactic for their fleets to be completed.

      British heavy bombers would destroy rail lines upon which foods required transportation, as well as fuel supplies and other industrial and manufacturing targets. Germany would be defeated WITHIN GERMANY as in the Great War...not on the battlefield.

      Once Germany was starved of food, fuel and it's manufacturing/warmaking abilities destroyed...

      Then the combined THREE MILLION MAN ground forces of Britain and France would occupy Germany..something simply undertaken given that they had a SIX TO ONE advantage in medium and heavy tanks vs. the Germans.....

    2. The hollowness of the French/British assurances to the Poles was illustrated by their refusal to assist them in any way...either by sending troops to fight in Poland or to fight the Germans on the French border.

      Instead they started their sea blockage and continued their building of heavy bombers and tanks, awaiting the internal attrition their sea embargo would bring to Germany.

      During this period of quiet or "phony war" the Germans sought time and time again to negotiate peace with the French and English....

      MANY IN ENGLAND attempted vainly to pursue these actions...however the war camp was firmly in place and those who advocated for a negotiated peace were shouted down in the media and driven to ground.

      After months and months of frustration the Germans finally, in their 22nd mobilization/alert event, FINALLY got up the nerve to invade France.

      The German staff was highly pessimisstic about their chances for success as was Hitler himself...but they felt they either moved before the attrition of the allied strategy doomed them.

      When the French armies collapsed in the face of the rapid-moving though lightly armoured Panzers no one was more surprised than the Germans themselves.

      The basic problem with the French was their internal division....their near collapse into civil war throughout the period of the Spanish Civil War in which the French Left and Right strained themselves to not also go at it on the battlefield.

      But with the Germans now on the battlefield and the fight begun the French Right and Left were no longer restrained.

      The French Right used the German invasion to form their own anti-socialist/anti-communist regime. Probably ten percent of the French population were avid supporters of the Vichy regime under WWI hero Marshall Petan, with the Germans in the background.

      Another ten percent of the French were communists at active war with the new regime, and also attacking any Germans they could find.

      The Germans never intervened in France, and didn't need to, until the allied invasion of Africa when the French Left was able to persuade ordinary French, the eighty percent otherwise up for grabs...

      To persuade them that the should join the allies as they'd be joining the winning in Italy a year later.

      So you see there was no "cowardice" involved except the opportunism of the French when many of them decided to join the allies and oppose Vichy and the Germans purely out of self interest when they thought they would win....

    3. Many French and Walloon Belgians fought on the German side in the Waffen SS, as in the Norwegian/Dutch regiments they did so on the eastern front to defeat Stalin.....

      Some of the most committed of any of the SS Divisions were the highly motivated Walloons and the French...and these were the fighters who later volunteered to fight the communists in Vietnam in the 1950s.

      Most of the French fighters in Vietnam were Waffen SS veterans whose expenses were funded entirely by the United States, which by that time had gotten rid of Franklin Roosevelt and his team of Stalinist spies and agents who opposed Nazism and Germany.

      Once the FDR administration was swept away the US became solidly pro-Nazi in Europe and the Third World, with only lip service paid otherwise.


      Why the zionist Israelis in 1945 and thereafter were so firmly attached to Stalin and the Soviet Union and were estranged completely from the United States government. And of course the entire US government including the Joint Chiefs, the CIA, and the State Dept and the NSC were all opposed to the creation of Israel.

    4. In the 1948 Israeli War of Independence the US sent no aid whatsover...however Stalin sent massive arms through Czechoslovakia which permitted the otherwise out-gunned zionists to win.

      Thereafter the US changed it's position and sought amicable relations with Israel in order to elbow Soviet influence out. Israelis were agreeable to this, however they actually knew well that the US government would never be anti-Nazi or oppose anti-semitism anywhere.....

      While Israelis pretended to have amicable relations with the US and sent the Russian packing...

      They were plotting to assassinate US diplomats in Egypt and pin it on muslims in the notorious "operation Suzanna," which not only blew up...but did so in such a way as to illustrate the ineptitude of Jewish intelligence organizations anywhere...but particularly in Arab countries..

      Thereafter Israelis continued to rely on Jews in Arab countries for covert action and espionage...but time and time again this formula failed and their agents were rolled up, assassinated, publicly hung as in Syria....

      Anyone voluteering to believe the Mossad's propaganda that they would be protected and safe when working in hostile countries paid the price.

    5. The completley phony intelligence relationship between CIA and Israel was embodied in the character of James Angleton, the CIA Chief of CounterIntelligence.

      Angleton managed every single item of data going to and from Israel...

      He told the Israelis that this was because he loved Jews and wanted Israel to prosper, etc...

      But the real reason of course was because he knew the Israelis had no loyalty to the US and were actually out to damage the US, to support communists everywhere...etc...and as such as the Chief of Counterintelligence he MUST be personally aware of every last damn thing going on with the Israeli...


      That's the reason why when the Israelis built their "memorial forest" to James Angleton they built next to a trash dump and made it a peice of garbage with a cardboard sign, etc...

      It's because their relationship with him was all a shame, and he was a phony to them as well.

    6. sorry dear Germans, no one would touch you if you were thinking how to develop more Siemens (medical machines), and other companies for export on to world market, but you touched British investment in Poland, that is war...

    7. People forget that the French actually occupied the Rhineland for a time in the 1920s. They stole German coal, causing the German currency to plummet when the Germans had to print more money to purchase fuel from abroad because the French had stolen all their coal to compensate for unpaid reparations.

      The French would whip or beat any German who failed to take off their hats when seeing a French solider, and other insane French humiliations of the German population.

      But the huge event, the SINGULAR event which formed the post-WWI situation was the vote in the Szar Land. The Szar population voted 96% to leave France ....AND JOIN GERMANY !!

      This vote was the LAST VOTE which the allies permitted, in the same way that the US didn't permit the Vietnamese to vote in 1956 because they would have voted to become communist !!

      After the Tsarland population voted and the Tsar went to Germany the allies had no choice but to sit and watch while other places next to Germany were joined or re-joined with Germany, and this include the Sudatenland, which the Czechs had no fucking right or claim to in any manner and whom the Czechs were repressing, suppressing, murdering, etc......

      But this process of reintergration of populations into Germany is what set off the anti-German war parties in England and France. Churchill and his counterparts in England and France were vastly outnumbered, like the neo-cons of today, but they made sure they were in the positions to take their nations to war against Germany.

      The key event which favored them was the German occupation of Bohemia and Moravia after the Sudatenland was annexed. When Prague and these other non-German areas were occuped due to their instability and the dissintergration fo the Czech government....

      That act was used by the "neo-cons" to paint the Germans as lying at Munich and all the other annexations as part of a hegemonic plot.

      The English public swallowed this garbage whole just as they later swallowed the story of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq...

      And the Americans believed this garbage about the Czech occupation as well.

      It was the Czech occupation which set the stage for the British/French attack on Germany.

    8. With the British and even American populations convinced that the Germans were now unmasked as aggressors once again....

      The French and British plan was to encourage the Poles to take an uncompromising position regarding treatment of their German and Hungarian minorities and the disposition of Danzig.

      The Poles rejected about thirty different German proposals for compromise on Danzig, and the Polish ultranationalists stepped up their atrocities and murders of Germans and Hungarians, encouraged by the Polish Military Junta which governed in Warsaw.

      The French/British plan worked, and Germany was provoked into an attack of Poland...

      But to seek to minimize the chances that the French and Brits would use this as a pretext to declare war on Germany the Germans brought the Russians in as their co-invaders thinking that the English, American and French publics wouldn't be SO STUPID as to believe their government's crticizisms of Germany for this invasion when the Russians were also doing it...

      But they were!

      The publics in England, France and America blamed only Germany for the invasion of Poland and didn't see any reason why anyone should declare war on Russia for their part in it as well...

      In fact they were more than willing to forget the Russian attack of Poland and pretend it never happened so they can ally themselves with the Russians and destroy Germany.

    9. This duplicity regarding malice toward Germany and total unacknowledgment of the Soviet role...

      Underlines that the only thing that was at work was the longstanding antipathy toward Germany which was created by the Great War and never ended or changed.








      Next time you declare, "Mission Accomplished" you should at least have a signed surrender document from your enemy.

      Same in Afghanistan.

    11. The way you win a war is to force the enemy to say uncle...they must agree to surrender. They must agree to stop fighting and to direct their forces and soldiers to stop fighting..

      This is what it is to win a war.

      You havn't won just because you take their capital city and you administer it. You only win when the government tells all their people to stop fighting.

      That never happened in Iraq and it's so stupid for everyone to have just forgotten that first rule of warfare.

      They forget it because they didn't have enough force or soldiers to bring about that kind of victory.

  2. Great post again! I can only add if the Scottish want independence then they should have it and I wish them all the best as its a fantastic country ( fantastic fishing!) Regardless of the outcome there will be great changes with Parliament promising greater powers to the Scots, what I find interesting is the idea touted that in England we should have greater regional powers regarding policies(a kind of secession I suppose) just like the proud Scots will have regardless of yes or no vote! Too much policy is dictated by people whom have no affinity to the regional areas of the UK so if Scotland vote yes it will send shockwaves through the houses of Parliament not least the aristocratic landowners whom own swathes of Scotland! However seen as I mistrust the voting system I think it will be a no vote but it certainly has our " leadership " in a spin with all three political parties taking the highroad to convince the Scots to remain British even if it was somewhat belated! (I read that as arrogance) so all in all good luck to Scotland and regardless of the outcome it will have an effect but more importantly I'll continue to visit and continue to enjoy the juice of the barley!! Regarding Spain Dr p let's remember the Basque region as well which like Scotland has a rich working class culture that also seeks independence!

    1. The Scotts and next the Welch are fleeing the sinking ship of English rule and misrule....the English economy and social system which worships the Royals and creates tabloid garbage for the public.....

      England is sinking under the waves of debt, has no industry, buys everything from China and Germany like the French...and offers nothing to Scotland and Wales except more debt AND THE BIGGEST GAP BETWEEN RICH AND POOR SINCE the industrial revolution!

      Crime is the principle occupation of most Brits today, be it robbery, drug dealing or prostitution....and the biggest cocaine market in the world is the financial class of traders and bankers in London.

      Their only pastime being football all their teams are owned by foreigners while in Germany their teams are owned by the fans themselves, their corportations governed by the workers while in England their class system makes them the colossal losers second only to the Americans which they spawned....

      The English have Sterling so they can create their own currency, but even this is little help anymore.

      England is a land inhabited mostly now by Pakistanis and Indians who commonly molest their children and have made the British Isles a safe haven for all pedophiles and other sickos.

  3. And another thing....

    German products are not "over-priced."

    Their price reflects the costs of paying workers in Germany middle class wages and benefits.

    Lesser quality products from France and Italy, etc. are cheaper because they pay their workers NOTHING and therefore rely on government welfare like in the US...shifting costs and making profits by making the public sector pay for everything....

    German costs are higher as in Switzerland, yet I don't hear you complaining about the price of Swiss goods.

    Norway doesn't even try to export manufactured goods because their wages are so sky high that no one would buy anything. Their wages are so high because they live in a paradise where everyone is well off and can pay for anything they like and it's in a world of it's own price a thirty dollar hamburger if you pay in dollars and they're not even in the Euro....

    So go figure they are the world's richest people without any doubt.

    1. Volkswagons are not over-priced but they are made by Mexicans paid thirty dollars a day or by Slovaks making slightly more.....not what good Germans should be doing but to satisfy people like Dr.P who complain otherwise.

    2. yes they are over priced, Renault Clio is better and cheaper than VW Polo, and VW is not premium brand, so i do not get what they are thinking with that Polo, and Ford and Opel (GM) are US firms. And Germans do not have imagination to give comfort of higher class in to lower class car, they like categories to much, like in camps...

    3. Yes a Renault or Fiat costs......

      ONLY 9,000 Euros !!

      9,000 Euros !!

      Can you imagine ANY car sold in America, no matter how small or flimsy, to cost only....

      $9,000 dollars!

      Europeans are soooo used to cars that cost NOTHING, that any European with a brain who is willing to spend what Americans always spend, which is $28,000 or at that level get....

      A BMW or a Mercedes!

      In Europe BMW and Mercedes cost NO MORE THAN ANY SIMILAR AMERICAN CAR SOLD IN AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      BMW and Mercedes and Audi are not expensive cars..they are just better cars.

    4. Germans do not know how to make cheap stuff, when they are making cheap stuff it is so cheap that people are scared like VW owned Seat or Skoda... I would rather die than by Skoda or Seat, it is like recognising that you are bad person who only can hope to make it in next life, same was with T-34 vs. Tiger

  4. Europeans want s to talk and must Americans let to do the walk. Meaning EU wants USA to adopt standards of EU, like car signalisation, standards for cultural subsidies, GMO standards and so on, and EU will let US to have everything else...

    Yay! More bombing! More war! We're attacking the group we secretly funded and trained for years! Smart power, baby!!!!!!!!!

  6. I don't think however that the dissintergration of Great Britain, like Iraq upon which the Brits made war ten years ago to similar ends......

    I don't think others in Europe will fly apart.

    The Catalons, the Basques, and others in other countries cited above get along well with their central governments and there's NO ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION of these places...


    The English take taxes from Scotland but return only a little under circumstances disadvantageous to the Scots, as in Wales, as is the English way of invading everyone on the planet and putting their economic knee into their backs....

    The Scots and Welch must be independent because the English are BAD PEOPLE !!

    This is not the same in Spain and the other places cited. There's no reason for Belgium to fly apart or the provences in Canada....these are just stupid cultural grumblings having to do with language and cooking habits, etc....and nothing practical as in the Scotch and Welsh cases.

    The English are finally getting what's coming to them, and their pitiful island will finally be along and adrift in the sea as they always FEARED they would be...which was always the driving compulsion for all their aggressions.

    There are unwritten rules for these interviews. Usually, you invite on a Washington or a Hollywood liberal and you yuck it up, knowing you're on the same team. If, by some strange reason, the guest is Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, you go immediately into attack mode.

    Jon Stewart had on today the UN Secretary General. Stephen Colbert had on Henry Kissinger, who has written a new book no one will read. If this had been Rachel Maddow interviewing a Republican, for example, everything would be fair game for the relentless attack. Instead, as expected, Stewart threw UN softballs and Colbert threw softballs at Kissinger.

    That's why Stewart and Colbert make millions, I guess. However, for me, none of it was funny and it was just a maddening waste of my time.

    For the record, I can verify that, yes, Henry Kissinger is still alive.

    1. And very overweight. He us my age. His weight will kill him very soon. I bet he cannot walk.

      He is an evil self- hating JEW.


    2. Maddow would have more credibility with me if she were to let her hair grow.

      Women with short hair are horrible. I hate these negro women who almost shave off all their hair, or the old ladies I see with short hair, or the younger ones with very short hair.

      I know Maddow keeps her hair short because she wants to be a man and hates herself for being a woman...

      But she needs to get over it or at least pretend to get over it....and realize she's a woman and always will be and grow some fucking hair!

      If she had long sexy hair she would attract the sexy young girls she wants to be eating out anyway. Dikes are so fucking stupid dressing like men and then chasing young girls LOL....

      If they'd dress and act like women they'd have all the pussy they want!

    3. It's so much easier for a woman to get pussy than for a man to get it.

      Woman who want pussy can get close to all kinds of young girls and gain their trust in every kind of situation where guys have no possibility.

      The best thing in life to be is a cleaver lesbian who acts straight so she can get close to young girls and then seduce them.

      This is an option for any lesbian, but they are TOO FUCKING STUPID to think of it. If it were a guy they'd think of it right away because men are cleaver and intelligent, whereas women never use their heads in any situation and are guided purely by emotion no matter how much intellect they have.

  8. Wow so much to address. Dr P a Polymath such as yourself would acquaint yourself with Scotland's writing and science greats. You are right the Scots are great fighter's and you would want them with you in a 'Pub' fight. However
    the average experience of Scotland of a Londoner is of 'hobo' types drunk on extra strong lager in Trafalgar square or good but acidic comedians on the TV. Most in the South do not care one way or the other about Scots Independence. It would be like telling someone on a beach in Florida that Alaska wanted to go it alone. London and the South East of England see themselves as dragging the rest of the country on it's shirt tails. I would be very surprised if there is a yes vote, because cynical old me saw how Bush Jnr got in and 'they' count the votes here as well. The tendency is for forming large Unions of countries not to have break away States. As it may give others ideas. Regarding comments about WW2. I think it is quite likely the Germans were used as a tool to bash the Russian Army and therefore kill two birds with one stone. The 'heroic' French notion is a bit more tricky they were overwhelmed by German Commando in 4 days! As for the 'Resistance' apparently if you had asked a German General about it, he would have had no idea what you were talking about. It was mainly created after the war in films, to make it look like they were not a total walkover. German Women, Cars, and goods are great but they are arrogant 'F***'s' and that will always be their undoing!