Monday, September 1, 2014

From ConsortiumNews, in case you didn't get it. Opinions welcome.


  1. I'm of the opinion ...thank god a bit of common sense by what I'd describe as people who clearly know and understand there professions! What else can you say?.......

  2. In my opinion, Dr. P. you should add your name to this list. Your misgivings about Putin aside, certainly you would agree that adding Ukraine to NATO would be disastrous, no? And clearly the authors are correct in comparing the disinformation campaign to that which preceded the invasion of Iraq. Though Putin is likely giving material and logistic support to the rebels, this is not an "invasion" as portrayed in the West, as if it were Operation Barbarossa headed west.

    Putin has said his piece that "Novorossiya" should gain some type of autonomy, but he shows no intent to annex the region, unlike Crimea. A loose federation of autonomous regions is the natural and inevitable fate for Ukraine. The trouble for Kiev is not just coming from the East, but from the West as well, or should I say, from the future Republic of Podkarpathian Rus?....

  3. I suspect most of Putin's alleged warmongering is imaginary, but there is obviously some sabre rattling going on to deflect from economic problems at home and to deter NATO from any ambitions in the region. On a personal level Putin is the boss and has a nice young partner and has enough on his plate controlling what he already has. From a NATO perspective I think it was General Sir John Hackett who in the 80's saw no way to stop the Russian Tank divisions apart from battlefield Nukes which of course would escalate until 'Goodnight Vienna'. All of the old computer models show no clear winner, so it is rather stupid of the short memory politicians to think about kicking Putin's arse as he makes Cameron and Obama look like schoolboys. Even if by some miracle it stayed conventional the Russians have shown they can out suffer us. I think it is good when the old War horses get together like this to warn the 'chicken hawks' where they should not venture. A real sanity check.

  4. Question Dr. P, and or bloggers. So Nixon visits China in 1972 and greets Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. Nixon believes " There is no place on this small planet for a billion of its potentially most able people to live in angry isolation". Nixon sends Kissinger to China for clandestine meetings with Chinese officials, (i.e. Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong).
    Following this "new era of Sino-American relations", do you believe Nixon and Kissinger could have predicted where we are today with our Sino-American relations some 40 years later? And do you think they would be pleased with the outcome of their efforts ?