Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Thinned-Skinned Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan Cannot Resist Arresting/Imprisoning American/Foreign/Turkish Journalists!
Congratulations to NYTimes Turkish Correspondent Ceylan Yeginsu, who was branded a “TRAITOR AND FOREIGN AGENT” in retaliation for publishing an article with photos detailing how Erdogan is recruiting ISIS terrorists right in the middle of Ankara. 
My old nemesis, Erdogan, never fails to demonstrate his underlying dictatorial streaks of sadistic and ruthless repugnance for anyone who might reveal the truth about his double dealings with the American public.  Erdogan enjoys making money from selling oil to “ISIS”; as well as creating the ‘necessary recruits for ISIS’ right in the middle of the most crowded section of Ankara, the Capital of Turkey.
In an article written by Rick Gladstone, NYTimes, 9/20/2014, entitled, “Turkish President’s Allies Increasing Pressure on Times and Reporter” states the following:
“It was the photograph in particular, which showed President Erdogan visiting a mosque in Ankara, Turkey’s capital,  that appeared to be the catalyst for the backlash against the NYTimes and Ms Yeginsu.”
“…. The photograph implied a connection between the Turkish Government and the ISIS…”
“Erdogan called the article….. “DESPICABLE , VILE , SHAMELESS….” 
ISIS is not a threat to which American bombers have to drop incendiary bombs or fly dangerous missions but rather it is a problem in which our glorious, confused military/industrial complex as well as the Executive Branch have to decide one telling factor: Will we or will we not, punish our Sunni Allies for creating, aiding, and abetting ISIS, the very group which our ‘culture of misinformation’—the ignoble CIA created and maintains?  The answer lies not in our military prowess but in our willingness to admit our past mistakes; correct them; and then prevent our Sunni Allies and Israel from any further assistance to ISIS.

As much as our intelligence community likes to portray themselves as selfless, courageous heroes in endless TV shows [Homeland, Assets et. al.] and Movies [Argo, Zero Dark Thirty], they are  bereft of any capacity or will to ‘neutralize’ anyone or anything other than Senator Diane Feinstein’s investigations into the ineptness of the CIA.
John Brennan and Erdogan stand side by side in terms of anti-American enmity and dishonesty.  One is Turkish.  The other is born of a ‘bad seed’ from the bowels of the Directorate of Intelligence Analysis [useless] and fed with the milk of egregious political compliance and hierarchical servitude.  We don’t have to go 16000 miles away to seek our ISIS enemies.  Just look inward toward Langley, Virginia as well as Ankara/Istanbul, Turkey.  Yes, our enemies are right here at home and in Turkey.  No need to use our soldiers to rid of us of these two menaces!!! 
Thank you goes to:  Ms Yenginsu; Joel Simon, the Committee to Protect Journalists; Amberin Zaman, the local correspondent for The Economist; Ivan Watson, CNN International and Selin Girit and Rengin Arslan of the BBC. You are truly courageous individuals!!
So Long to: Erdogan and John Brennan. Your collective dictatorships are coming to an end.


  1. What's going on here points to a colossal problem in the American government in foreign affairs...

    You know for year after year subsequent to the US invasion of Afghanistan the Pakistanis were pretending to be allies when in fact they were responsible for the deaths...I mean the deaths...of US personnel in Afghanistan. They were pretending to be allies when they were not and the US did nothing...not a damn thing.

    What the fuck?

    I mean I can't imagine...cannot remotely imagine...any other country being so feckless, so indifferent, so ineffectual, so WEIRD as to look the other way while a phony ally kills your troops in the field AND YET WE PRETEND WE ARE STILL FRIENDS?????

    This is nuts.

    I mean I support what the Pakistanis did because I strongly oppose what the US did in Afghanistan and Pakistan and am on the Pakistanis side, but that doesn't explain or excuse the weird way the Americans fail to address these insults.

    And now the Turks, upon whom we depend in so many ways strategically, are working against our purposes regarding ISIS, and so are the Saudis....and we are going to ignore it as we ignored the Pakistanis???

    This is nuts. Look...if Nixon or Eisenhower or anyone with any normal sense was the Chief Executive this wouldn't be happening. This is a function of the indifference to life, limb and treasure by the past two Presidents, probably because they never accomplished anything in their lives and have no concept of what it is to actually build anything. They are not builders or achievers but plodders who make decisons when they have to but don't build any policy or care what happens other than they don't want events to bother them...

    1. As for Bush he's happy if he can get through an evening of watching baseball without choking on a sandwich and falling on the floor and hitting his head on the corner of the coffee table.

      That guy was challenged.

      Obama solves this by retreating to the bathroom of his bedroom and smoking his Camel cigarettes and drinking a malt liquor before falling asleep. There's no coffee table to hit his head on if he should fall and he doesn't need to walk around much.

      President Johnson used to take a shit on the toilet in that bathroom while talking to people in the bedroom because he was a psycho. That bathroom has seen a lot of grief....

    2. I think a 'Terrrrurist!' Pretzel once nearly took out Bush. At least we can be sure he did not 'mastermind' 9/11.

  2. Saudi Arabia+United States+Turkey,Love triangle.Birthing,Isis.

  3. Would somebody please arrest John McCain & John Brennan !
    Those two doppelgänger Mother scratchers ....

  4. Well said Dr. P.

    If these leaked notes are to be believed, it seems that Erdogan got some finger-wagging from Obama on the ISIS issue...

    1. As for Hollywood portrayals of the intelligence community, compare the propaganda pablum we get today with the kind of portrayals made in the 70's. This was a period when CIA officials were played at best as flawed anti-heroes, in broken marriages, beset by alcoholism, and still holding that bitter grudge over the Bay of Pigs. I'm thinking of Robert Vaughn in Cuba Crossing (1980), Cliff Robertson in Washington: Behind Closed Doors (1977). Even Lee Majors had to contend with agency bad apples in The Six Million Dollar Man... An interesting numerical figure to choose for that title, no? -a roundabout reference to Operation Paperclip? Was Steve Austin a beneficiary of Dr. Mengele's experiments on concentration camp inmates? Even such a ridiculous CIA super-hero as this was to be tainted, if obliquely.

      Then came the '80s and 'Murika was starting to feel good about itself again. The "Mighty Wurlitzer", broken down and wheezing through the 70's, was repaired, but its bellowing pipes were replaced with cheezy synth tones. Our CIA heroes went back to being two-dimensional, losing their human, all too human flaws. But gone was the sophistication of Mission: Impossible, supplanted with the kitch of The A-Team...

      What would remain a frequent scenario in post-Church Committee portrayals up to the present however would be the tragic hero betrayed by his bosses (George Clooney in Syriana), or one who is forced to do evil for the greater good (Jack Bauer), or as the rouge agent whose patriotism remains genuine, but who is surrounded by a corrupt system, which he proceeds to expose or sabotage... I think we're getting close to home here (Jack Ryan?)

      I haven't sampled much of the recent Wurlitzer product, but from what I gather it sounds like it's getting back to Biff Baker USA.

    2. Films in the 70s were just better all around than before or after regardless of the public mood or what was happening outside.

      In the 80s it became so easy for any film to be profitable that the previous need for quality which screened out bad films went by the wayside. With the easy money of the 80s any kind of film was financed and distributed and the easy way was to parrot the patriotism of that era...

  5. Kenneth Timmerman tells what the BENGHAZI deal is all about:

    Video 9-20-14

  6. I was amusingly 'woken up' last night while watching Downton Abbey and noticed the Lord of the Manor calling his Labrador ISIS no doubt that will be 'fudged' out when the episode reaches your shores. When I first saw the columns of new shiny trucks ISIS, ISIL,IS or whatever they were calling themselves that week were driving, it looked odd to me. Someone on 'Infowars' looked into it and sure enough with all the weapon attachments they are made in Texas. In all the pictures their kit and guns are new like they stepped out of a 'Psychos are 'us' catalogue. It is also strange how they run Facebook and Twitter accounts without them being taken down due to unsuitable content. To an outsider it feels like Al-Qaeda were losing traction in the fear stakes so a new 'beardie bogey man' was needed, in the convenient soundbite of an Egyption God, in English now shortened to the Newsreader friendly IS.