Monday, September 22, 2014

As the World Turns, Both Nuclear Pakistan/India are Preparing for a “Hot Melt Down” through “Mutual Assured Destruction!” 
As international “twitter attention” has been cleverly diverted to ISIS, Syria, and Iraq, all comparatively small players in the much greater game of “mutually assured destruction”, we collectively have been remiss in ignoring the sandlot tit-for-tat wars arising between Pakistan and it’s inveterate enemy, India.  Reading a recent article in the Washington Post by Tim Craig and Karen Young [for whom I have a lot of respect], 9/20/2014, titled, “Pakistan Is Eyeing Sea-Based And Short-Range Nuclear Weapons, analysts say”, I suddenly gasped for air.  My God, I thought, had we not collectively dealt with the horrific nuclear weapons around the world?
NOT  SO ! 
How foolish could we have been to consider that in the middle of a potential military coup [once again] against the corrupt Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that Pakistan would cease and desist its interminable obsession with defeating India militarily.

Here is what the article pinpoints in the most sober way possible:
“…In the world’s most volatile regions,  Pakistan is ADVANCING TOWARD SEA-BASED MISSILE CAPABILITY  [my emphasis], and expanding its interest in tactical nuclear warheads…”
Why not? Since no one was watching them, including our overstretched and cyber/terrorist-obsessed Intelligence community?
“Pakistan is home to two dozen extremist groups…” the article goes on.
Americans under the CIA John Brennan leadership gave the Pakistanis $26B which the CIA admitted was wasted. Yet our incompetence does not stop there.
Here are some more facts to consider about South Asia.
“Pakistan…first tested atomic device in 1998… their fears have deepened over the past decade amid political tumult, terrorist attacks [which our CIA funded]… and increased tensions [I added that] with INDIA, with which it has fought three wars!”  What we got here are really Bad Hombres who intend to decimate hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent civilians on both sides.
Forget that nonsense about the contrived beheadings of faux journalists who can articulate their own eventual beheadings with Shakespearean monologues that would have exhausted Sir Lawrence Olivier.  Pakistan and India are the real danger—NUCLEAR WAR!!
“For more than a decade, Pakistan…. attempted to bolster its nuclear arsenal with tactical weapons-short range missiles that carry a smaller warhead and are easier to transport”  So what’s India doing about this imminent threat?
“In 2012, India test-launched it’s FIRST INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILE…. It has more than a range of 3,100 miles…and next year, India will deploy its first nuclear-powered submarine…”
Two long-time enemies, both with genetic inbred plasma hatred of each other since 1949 are now squaring off –not with an ersatz scimitar in order to “cut off someone’s head”---but rather with FISSIONABLE MASS directed at each other’s populations.
So what does our judicious, sagacious President Obama do?
According to a NYTimes article, by William J. Broad and David E. Sanger, 9/21/2014:
“….because of political deals and geopolitical crises, the Obama administration is engaging in extensive atomic rebuilding while getting only modest arms reduction in return…”  Its a stupid reaction to counter nuclear build-up of failed states like Pakistan by increasing one’s own nuclear arsenal.  Didn’t we learn anything in the Cold War? Where were these so-called experts in the Obama Administration when the Nixon, Reagan, Bush administrations were heavily involved in bilateral nuclear reductions with the Soviets/Russian Federation?  The current administration,  slathered with the residues of incompetency and arrogance, might read a little about American Disarmament history.  Seriously, is anyone home at the White House?

Maybe its time to call in some experienced “old timers” to engage in an effective new round of nuclear disarmament talks between India and Pakistan.  Whats the worse that can happen? Maybe we can prevent the build up of new, useless and costly nuclear weapons and make the world a safer place?  Obama has not recovered from the Libyan fiasco and we still have the dynamic duo of Samantha Powers and Susan Rice on the loose.  Lets reign in this nuclear madness before it gets out of hand, again.


  1. Now I understand the reason for all the "GAMES" by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA) in Pakistan! It was to control the "NUKES"!

    One of the "MAJOR" PROBLEMS: Some of the nuclear weapons in Pakistan have been transferred to Saudi Arabia to be given to various intelligence mercenaries, such as, Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries), ISIS (very extreme Al Qaeda), and ISIL (A.K.A.: ISIS)! Therefore, all of "THIS" amounts to a VERY "SICK JOKE;" and EVERYONE should know that the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER and George H. W. Bush Sr. (NAZI and SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER) SPEECHES 1991) "ELITE" are "LAUGHING THEIR BUTTS OFF"!

    As stated in other comments, the "MAIN AGENDA" of the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER and George H. W. Bush Sr. (NAZI and SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER) SPEECHES 1991) is the significant "MASS-GENOCIDE" of the "ENTIRE" WORLD'S POPULATION by WELL OVER 90% (UP TO 99% OR MOST LIKELY 100% ("EXTINCTION EVENT")) (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (FORMER INSIDER, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS); "Project Camelot Interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2" posted by Project Camelot (AUTHENTIC) on April 16, 2008; "Q4: What is the significance of the 'Snowden affair' and Obama's Narcissistic response to it?" posted by LaRouche PAC Video Archive (AUTHENTIC) on July 13, 2013; and Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies, Plum Island, Police State, Great Lakes, BP Oil Spill, and Ozarks (6 EPISODES IN FULL LENGTH AT YOU TUBE))!

    Unfortunately, THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) is "FORCING" TruTV to eliminate any and all episodes from the "ENTIRE" INTERNET by using "copyright infringement" in an illegal manner; and there is something going on with Tyrel Ventura (son of Jesse Ventura)! Tyrel Ventura has NOT been on BUZZSAW (TheLipTV (YOU TUBE CHANNEL)) since April 2014!

  2. The nuclear dimension will add a badly-needed deterrent to conventional war between the parties. They are so close to each other and inter-mingled that the use of nuclear weapons would be catastrophic. Deterrence in a close quarter theater is much higher than on an intercontinental sphere as with the US-USSR in the Cold War.

    Another thing to remember is that the Pakistani's nuclear force planning may not be as purposeful or rational as we assume. Bureaucratic and other factors can be at play here rather then the rational, purposeful planning that we are assuming.

    1. hey, even Belgium have deterrence, it is enough to blow your own nuclear plant with nuke and you have draw in any war, god works in mysterious ways

    2. Do you know why they call it the "invisible hand?"

      It's because it's not there.

      -- J.M. Keynes

  3. I remember in the eightees we used to call the Pakistani nuclear program the "Islamic Bomb" because we blindly assumed that the Pakistanis due to their muslim character would be motivated to use their bomb to counter Israel or for other Islamic agendas...

    This turned out to be a completely silly and uninformed assumption. The real leaders of Pakistan developed their bombs to counter India's nuclear capability, and they have no religious motives whatsoever to "share" their weapons with others in the region just because they happen to also be muslim.

  4. Personally I don't believe there can be any nuclear war because there are, I am certain, other civilizations from other planets or dimensions which would prevent it.

    Of this I have no doubt whatsoever.

    The recently-retired Temple University Professor David Jacobs should be taken seriously regarding his "tracking" of developments of the alleged "alien hybrid program" reported by students of this issue.

    Jacobs can be found on Youtube, and the progress of this "program" is maturing quickly.

    This is a difficult issue to study because most of the figures involved in documenting it have recently died...Dr.Roger Lier a few months ago from a simple case of shingles...Dr. John Mack of Harvard killed by a drunk driver in England...last year Bud Hopkins died also....

    Jacobs is the only one left alive and there are constant threats on his life....

    Anyway this matter is accelerating and it's leading to something transformative although if it's good for humans per se or not no one knows....

    I believe in the final analysis the most important issue on this planet is the preservation of it's delicate and complex ECOLOGY.

    To prevent the destruction of the ecology, if that's the issue, then humans will have to take a back seat. The use of this planet by humans is not as important as the other life that exists here....clearly.

    1. This planet is finely tuned for the development of life..primarily because of it's iron core which permits the existence of a magnetic field to shield it from radiation from the sun and other well as it's single moon and other rare factors...

      This planet needs to be used by many different life forms and humans will not be permitted to destroy it.

      Sorry but that's the facts.

    2. i agree 100%, no human can destroy what is from God, and nukes are invented for us sons of Israel to not destroy all those pagan societies today, so they they even they are weak and evil can last to remind us of evil for us to learn difference between evil and good...

  5. I hope humans can work this out, but if they can't preparations are apparently being made to intervene.

  6. This is encouraging, I am familiar with Dr Mack's work and have recently discover Jacob's work. Thanks for bringing this up, people need to learn more about this "aspect" of current events. Those that do not acknowledge the possibility of others among us are just ignorant. I have slowly opened my mind to such matters because I have a dear friend who has had personal experiences and she is not crazy and extremely rational and accomplished.

  7. This is why I always check Dr P's blog first thing in the morning. Brilliant. It is difficult to notice India/Pakistan when the 'Magician' is performing in the Middle East and the Ukraine, but that is the skill of smoke and mirrors. As regards Alien Intervention to stop the Nuclear loonies. I believe it would function more along the lines of 'When the Earth Stood Still' (original version) they would let us destroy ourselves before we developed some kind of 'star drive' as they would not want a 23rd Century Dick Cheyneyesque character fucking with the milky way. The problem I have with the Abduction theme is the idea of travelling 20/50 light years to stick a probe up some 'Hillbillies' arse does not make sense. I myself have used Hypnosis on folk for twenty years and frankly could embed most things if I had a particular axe to grind. The descriptions of the craft and the procedures are a bit Star Trek meets Marcus Welby and I believe if true and not a projection of the unconscious would be more left field. I just believe Aliens would be more subtle.If they are seen they want to be seen. I am more impressed by Astronauts and Fighter Pilots who do not believe, yet have to record their observations. I think we have been visited in Ancient times and probably now, but it is like Ants by a swimming pool, most of the time we would not be able to see it if it was right in front of our noses's. Just to throw a bit of a curve remember that song 'In the year 2525' when these fellows have been described 'Greys' etc, I have wondered if they might be from our own future. Then they would certainly intervene in Nuclear madness, unless of course it is important for their timeline. Just a thought!

    1. Marcus Welby? Does Consuello set the appointments and greet the abductees? Maybe Dr. Kildare and his mentor Dr. Gillespee are lurking also around the curved hallways of these craft, directing the activities of the greys behind the scenes!

  8. A few years ago in England a security guard was sleeping at home when he found himself having sex with two young blonde girls who were taking turns on top of him in sort of a tag team slamfest.

    After they finished draining him they in they vanished.

    The security guard took several pubic hairs they left behind to a genetic company for evaluation. The results showed that they belonged to no known haplotype but were completely human. Their DNA was human and contained none of the markers indicating mutations which have occurred in humans over the past 100,000 years.

    They were specimens of humans which were created from pristine human DNA before any mutations could have occurred.

    The genetic lab has results available for anyone seeking confirmation.

    1. A news broadcast about the case may still be available on Youtube.

      It doesn't matter how well documented these cases are or if conventional media covers them. Most people and authorities refuse to investigate or confirm them or examine their implications.

    2. Australian Skeptics Forum
      Alien Pubic Hair / Sydney Based UFO event
      Post by Matthew Ellard » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:27 am
      The bottom line is that the book is a great example of how UFO fanatics will do anything to attempt to find scientific evidence for their cause. If you have 1/2 an hour you can wade through the Skeptic Society's forum thread, that "goes for the throat" although it is mostly concerned with searching business names, DNA evuidence, and other claims related to the book over six pages. ... &start=200

      The lesson is that....if you are married and find a blond hair on your dick.....just get rid of it....

      You Tube / Bill Chalker discusses the book and the evidence in 2009

    3. I wish I could find some informed skeptics because there is little in the alien/ufo matter that I want to believe.

      However every skeptic I've listened to have been people who never read the material, never did ANY research on any cases...

      All they do is look at the evidence proferred and then speculate that it could or might be something else, cast doubt, etc...which can be done about any subject or anything but doesn't lead to anything.

      The skeptic community has shown itself to be unwilling to examine anything, but that doesn't stop them from making claims of their own based on NO EVIDENCE but merely majority opinion.

    4. I'm sure that are many UFO devotees who WANT to believe in aliens, etc., but I don't know a single serious researcher in that area who WANTS to believe what they've found. Their conclusions are not based on anything wishful whatsoever.

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  10. MITMichael, I will say this. I don't think you realize how appreciative some of us are that you share your thoughts with us. The knowledge put forth by you for the past two years have done wonders for my consciousness. I don't want you to feel that you're obligated to post here or that you owe it to us to keep returning, but whenever you post, there are some of us that soak up every word. This is not to say I agree with every single last thing you say, but I am definitely a lot wiser than I would be if I never visited this blog. A few of the other posters, and Dr. P, are stand up individuals as well.

    1. That is very kind of you. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr.P for allowing it.

  11. Wow what a love fest! Well let's keep on doing more of the same, I echo Reggie D's compliments to MIT and a shout out to Bill UK Del Stead, Barry, Patriarch, Wxxx, anaconda, reggie etc. But there is more work to be done!

  12. The sentiments are mutual... And here's to Raymond someday soon recovering his plastic bag!