Thursday, September 11, 2014

I did force myself to read it, will post my review next.


  1. Nixon as a rotweiller is still waiting at the gates of hell to welcome him so that he can be converted into a poodle and mounted from behind for eternity....woof!

  2. Seriously though how do these people live so long Kissinger, Brzezinski, Duke of Edinburgh...The Queen still rides horses! Are they having blood transfusions or are they pickled in something?
    Kissinger really divides people Richard Bandler thought he should be President while ex-CIA analyst R.W.Smith thought of him as the German who lost his coat in Cambodia. Some ex-KGB folk suggested he was a Soviet asset called 'Colonel Bor'. My biggest surprise was when the TSA had him out of his wheelchair and frisked him, I thought his status would shield him from such indignity.

    1. His wheelchair?


      Why should he be in a wheelchair?

      Assholes like him and G.Bush Sr. can't even walk anymore because they were always weaklings with barely enough muscle to get around and then with age their puny leg muscles and joints weaken just a little and now they can't even stand up or walk around....

      Fucking weakings and pussy wimps who go around killing other people.

      I would pull him out of his wheelchair and stomp his ass like his buddies around the world used to stomp old women and children....

      Stomp his ass and send him to hell where he belongs.

    2. Dr. Kissinger this is for you:

      Die motherfucker die!

    3. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
      That's just what I was thinking...
      Are not we all going to be dancing in the streets when the likes of Cheney , Bush Sr. and on down the List
      Are forever expired , and we can be done with them !
      Starting a NWO of another kind .
      Without Apartheids...