Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Once, twice, three times a failure no matter what the neocons do to resurrect their ugliness,  its really just dumb to try to fool the public again.


  1. Just a very brief comment! I see David Cameron is meeting with the Iranian leader with the daily mail reporting we need Iran as a partner!! Bit late with that news seen as we learned as much on here!!! I wonder if these world leaders smiles can be attributed to that toothpaste of mass destruction??? Keep smiling.

  2. We've had the underpants bomber , the shoe bomber, the suicide vest, the orange jumpsuit, along with no deodorants or perfumes on planes! As well as Osama sporting a great line in superior hiking boots to outwit his enemy and ISIS a wearing a great line in black which must be this seasons must have in the desert! And could it be Colgate have now perfected a product that can actually give you that 'deadly' white smile with that trusted ring of confidence!!!!! As usual I digress.....

  3. The leaders do have great dental work. All that spun floss from the herds makes you quite photogenic.