Thursday, September 11, 2014

Scotland issue has some legs, here's an update


  1. George Soros quoted as saying " this is the worse time for the UK to leave the EU and the worse time for Scotland to leave the UK" how about this one George? Or as we'd call you in Scotland and northern England "Geordie". Call it a correction of the markets or a haircut! You city financier's love them sound bites!

  2. If Soros and his ilk are saying this, there is no way Scotland will get independence or UK leave the EU it is called New World Order
    for a reason.

  3. I wouldn't want to have anything to do with the Scotch anyway!

    Their idea of cooking is HAGGIS...HAGGIS.

    Have you ever seen or smelled that shit?

    The Scotch have no culture whatsoever, are the most unpleasant, actually violent people. No food, no music, no art, no architecture....what the fucking hell?

    In the US the Scotch have been the most rapacious, greedy, violent mother fuckers. The Scotch are always slave owners, robber barrons, and liars like Robert Stange McNamara.

    In the US the Scotch and Scotch Irish are the assholes which ruined America for all the rest of us.

    I cant stand those curling-playing mother fuckers who throw telephone poles around and wear fucking skirts....

    I hate those mother fuckers.

    1. Oh dear! Its actually Scots as opposed to the whiskey! A bit of a standing joke over here but I love your role as agent provocetuer MIT! And your last paragraph!!! Ha ha ha I love it and can't wait to tell my friends your delicious characterization!!! Ha ha ha ha