Monday, September 29, 2014

Indian Curry Mixes with Chinese Sichuan Spicy Cabbage: Result is Major Stomach Ache for the World!
For a while, I have been warning about a major conflict between India and China which will have world wide consequences. Forget about ISIS, ISISL, Al Qaeda, and the Middle East conflagrations! While our collective attentions have been steered to the nonstrategic/nonsensical bombings of the newly created ISIS, ISIL; or whatever new ‘terrorist group’ convenient to bomb is called,  a real war has been percolating for some time.
In a recent article by Hari Kumar, 9/26, 2014, in the NYTimes, entitled “India and China Step Back From Standoff in Kashmir”, the reporter has described what I consider to be the real ‘hotspot’ of danger in the world.  India versus China,  a conflict that has been brewing since 1962 over ‘disputed border region of Ladakh, Kashmir…..having been sparring for decades over their borders, but the recent FACE-OFFS WAS UNUSUALLY LONG AND TENSE…. “[my emphasis].   
Like most confrontations that have been kept at a low boiling point, or what we in the profession call, “Low Intensity Conflicts”or “LIC,” if you are chic. This particular confrontation some 16,000 miles away from the USA has no immediate impact on us.  But unlike the self-created ‘phony wars’ of so-called ‘coalition bombing of ISIS, ISIL, or IS’, the Indian /Chinese discord will ring loud and clear when it blows out of control.
What do I mean?
You know by now that China is completely bereft of water for close to 500 million Chinese people who live in the western part of the country which is primarily arid, desert lands. The only way that China can conceivably access the necessary water is to invade Tibet, depose the Dali Lama and then invade India which controls water rights along the Kashmir and Himalayan borders. This is not conjecture on my part, it’s a simple matter of GEOPOLITICAL IMPERATIVES that China must access the water in the Indian regions of the Himalayan Mountains in order to provide the necessary water/sustenance for half of its population.

While our White House and the neocons concoct nonsensical war scenarios and contrived beheadings in order to allow our military to exercise its weaponry, control energy rights or whatever; there is no evidence that anyone in national security is developing a strategic plan to diffuse this imminent war between China and India. 
Why do I say it’s IMMINENT?
Two reasons compel me to say that President Xi has no choice but to confront India repeatedly with serious military intentions.
The first, as I mentioned, is the geopolitical imperative of water and greater fertile land mass acquisitions. Remember fertile is the key word here.  Most of Western China is completely arid, bereft of any capacity for mass sustenance.
The second reason is what I had recently posted: economic distortions leading to social unrest and destabilization of China. The second reason seems more complicated; but it really is not. President Xi has tried to implement a long-term strategic goal of converting China’s working middle class from a cheap export-govt investment economy to a consumer one.

I believe that President Xi made a bad decision in propping up the corrupt real estate bubble that will cost close to $100B. I am forecasting that this short term tactic to avoid the real estate burst will not work; instead leading to massive local/regional riots of Chinese workers who had entrusted their banks and central government with their hard earn salaries.  President Xi has set up unwittingly the scenario for bank runs and incredible amounts of violent protests which will exceed the normal number of annual riots which is about 75,000.  This combination of the misleading economic policy and constant high altitude confrontations with India is deadly.  Don’t forget to consider the recent re-arming of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, it all spells big trouble!

I am a concerned participant-observer whose major objective in national security was to avoid and defuse the conflagrations which would compel our country to enter into combat.  The opposite of what happened in the Iraq Wars; Afghanistan Wars; Syria al. My job is to spot those areas where Indian Curry and Chinese Spicy Cabbage make for a very gaseous meal---leading to a possible NUCLEAR EXPLOSION!! Btw, please remember that Pakistan and India have been fighting on a daily basis over Kashmir!! That’s more fuel on this smoldering fire!! 
What do we have to do?
Divert our assets, military/intel/diplomatic, away from the Middle East, a historical unending fight between Shia and Sunni—toward South and East Asia.
In Chinese, we say that we Americans, can no longer be:
“jing di zhi wa“ [pronounced jing dee jrrr wah]
“We cannot afford to continue to be NARROW-MINDED; We must be open to NEW IDEAS!!” 


  1. "jing di zhi wa" is an understatement, for to allow even a limited nuclear exchange between any of these nations would mean the end of most life on this planet....

    Hitherto, outside of those two cities in Japan (and perhaps at the WTC on 9/11 with low yield nuclear weapons), all nuclear detonations have occurred in uninhabited regions. If substantially more nukes were to go off in today's densely populated Indian sub-continent, all of that curry and so much more would go up in smoke and blanket the planet, leading to a prolonged nuclear winter.

    You're damned right, then, we'd better get creative in dealing with these issues. I should hope that for China and India at least, both being members of the BRICS, the recent monetary agreement will facilitate cooperation rather than confrontation.

    1. The Chinese are rushing headlong into nuclear power development using a liquid metal reactor which is far more advanced than the stone age relics in Japan, the US and Russia.

      In addition there will probably be Thorium-based reactors available and it will be the Chinese who use them and run fleets of battery automobiles based on my designs while the arrogant and Chauvanistic Japanese begin to glow in the dark from the effects of their Fukashima clusterfuck - a nest of the wrong reators in the wrong location operated by the wrong people.

  2. Chinese in Hong Kong are rioting and flooding the streets at this writing....

    Thank God there are still people in the world who will riot and raise holy cane when they're rolled over by the powerful. These riots and mass protests merely demonstrates to the powerful that the ULTIMATE power lies with the people when they get PISSED OFF and turn VIOLENT.

    This is the kind of people AMERICA used to have, but alas....

    Americans today worship law and lawmakers and statutes and democracy and elections and so any kind of illegal protest is viewed as treason and criminality...

    The negros of Ferguson have gained my respect for their mass uprising and we stupid white people should take a lesson from their book of obnoxiousness and take to the streets in a not so polite fashion when we're having our rights taken from us...even by a majority!

  3. The Sino-Bapoo Gupta Korma Vindaoo Biriani conflict will not escalate to a shooting war because they both have nuclear weapons and these weapons auger strategic stability and deterrence even Raj Rajarajaman can understand while chewing on his Gulab Jamal and throwing rice cakes at Ganeesh the elephant God or his flying rat companion who flies through the universe while eating a Ludoo......

    1. Let's all go down to the river bank and toss water on ourselves in ritual ablusions, stand on our heads for an hour, smeer coconut oil in our hair and on our bodies....

      And thank our personal Gods that the clever citizens of the world's largest democracy have the good sense to build an atomic bomb even Mahatma Ghandi would love.

    2. And to top it off we can greet each new day by drinking a cup of our own urine kept overnight on the nightstand to purify ourselves for the stresses of the day!

    3. Notwithstanding....

      Even though there cannot be a shooting war the tensions described by Dr.P will continue, and the penetrations and tussles will be more convulsive and agonizing than a date with Sunny Leone!

    4. Who is Sunny Leone... (joke) ... And now i have serious question, why China never become non aligned like India, especially after sino-soviet split?

    5. Sunny Leone is the kamasutra queen of Penthouse and Hustler magazines...the south Asian sex godess of eternal copulation who slamfest coital habit are found on endless XXX DVD titles available to the world......

    6. This combination of Bombastic Bombay Bantering about Vindaloo and Biryani is enough to challenge anyones gastrointestinal fortitude. No doubt the theatre of operations must prepare for a "silent but deadly" attack. We must keeping with military tradition, give this campaign an appropriate name: Operation Ring of Fire. The shit will hit the fan at 0600.

  4. Let's not forget the masala-eating wizards of Hydrabad have now pierced the heavens and navigated the planets with their own budget-priced, cut-rate MISSION TO MARS!

    Mars will no doubt be littered soon with landers covered with fingerprints of tumeric, cardimon and gee. If Mars had an atmosphere the sounds of Bollywood violins would echo across the barren scape of orange, iron-colored sand....

    1. The shattered and vacant Martian orb lives in mute testament to a world once alive now obliterated by the world-destroying powers of Shiva. Come forward all you Bodisatras and heed the example of a world hurled into cataclysmic destruction.

  5. Dr. Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D., they (NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus) and George H. W. Bush Sr. (NAZI and SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER) SPEECHES 1991) "ELITE") are NOT bombing ISIS, ISIL, or Al Qaeda! Because, ISIS, ISIL, and Al Qaeda are all intelligence mercenaries that were created and currently controlled by the intelligence community; and the said intelligence community includes, but NOT limited to, THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA), BRITISH INTELLIGENCE (created in part by SKULL AND BONES), and MOSSAD (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE))!

    This all amounts to complex propaganda produced by the "mainstream media" (controlled by the intelligence community (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies [Season 1, Episode 5] (FULL LENGTH)" [This said episode discusses BILDERBERG and BILDERBERG controlling the mainstream media for propaganda purposes!])! Unfortunately, THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) is "FORCING" TruTV to eliminate any and all episodes of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura" from the "ENTIRE" INTERNET by using "copyright infringement" in an illegal manner!

    What is the real objective??? It is the illegal removal of Syrian President Assad from office, and in the interim, at a specific "planned" point in time ("CLASSIFIED"), the RUSSIAN BASE WILL GET "NUKED"! First, it was ISIS or ISIL (A.K.A.: ISIS) in Iraq; and ISIS is very very very very [TO ONE MILLION "VERY"] "BAD"!!!!! Therefore, WE (UNITED STATES and N.A.T.O. with other allies) have to "invade" and bomb ISIS before there is an "ATTACK" on UNITED STATES SOIL! What a "bunch of SHIT"! It really "STINKS"! A fat person sat on the toilet, and ..........! By the way, I am NOT against fat people! A fat person produces a lot of "SHIT," and "SHIT SMELLS"! I think EVERYONE gets the "POINT"! Then, all of a sudden, WE (UNITED STATES and N.A.T.O. with other allies) have to "INVADE" SYRIA, because this is the "HEAD OF THE SNAKE;" and this is after WE (UNITED STATES (through THE C.I.A.) and N.A.T.O. (intelligence community)) have been training, arming, and funding ISIS in SYRIA for over a year! WHAT A "SICK JOKE"!

    I really feel for poor Syrian President Assad and Russia for having to put up with all the "SHIT" being produced by THE WEST! If it was NOT for the intelligence of Russian President Putin, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN "MUSHROOM CLOUDS" ALREADY!

  6. More and more intelligence and "classified" military bases to incircle CHINA; and expect CHINA NOT TO NOTICE, until later!

    One of biggest "ironies" of the 20th Century was Oppenheimer (HEAD OF THE "MANHATTAN PROJECT") was a COMMUNIST; and THIS WAS ALSO AN "INSIDE JOKE"! SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds" posted by Senator Junkie Einstein on April 2, 2010!

    There were "intentional" leaks to Russian K.G.B. AGENTS; however, even with all these said leaks, Russia could NOT PRODUCE AN "ATOMIC BOMB"! It was not until General Groves (HEAD OF SECURITY for THE "MANHATTAN PROJECT") produced a BOOK telling exactly how to build the "BOMB;" and a copy was given to various Russian scientists and Russian K.G.B. by Niels Bohr in Copenhagen (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Discovery Channel The Red Bomb 1of 3 Stolen Secrets" to Part 3 posted by ANTHONY ELLIOTT on June 26, 2013)!

    Later, a Chinese scientist working at a government lab in California decided to spy for China and steal nuclear secrets for China! He was caught and permanently deported to China, with all the said nuclear secrets he had stolen! This said individual became the "FATHER" of China's nuclear "BOMB"!

  7. I posted the "ARTICLE" in three (3) posts due to size of said "ARTICLE".

    Then, THERE IS THIS "ARTICLE" POSTED ON THE INTERNET ("ARTICLE" (written by MARY DEJEVSKY AND TERESA POOLE on Wednesday, May 26, 1999) posted by THE INDEPENDENT (WEB PAGE) dated Wednesday, October 1, 2014):

    Chinese `stole all nuclear secrets'

    Espionage: Devastating report reveals that for 20 years Peking agents stripped America of weapons technology

    THE POLITICAL storm brewing over Washington since the first disclosures of Chinese spying six months ago broke yesterday with release of the Cox report, a 700-page catalogue of deceit and theft that said Peking's nuclear- weapons expertise is "on a par" with that of the US. Peking could begin testing the first of its advanced nuclear weapons as early as this year, with deployment by 2002.

    The report said China engaged in systematic espionage over 20 years, culling top-secret information on all seven nuclear warheads in the US ballistic-missile arsenal and the neutron bomb, not yet deployed. Stolen secrets included the blueprint for the W-88 miniaturised warhead, which allows a missile to be armed with multiple warheads.

    The report also said at least some of the 3,000 Chinese corporations operating in the US, some connected to the Chinese army, were a front for unauthorised technology exports. US companies may not be aware of the extent of Chinese spying and many "are generally unprepared for the reality of doing business in the People's Republic of China". China's "appetite for information and technology appears to be insatiable", the report concluded. The leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Trent Lott, led critics of the Clinton administration in saying the thefts were the most damaging foreign espionage effort since the Second World War, if not in US history.

    The report acknowledged that, while "central" to China's acquisition of US nuclear secrets, spying was not the only method used. Information "is obtained through espionage, rigorous review of US unclassified technical and academic publications and extensive interaction with US scientists and the Department of Energy Laboratories". The report also blamed "a major counter- intelligence failure at the national laboratories" and lax security at Chinese launch sites for US satellites.

    The Energy Secretary, Bill Richardson, whose department oversees the national laboratories, said he had taken "enormously aggressive action to deal with the problem" and many of the findings were outdated. "I can assure the American people that their secrets are now safe at the labs."

    He accused opponents of the administration of "over-sensationalism".

    "Not every allegation is a proven fact," he said. "There is no evidence of a wholesale loss of information."

    Some of the report's strongest criticism was of two commercial US satellite companies, Loral and Hughes, accused not only of poor security on the ground but also of systematically breaching export regulations.

    Among the report's 38 recommendations was to place controls on such defence- sensitive ventures in China.

    The special congressional committee was set up a year ago under the Republican representative from California, Christopher Cox, to investigate US-China relations after allegations that China tried to buy influence during the last presidential election campaign. In the event, its findings on funding were inconclusive, and its focus switched to spying.

  8. While the cumulative effect of the findings amounted to an indictment of Chinese deception, experts differed on how much national security had suffered. The most pessimistic view was that US nuclear security had been hopelessly compromised. A more sanguine view from Democrats and part of the scientific establishment was that China's record of using foreign technology was not good and that US nuclear weapons superiority remained - as Mr Richardson put it - "overwhelming".

    President Bill Clinton said the administration accepted most of the report and was already implementing its recommendations. But his policy of "constructive engagement" - which Republicans see as the root of the problem - should continue, as it had produced benefits for US national security, including China's decision to sign the Test-Ban Treaty.

    The political shock in Washington was dulled by the fact that the most heinous claims were already in the public domain, having been leaked to the US media in the four months between its completion and release for publication.

    In Peking, the government condemned Washington's accusations as "groundless" and coming from those who "harbour deep prejudice and hostility" towards China. The report was fuelled by "ulterior motives", said China's foreign ministry spokesman. These included America's need to divert attention from the 7 May Nato bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, he said.

    However, the question remains whether China can afford a sharply deteriorating relationship with the US. Foreign investment on the mainland is falling, exports are down, and Peking desperately needs US technology and investment.

    What Cox Says Excerpts from the US Congressional report on Chinese espionage aimed at US nuclear secrets and satellite technology:

    "The People's Republic of China has stolen design information on the United States' most advanced thermonuclear weapons ... The Select Committee judges that China's next generation of weapons will exploit elements of stolen information ... Chinese penetration of our labs spans at least the past several decades and almost certainly continues today."

    "These thefts of nuclear secrets enabled China to design, develop and successfully test modern strategic nuclear weapons sooner than would otherwise have been possible, [giving China] information on a par with our own."

    "The stolen information includes classified information on ... every currently deployed warhead in the US ballistic missile arsenal ... It also includes classified design information for an enhanced radiation weapon [the `neutron bomb'], which neither the US, nor any other nation, has yet deployed."

  9. "The Select Committee has found that the primary focus of this long- term, ongoing intelligence collection effort has been on the following nationalweapons laboratories: Los Alamos; Lawrence Livermore; Oak Ridge; Sandia."

    "With the stolen US technology, China has leapt, in a handful of years, from Fifties-era strategic nuclear capabilities to the more modern thermonuclear weapons designs. These modern thermonuclear weapons took the United States decades of effort, hundreds of millions of dollars and numerous nuclear tests to achieve."

  10. Well its a good thing we let them download all this on their thumb drives during their lunch breaks. Saved them a lot of research and development time 50 yrs as Raymond said, and money, probably saved billions of dollars. Very nice of us I would say. My ebay account has tighter security. Oh and btw, maybe if our National Laboratories changed their passwords from 1234, this might help as well. Idiot Savants. They can make a ray gun but can't tie their own shoe laces. Unbelievable incompetence regarding safeguards and security.