Monday, September 15, 2014

Dear Pro-Independence Scotland: Congratulations for Scaring the Lazy, Laggards of the Licentious British  Elite!
Remember that Liberty,  Freedom and Independence was fought for by the American Colonies, composing of a large contingent of Scotsmen. We Americans, fought twice against Britain [1776; 1812; and even during the American Civil War]… and we turned out to be the dominant Superpower of the 20th and 21st century. Recall that your indentured Scottish “servants” and so-called prisoners were also ANTI-BRITISH COLONIALISTS purposefully denigrated by the British Monarchy,  as you decent Scots People are today, by the German-created Queen Elizabeth and her parasitic scions.
What became of these “Scottish Prisoners’ sent 16,000 Miles away from the Glorious British Isle?  They became the most powerful economic/political fulcrum of the Australian Empire, dominating the Far East. When the Scots are debased and reviled for their burning desire to retain their “BRAVEHEART-CELTIC HERITAGE”---they are continuously shipped away from the crumbling isle of Inertia called Britain and sent off to far-away places where in time they create great fortunes and impressive countries. 

As if it were not enough that the British exiled, tortured and denigrated the American Puritans and the so-called Australian Prisoners, Britain, once again, true to their sadistic and haughty national character, exiled even more Scottish countrymen to Canada,  four thousand miles away from home. What became of these ostensibly poor, pathetic, illiterate Scotsmen? They became the most powerful economic force in North America, taking over the American Banks which were foolishly funded by British Sub-Prime mortgage money as well as Wall Street. These very same sagacious Scottish Canadian Bankers initiated the Criminal Prosecution of the London Treasury For “Illegal Manipulation of the LIBOR”---an international standard of banking. The Scottish Bankers were proven RIGHT,  JUST and MORAL!  Britain then hid in quiet shame, never one to discuss their past transgressions. 

The reason for Scottish Independence does not reside within the “Crocodile Tears” of the effete Prime Minister David Cameron pleading mercifully for your understanding and retention within the ersatz English Union; nor do your cries for independence arise from your justifiable “snicker and sneers’ of that well-known dysfunctional British family self-proclaimed as royalty. Your cry for independence must arise from only one belief: that you people, after 300 years of servitude and compliance to the whims and caprices of an antiquated ruling elite are disgusted with the parasitic political and economic rule.  Britain has sucked out the very marrow of Scotland’s cultural, economic and psychological essence . 
Scotland has an opportunity to declare to itself and the world that it can no longer be a part of a 300 year old alliance which bears no correspondence to the realities of a 21st century Scotland.  The nation of Scotland is filled with entrepreneurial desire; embedded in a rich heritage of overseas successes in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand  and embolden by a ruthless Celtic Culture of defiance. When our American forefathers declared their independence from England, they did not have the resources, manpower, or even heritage that Scotland possess now.  At that time, only four per cent of the Tory population was willing to fight and die for independence from Britain. The rest is history.
Yours is a far less complicated cause with significantly fewer consequences. There will be no fighting or killing resulting from this referendum.  All that you have to do is mark, “YES”! 

“YES” to independence not for you but for your children and your children’s children and then on to even a greater posterity well into the 21st Century. I cannot emphasize enough, how important each of you will become to the future of Scotland. With a simple stroke of a pen or a cursor each of you will go down into history as part of the greatest nations ever born from the bowels of a presently politically/economically impacted England…  the New Scotland
Please remember that it was King James I,  a Scotsman, who really built up England to what it is today. Therefore, in a paradoxical way England has always belonged to a Scottish ruler. Now Scotland has the chance to reconfirm that historical aberration and transform England from a USURPER of the throne to a benefactor of a Free and Independent Scotland.  Let England deal with you as an equal and fair partner rather than subjects of the crown. 
Remember Scotland, it is not only Britain that awaits your decision,  in fact billions of citizens of the world are cheering you on in the virtual world of the internet. You will be the first Anglo-Saxon Country to declare independence in the 21st century. You might say that you will become the first virtually independent country in this new internet world of cybernations.  Tell me truthfully, who better than a SCOTSMAN, can manipulate numbers, be they financial or binary internet codes?  I, for one,  do not know of any other SUPREME CRAFTSMAN! 

May the Lord Look Favorably Upon One of God’s Lost Tribes—the 13th one, of course…. THE CELTIC ONE!!



  1. A eye opening article "NICOLE KIDMAN; ANTONY KIDMAN" Dr. Antony Kidman died "after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. "A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging that Dr Kidman sexualy and physicaly assaulted her throughout her childhood. "When the Commission opened an investigation Dr Kidman suddenly went to Singapore."

  2. whoa!, thanks for sharing, first I heard of this.

  3. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles' facial expressions have looked like they've had a dose of reality administered to them, they look worried.

  4. Great piece again! I am English and let me tell you we've had enough of the Westminster set on all sides of the political spectrum! The working class are continually downtrodden shops are closing with only charity shops, betting shops on the increase! Oh and food banks! Another shop that blights the high street is "bright house" which sell overpriced goods(basically shit) on credit on vast interest rates aimed primarily at the poor! The TV is full of adverts about payday loan companies charging up to 3000% interest once again targeting the most vulnerable! We've turned to crap I'm afraid so good luck Scotland show us how it can be done!!! Please watch on YouTube " Tommy Sheridan and and Andrew Neill on the politics show" worth it for a true working class Scottish opinion!

  5. The reason I think there will not be a Yes vote is because the whole World is will set a bad example who would be next, Texas? What was it Stalin said about counting votes? I am very happy for Scotland to go off into the sunset, good luck to them. Also the payday loan companies are major funders of the Tory party...what a surprise!

    1. And until VERY recently the church of England had financial links to "wonga" the pay day loan specialists!!!! I loved Tommy Sheridan's response to banks may pull out of Scotland, " the only banks we'll get rid of is the food banks"

  6. Great comments, thanks for the tip Tommy Sheridan/Andrew Neil will look for it now.