Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Theater of the Ab$urd: Two Beheadings; US Bombs I$I$; and Ukraine Chocolate King Fights Ex-KGB Agent, Putin!
Sometimes the world seems to be out of control! There is a war over here and a war over there; everywhere we look there is war—think of the rhymes in “Old MacDonald had a Farm”—then you get both the rhyme and scope of this absurdity of wars.
From my posterior view of all that is seemingly transpiring through the myopic lens of my internet,  I feel as if I am in a Jean Paul Sartre ‘Theater of the Existential Absurd’ [fancy title signifying very little].  The most ludicrous scene so far is that dual beheading of two inveterate ‘free lance journalists’,  one a New Hampshire Catholic, blessed by the pedophile-ignoring Pope Francis.  The other is a Florida based Jewish ‘free lance journalist’. If my memory serves me correctly, me thinks I have seen this scene of ‘alleged violence’ to precipitate Obama’s administration action in places like Newtown and elsewhere through out the USA when gun control was in issue. As we know, Obama didn’t start this faking it till you make it happen, he simply continues this long tradition (WMDs, terror attack on WTC, gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor etc etc).

This time,  we Americans are specifically privileged to witness an ‘alleged’ decapitation because Obama & company,  the ‘lady warmongers and necrophiliac Neo-cons, have once again, hungered for more ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria and Iraq.  I can assure you,  America,  that there will be no official American boots on the ground.  There may be boots worn by an assortment of mercenaries, funded by the USA and the Sunni Arab League [dystopic Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel]… but no official US Army soldiers.

Next we are witnessed to the verbal abuses hurled by the Chocolate King of the Ukraine, recently appointed to the office of the Presidency versus, the Ex KGB officer, Putin. 
What is really at stake here in this cesspool called the Ukraine?
A Free Ukraine? NO!
A New Mother Russia? NO!
The answer is as simple as following the money trail of this absurdity.
Follow the money and you will discover that this whole series of theatrics amounts to one question….How much will Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus and of course the Ukraine) pay for the GA$ that comes from Russia.  Don’t forget that most of Germany and Europe are also in the throes of this financial conundrum: War…. Or Pay the Price that the Russians have requested for their gas? 
Not too difficult a question… and not too difficult an answer.
Eventually as the weather become colder in Eastern and Western Europe, this alleged ‘theater of the absurd war’ will be resolved accordingly.  Meanwhile, dear Americans, you have heard the raucous voices of the ‘chicken hawks’—neocons, liberal interventionists and the media---perform a once in a lifetime [we would only hope that were true] scenario of Absurdity.
While the pundits talk of geopolitical imperatives and the media runs from one runway to another,  there is little that we will see other than another ‘staged beheading’ from yet another Newtown-inspired actor and scenario. 

My best advice is to forget about it!
Go about your life,  doing the small things that make no difference to the world in general but mean a lot to you.
Take care !! And live life to the fullest.  


  1. Sound advice! Meanwhile even after the Times of London reported that the first beheading was in all probability fake it seems "jihad I john"(I know you can't make it up can you) strikes again with on top British general declaring that he is a dead man walking and shall be dispensed with the same way as Osama bin laden!!! Can't make that up can you?(well you can as somebody already indeed "made it up" . Meanwhile the UK is leaking wannabe jihadists in droves and we can't seem to stem the flow of itinerant terrorists even with sophisticated passport controls! And even worse we actually think we can't stop them returning!!! Oh and here is another nugget of absolute pure gold! Tony Blair has been voted philanthropist of the year!!! That's it I'm going fishing

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    2. I don't think the beheadings were fake, but if they were I wouldn't care. I don't see any harm in opposing ISIS. As far as I can see they are part of the Saudi-Israeli axis of evil which has engulfed the whole region in meyhem since 9-11.

      As I've said before it's inevitable for Iran to dominate the region given the hegemony and malice of the Saudis and zionists.

      The Iranians have been seeking a resumption of their police role which was abandoned after 1979, and they wish to resume such with the US as their partner.

      The sooner this happens the sooner the whole region will once again become peaceful. The Saudis must be made to feel that they hang on a string, and that their Shiite minority can be used against them unless they control their wahhabist zealotry.

  2. Washington feeds off the ignorant. Thank Dr., keep it coming.

  3. InfoWars has said that the beheadings videos were probably done by the same group that did the fake Osama bin Laden videos. In other words, a branch of the CIA. The two "journalists" who were allegedly beheaded also appear to be intelligence officers.

    FreeRadioRevolution did a YouTube video on the Sotloff "beheading," showing only a still picture that can be found in newspapers. FRR said that this beheading video was exactly the same as the Foley video, with the same problems. YouTube/Google took off the video and banned FreeRadioRevolution for two weeks, even though the video didn't violate any YouTube policy. It was just speech that YouTube/Google/USA Gov. found objectionable, so it's no longer allowed in the U.S.

    Red Pill Revolution did a video yesterday on FRR's ban from YouTube.

    Sotloff Second FAKE ISIS Beheading: Google Censorship AGAIN Proves They Don't Want Truth Exposed
    Red Pill Revolution
    Published on Sep 3, 2014

    1. YouTube
      Journalist or Agent? New Image Shows 'Stephen Sotloff Fighting In Syria'
      Published on Sep 3, 2014
      While all we have is the one image, It looks to be Him! Question is when was it taken? Either way...Why was a so called 'journalist' Arming a Heavy Machine Gun and NOT a Camera?