Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Welcomed Invasion of 3000 U.S. Army boots into West Africa to Defeat the Ebola Virus!!! Great Work!
Americans have become used to reading or seeing our brave American troops fighting in far-away places which we care little about or know even less than nothing. Finally, President Obama has ordered our soldiers into Harm’s Way.  This time, the enemy is possibly one of the most lethal ‘terrorists’ we have yet confronted—the Ebola Virus. Very rarely, do we Americans realize how many different types of assignments our U.S. Military engages in other than ‘war’ as we have seen it portrayed in the movies or in the media.  For the most part, our military is portrayed as a pack of hot heads shooting their way in and out of hot zones of combat.
Seldom have we witnessed the Army Engineer Corps reconfiguring our depleted sand beaches which we sun-worshippers take for granted.  Even more unusual, is a picture showing the Army Engineer Corps building our power/water dams.  Those pictures are not as exciting as ‘mayhem’ and technicolor ‘blood and guts’.  Yet in many real emergencies anywhere in the USA or the world, the first responders that are required to be present en masse is the U.S. Military.
In Katrina, the Navy had hospital ships all ready for any necessary mass evacuations, despite the fact that they were not utilized by the Bush Jr administration. Another case of unobtrusive incursion into the arena of health is the unusual presence of the U.S Army which has the largest Ob/Gyn outpatient capacity in the world, offering professional  services to females: civilian and military.

Now we have the present initiative by AFRICOM, our major US Military presence in Africa which requested that the President and Congress allow US Troops to enter the most dangerous parts of West Africa to provide a cordon sanitaire to prevent the spread of the Ebola Virus from one country to another.  What this deployment really connotes is the underlying courage of our military personnel who volunteered on this most dangerous mission in order to save lives suis generis.  Our US Military has been front and center in offering to sacrifice their own lives in order to save the countless thousands of African lives that are destined to die in this horrible hemorrhagic death, if the Ebola virus is not staved off and ‘neutralized’.  It’s a near to impossible mission but it has to be done.
I am very proud to say that our U.S military and the Executive Branch has stepped forward on this most dangerous of all missions.  Accordingly, credit must also be given to the brave men and women of the Communicable Disease Center [CDC] of Atlanta, Georgia. The U.S. Public Health Service, a quasi-military /civilian organization set up about a century ago has also been mobilized to stop this dreaded disease. Clearly, the original physicians and health workers of the religious charities that first contracted this terrible disease years ago in Africa must receive our gratitude for their bravery and fortitude in fighting this contamination.

Although I have written about this type of dreaded world-wide epidemic in one of my first novels, Blood Heat, I must admit that I have never personally or professionally encountered an epidemic of such proportions and lethality as Ebola.  At best, I had to worry about a break-out of Malaria, Salmonella, Giardia, Rabies and other less lethal pathogens.  I want to wish the best of luck to our brave men and women, military/civilians who are being deployed to West Africa.  Hopefully, they will  also be accompanied by other brave men/women from China, Russia, Europe and the Middle East.
Ebola may unite all our armies into one large combat unit that can act as an effective ‘counter-force’ against the parasitic enemies of mankind.  So lets put down our guns and, instead pick up our surgical masks and gloves in one simple act of universal defiance against mankind’s true enemy--- PATHOGENS!! Maybe the dreaded disease,  Ebola, can unite mankind in a way that all other forms of intervention have already failed. Fighting a common disease in order to enact a universal peace.


  1. I was in Sierra Leone during the ghastly, meyhem-ridden, drug-crazed warlord carnage of 1992-2000.

    All during that conflict the people begged and begged the British to invade and occupy the country as a fellow member of the Commonwealth...and to save them from themselves.

    Imagine living in a place for year after year where your own government is in bed with drug-crazed demon-worshipping cannibal warlords who go from village to village lining people up to have their hands, feet, and ears cut off and put into baskets and garbage bags to walk around with....

    Imagine that your own government and it's army were doing this....and that no one on the planet gave a shit that it was going on for year after year until finally after eleven years the British and the UN finally came in when it became just too much of a embarrissment.

    In truth I was in Sierra Leone on July 14 2000 when a covert operation of SAS attacked 5 rebel bases one morning under the cover of a UN hostage rescue...

    The SAS destroyed all the bases in short order and wipped out the rebels in a single effort one morning which could have been done years earlier if anyone had cared.

    I was there in March 1995 when Soldier of Fortune editor McKenzie was ambushed by his own client...the government of Sierra Leone...and then his body taken away and chopped up and eaten in a nice west African BBQ. This veteran of San Salvador and Zimbabwe had no idea what the real game was in Sierra Leone...or what the people there or in Liberia were really like.

    The Liberians and Sierra Leoneans are your typical negro savages or a little bit more so. And they make the malfactors of ISIS seem tame.

    Those two countries were the focal points of slavery and slave trading before, then became the two most corrupt countries in all of Africa...then the horror of the 1990s....and now this...

    Best to leave them the fuck alone. Unless we want to invade them, make the place our plantation and put these savages to work for us let's not spend any money or put ourselves at risk again for their behalf.

    Karma is a bitch and it's karma that's at work in those two countries for what they've done to each other over many centuries...

    Go there if you want to see the hell negros or other monsters can make of this wonderful planet.

    And then watch American football and see the same kind of creatures who beat their wives and kids over nothing being cheered by stupid white people.

    1. And people wonder why the aliens from other planets don't just make themselves known...LOL.

      They fly around in their craft and flying saucers and see all this rape and mutilation and hate..hate...hate going on among humans in India, Africa, South America, Honduras...El Salvador..Russia...Afghanistan....

      And they don't want a fucking thing to do with this planet and it's "people" except to save the planet itself and it's ECOLOGY AND ANIMALS from destruction....

      99% of humans are scum.

  2. Yes I was a stupid white man who liked negro music in the United States and thought that all blacks were as wonderful as Aretha Franklin, Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Strayhorne and Nat King Cole.

    I made the terrible mistake of thinking that negros and Africans in particular were people like me...human beings worthy of assistance, empathy and charity..

    Boy was I wrong.

    1. I live in South Africa, having missed going to war in Angola by one year. I missed all the trauma and blood shed that the young men before my time had to endure. My dad and uncle both served in South West Africa against the African communists and the Cubans and my uncle performed counter insurgencies across the border at the time. He turned to alcohol to make him forget what he saw there and what he had to do to the enemy. I must say though, that there are many black people in South Africa that are not savages. These are traditionally from those who accepted Christianity and live honorable lives. The rest of them that burn down schools, rape babies and kill people with burning tyres around their necks are the savages that vote for the ANC/ Cosatu/ SA Communist party and the marxist EFF. These are the ones that are secretly conducting a white genocide against my people, but the day of reckoning will come. I am part of a people that defeated the Great British armies during the first Boer War and we are born natural soldiers. Any day now...

  3. And today Bill Gates and President Obama make speeches claiming that Africa is developing economically and are making progress toward the modern world and relieving poverty...

    What the fuck are they talking about?

    By every measure poverty is, and has been, on a dramatic increase all over Africa.

    Poverty is widespread, growing, worsening, and there isn't a single measure indicating otherwise.

    The madness and fact-less claims by Obama, Gates, and other people who wish to counter the fact of racial inferiority of negros leads them to make these absurd claims.

  4. Today 60% of blacks in South Africa say that CONDITIONS WERE MUCH BETTER FOR THEM UNDER APARTHEID.

    Under the corrupt, brutal, indifferent cleptocracy of majority black rule in South Africa life for blacks has become a living hell of lawlessness, violence, rape and mass poverty UKNOWN UNDER APARTHEID.

    At some point to save the continent of Africa, to save it's animals, speicies, ecology and even the negros themselves...

    All of Africa must be re-colonized somehow by non-negros and the blacks put once again into a status of chattle with no rights whatsoever...

    Either that or they must be exterminated by whatever means....bioweapons or whatever is available.

  5. We should be lobbying for anthrax, ebola, HIV, malaria, kill off as many of them as possible.

    The introduction of vaccines and medications and food aid is causing a population explosion which will lead to a destruction of the continent.

    All this aid is fostered by outsiders, stupid white people with no direct experience in Africa...who are having the experiment that race doesn't matter and that blacks can live just like white people do if "given the chance" by these insane white do-gooders and sob-sisters....

  6. All the white who are bringing this life-saving aid to Africa are the mos vile and venal of white people in America...

    George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and Bill Gates.

    These are the assholes whose life-saving in Africa runs counter to the ORDER OF NATURE THERE which is seeking to keep the BALANCE OF NATURE by killing off these people with HIV, malaria and ebola.

    These diseases are NATURE'S WAY of seeking to preserve the ecology from destruction by the overpopulation of these negros which murder gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, leopards, Rhinos and Elephants...

    Death to the negro killers of these great animals. Death to them all.

  7. Evil-doers like Geo. W. Bush, Clinton and others always kill those people who don't deserve to be killed and then go around saving the lives of people who deserve to die....

    That's the true essence of evil.

    1. Bush doesn't even let "God sort them out."

      He kills all the good people and leave the evil ones around to do more evil like himself.

      Bush sorts them based on his own demon-worshipping, Christian evangelical/Judaic malevolance.

  8. The great English explorer of Africa John Hanning Speak showed up there thinking he could treat the natives with civilized humanity and kindness....

    Then one of the villages he first encountered he had this experience....

    He showed his rifle to the Chief of the village, who took it and pointed it to the head of one of his wives and then shot her in the head. When her brains blew out and her limp body fell he immediately began to laugh, causing all his other terrified slave/subjects to laugh also...

    Thereafter when Speak went to back to Africa he brought with him a contingent of riflemen who shot and killed pretty much any and all natives they came across....

    That's the reality of Africa.

    So please no more sob stories about saving lives in Africa and sending MDs there okay....

    Speak knew the truth.

    1. "Speak the truth" is what I to speak.

  9. Goodluck Jonathan and the Boco Haram !!

    Remember when he said he was on the verge of getting those schoolgirls out of the clutches of Boco Haram ??

    They are still there !! And they are living happy lives as the sex slaves of their new masers and NEVER WILL be found or rescued...


    Because Goodluck Jonathan is the same peice of shit as the Boco Haram....exactly the same peice of shit.


    WAKE UP and realize the simple facts and truth which is all around you....



  10. You have to TAKE THE GIANT LEAP into TRUTH and FACT BASED EVIDENCE and then...

    SAY IT.

    The racists are right. The KKK is right. The racists of the South and Jim Crow...all right. The racists of Apartheid...RIGHT.

    Sorry but that's the fact based, evidence based truth.

    1. There is a reason why when "Birth of a Nation" was released it was heralded as accurate....

      Because it was accurate.

      At that time the true events of reconstruction and the tyranny of negro politicians and their carpetbagger patrons was still in the memories of individuals who lived it.

      Today people simply don't believe the truth of what happened and the necessity of the KKK because they have no idea what actually occurred.

  11. Yes Dr.P these "pathogens" are nature's way, God's way if you will, of seeking to save Africa from the destruction which is certain with the overpopulation of negros with no industry, no employment, no production of any kind.....

    Just killing all the animals and eating them, destroying the land, the trees, everything until the ecology is utterly destroyed.

    Disease is the counter-balance which has kept the negro in balance with the ecology's ability to sustain him.....

    It's called the balance of nature, and it's why predators exist and why the weak get culled from the heard and why the strongest males fight off all the weaker ones to mate with all the females..........

    You're are treating Africans and Africa as though it was part of the human race and civilization and it's's not the civilized world but the primitive world.

    Let them die.

    1. My advise is to let them die and for me to help them die.....I wouldn't mind helping nature along a bit.

  12. And it's about time that we expell all the negros from the NFL given that they are all brutal assholes beating their wives and kids.....

    I've known a few negro pro football players and college players and they are all asshole scum. We need to expell all negros from pro sports and college sports or form all-white leagues for human beings that aren't savages..

    And as for Michael Vick and Kobe Bryant I hope a rotweiller bites off your penis and swallows it....more likely throw it up.

  13. Dr P I am glad you said this as I was already starting to think it was being engineered as 'humanitarian' aid for a greater presense in Africa, kind of like Libya. I would not fancy fighting such a virus, I would rather fight a bear. I think they have a special kind of bravery to go into such a shithole situation. I do think a lot of aid in Africa is wasted due to corrupt War Lords and human nature. If a population thinks it has a food supply at an almost genetic level it will expand, then the supply is not enough anymore. They become almost like a cargo cult, wheras nature seems to trim its own cloth and the population responds accordingly. I have never understood why places like Africa do not have even basic infrastructure...a kind of pushing back against the environment. As happened in Europe with clothing, science and printing etc. I do not think it is cultural imperialism to suggest they might be lazy or the environment too hostile. Although I get it in some places where it is hot and fruit is falling of the trees, I would not have been arsed to invent anything either. As for attitudes to Wildlife, when they murdered the Silverback in 'Gorillas in the mist' I would have cheerfully machine-gunned them all. In fact they still have to basically bribe the locals to leave their great animals alone. Also It is passing strange how a few years ago there were a series of Hollywood films about 'Outbreak's' and Doomsday virus's I wonder if it some kind of predictive collective unconscious or just our basest fears manifesting on the screen and then in actual reality.

    1. They have no infrastructure because the people don't care about improving anything and whatever money their governments get to do so their officials steal it all....

      If you understood the first thing about the way negros think you would know that instead of ASSUMING that they think and feel the way other races do.

  14. Katrina reminds me over on Public Intelligence Blog, Greg Palast on Aug 27 had an interesting take on the flooding. He suggests that four oil companies over decades by stripping the wetlands removed the protective collar which would have muffled the storm waters, thus leaving New Orleans virtually without natural defences.

    1. No amount of wetlands could have prevented what happened when you have a city below the water level and all that's needed is one break in a levy or dike.....

      It was an accident waiting to happen.

  15. Replies
    1. I will not neglect Africa, it's resources, ecology and wildlife.

      I will not let the negros, the only savage race that lives there among semites, hottentots and others...

      To destroy the place.

      Upon the Alter of God I pledge to save Africa from the race of negros which have occupied it.

      Someday there will be no negros in Africa, and only other races of humans will inhabit it.

    2. Go to Youtube and watch the Cannibal Warlords of Liberia...and anything about the crime wave of South Africa.

      The place to begin is with South Africa because the negros there are now primed and ready to support a White Nationalist Government and party once again.

      Once the negros of South Africa consent to have all their rights taken and to be once again put under White rule then the legitimacy of the same will spread rapidly all across Africa.

      That day has come!

  16. It was socialism / communism which influenced the overthrow of the South African Government. and the un righteous Policy of apartheid.The United States was instrumental in overthrowing The South African government.It had nothing to do with white versus black except for the fact that the bigotry that was embedded Was exploited.Negro? Color has nothing to do with one's character or morals.

    1. I agree with your sentiments, although the British introduced apartheid in South Africa, not the Afrikaners. When the Afrikaner got his independent state apart from Britain, the policy was separate development of culture, language, education and economy. President Dr HF Verwoerd was not the immoral man which everyone makes him out to be. White South Africans were heavily taxed to support this separate development idea of tribal homelands. The whites never received a homeland of their own where they could develop their culture, but all the black tribes did, and we paid for it. The problem was that marxist ideals were stirred up among many blacks and they started their violent riots that led to the Nationalist state using force to curb that violence. Most black on black killings was done by revolutionaries against moderate blacks who were teachers, doctors and business people because they resisted the progressives' message of revolution.