Friday, September 5, 2014

Secretaries of State Dedicate a New Museum of Diplomacy: A Memorial to Criminals; Sociopaths; and Incompetent Liars!
Congratulations America! Once Again We Glorify our Failures and Laud Our Miscreants.
Just when I thought I could finally take a respite from the “Theater of The Absurd”—a constant parade of inane wars; staged beheadings; and hysterical cries of inanity----then Secretary of State John, “I-love-myself” Kerry, takes a day off  from his hectic schedule of foreign policy ineptitude in order to dedicate a Museum to Diplomacy. I am completely dumbfounded!
At a time when our country is weaving and whirling around the world, like a drunken sailor on shore leave; waiting for nothing and everything to befall our great nation--  five more Secretary of States show up and ham it up for the cameras. What in God’s name are Henry Kissinger; James Baker;  Madeleine Albright; Colin Powell ; and last but not least, the UBIQUITOUS Hillary Clinton all doing shoveling ‘dirt’ for a new museum on diplomacy? When the Republic is falling apart, the only residue of it’s collective accomplishment is one more memorial to its self-destruction, to the tune of $50M!  
How can I say such a thing?

Let’s begin with my ex-boss, (whom you know I refused to work with) the 91 year old War Criminal Henry ‘call me doctor’ Kissinger.  What can I say about a liar and a coward who allowed thousands of our men and women to die in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia that has not already been said? The Republic did nothing to prosecute this man who singlehandedly created the Khmer Rouge with his incessant bombing of ‘neutral’ Cambodia and then lied his way through history.  Don’t worry about his new book on the “New World Order”—it’s the only thing that Henry does well, parrots the Old Teutonic Myths of Bismarck’s and Metternich’s nonsensical “Real Politik”.  It’s just the same “old crap”,  just packaged by some pathetic publisher. 

Next in line: Colin Powell.  Now here is the affirmative action disaster of the first order with a military record short of being fictitious, he sky-rocketed his way up the ‘greasy pole of politics’ through lies, incompetence and being ‘the House Nigger’ as Harry Belafonte called him.  All we Americans have to recall is how Colin brazenly lied in front of the whole world when he swore that he had Anthrax in the small bottle he was holding while he was attending the United Nations session. What more can we say for a falsely decorated military officer who desecrated his oath to his country that gave him so many opportunities. 

Next we go to Condolezza Rice a master of the lie, stand-down, and ‘false flag’.  She did not attend the “shoveling” ceremony but my past comments about this incompetent who was Bush’s backdoor girl in war crimes and lying to the American public remains germane to this post.
What about Madeleine Albright? Surely I can say something good about her?
She was a nonentity who forgot her heritage as a Jewess and accomplished absolutely nothing.  However, she did write a lot books that no one read, with exception of Read My Pins (next gig QVC).  She was and is an ‘irrelevant’ aberration of history.

Next we have the indomitable Hillary Clinton. I will give her a break,  this woman has been dissected beyond the realm of any frog splayed out with pins in the high school biology class. Clearly, she is, was, and will be a liar cum laude.  She also has the distinction of being associated with dead bodies and imminent murders and, of course, Benghazi.
What did she accomplish as Secretary of State?

Four dead Americans and bonus miles for traveling to 122 countries on tax payers money.
Schultz, another absent member, should remain invisible.  History will show that despite his tireless efforts to burnish his non-existent accomplishments, he has really done nothing other than buy his way into the hallway of the United States Institute of Peace where the hallway is literally named after him. So step gently on that walkway for he is far more fragile than you would imagine.
Last but not least, James Baker.  As most of you know, I worked for him and have lauded him for the work that was accomplished on the 1991 Paris Peace Conference on Cambodia.  What he will say about his achievements are still a mystery to me.
Who was not there?
Secretaries of State Cyrus Vance and Warren Christopher, two of the more honorable men who were modest enough not to have said very much about their past accomplishments, were not there because they are dead. 
Why is this narcissistic strip tease of sociopathy so virulent to our American tradition of valor, honest, and good deeds?
The most important people were not present.  I am speaking about thousands of brave men, women and Foreign Service families who spent years in distant locations like Ulan Bator, Mongolia and Harbin, China, and Homs, Syria.   They reported the imminent dangers and cautioned those who would not listen to their advice that ‘war’ and ‘conflict’ would not resolve the cultural, economic and psychological problems indigenous to their area of expertise. How many times did the aforementioned Secretary of States dismiss the NIACT Cables [Night Action] warning of impending danger.  How many FSOs died in the course of their world-wide duties?
This nonsensical show of the stooges digging up dirt is nothing short of a major insult to our brave FSOs all over the world. Not one person amidst that group of political sociopaths was, is or may ever be a Foreign Service Officer.
Why didn’t Bill Clinton pick the Honorable Ambassador Frank Wisner for Sec State? Instead he chose a political nobody—Albright.
Why did Obama chose a slippery eel like Hillary when he could have picked Ambassador Mark Grossman, William Burns, both career FSOs?
Why didn’t Bush Jr pick General Brent Scowcroft,  a true war hero and National Security expert, instead of the phony, political general Colin Powell? 
Until the FSOs stand up for their right to be represented by one of their own professionals, the entire field of foreign diplomacy will be dominated by political cronies, hacks and incompetents.  These political lackeys, past and present, who claim the mantle of Secretary of State simply act as clowns on a stage “aping” what is euphemistically called diplomacy.  Let’s get it right before its too late and please no more million dollar memorials to lies.  Build a new school or a bridge instead, put your name on it if you have to but make it something useful to future generations.



  1. Hilarious. I want to see a museum for famous capitalists to be built, and include separate wings for the following; The Ken Lay Wing, The Ivan Boesky Wing, The Bernie Madoff Wing, The Marc Rich Wing, The Angelo Mozillo Wing.
    I'm sure it took some diplomatic efforts to pardon Rich, so Bill deserves a museum or two, why not?

  2. Wow a diplomacy museum. "Why that's the most ridiculous thing I ever hoid of".
    I want my own museum. I think I'll solicit crowd funder for it instead of tax payers tho.
    In latin at the entrance I want it to say " Ecce Quantus Ego Sum" translated: "Look How Great I Am ! " rofl. : )

  3. HaHaHa!!! Forgive me its not the post Dr p! Its your obvious exasperation!!!! Like I said before Tony Blair received the award for philanthropist of the year so why should my friends across the pond get away with it!?? Interesting isn't it? What I would do personally is dress the aforementioned in Hawaiian shirts sporting garlands of flowers whilst digging the first earth for the Osama bin laden institute for kidney disease with Harry belafontes let's turn the world around!!!! Why not? Certainly a break from the absurd!

  4. Well said, keep them coming. I love Latin phrases!

  5. Dr. Steve , We love your work
    But wasn't Brent Scowcroft flying around on a doomsday plane the day of 911 ?
    As part of a " Committee for Public Safety " ?
    In case W. Bush Jr. didn't get the hint, and was too stupid understand the charade, & then read three speeches putting all the blame on Bin-laden.
    Isn't that just like Donald Rumsfeld 30 minutes after the Pentagon was hit
    acting as if is he helping paramedics caring for the wounded .
    When he should have been worried about the possibility of other planes ?

  6. The picture of these trolls struggling to use their shovels says it all. Have you ever seen a bunch of useless looking, feeble old people in your life? What a group of week, flabby, decadent and degenerate old farts. Disgraceful.

  7. Dr,P thanks for this all-inclusive post about these feckless morons and the harms they've done to the world.

    My only objection is that you criticize Kissinger for the deaths of American servicemen rather than the millions of ordinary people in southeast Asia who he slaughtered.

    Please stop praising the perpetrators and omitting the victims.

    I'm a nationalist in that America is my home and I want it to improve, but I don't put it's people and their lives above those of others...particularly when we're the bad guys.

    As a German also I always wish the German people well, although they don't need any help from me or anyone else because they always make the best of every situation....

    But even I, a self-professed Nazi, have to admit when we Germans have unnecessarily harmed others..and we always paid dearly for it because we were never a superpower, only a great power.

    The US is a superpower and except for losing little wars on the other side of the world the US has never been invaded and occupied so it's people never really pay for their crimes.