Saturday, January 3, 2015

Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz Implicated in Pedophilia Case by U.S. Prosecutors!
Israel, as it begins to fall apart as a nation, has lost its main propaganda “Dummy”,  Alan Dershowitz,  to a child sex scandal.
Its quite a challenge when my readers are ahead of me on such happenings.  I congratulate you all on the different insights you have provided me and others regarding this nasty stuff. I can add very little to this despicable case of moral depravity implicating Alan Dershowitz and other prominent politicians.

May I suggest that by now, the Webster Dictionary should create the noun -- to become a ‘CLINTON’; which means  suis generis-- ‘morally depraved, grandiose, sociopathic, self-destructive.’ This would apply to all members of the Clinton family and their extended sycophant coterie. Yet the most interesting character in this specific criminal case is the egregiously unctuous so-called Harvard Professor—the professional Jew and Zionist, Alan Dershowitz who has been clintonized long before Clinton came to prominence on the political scene.

Never before have I found a more annoying strident voice promoting the cause of Judaism and the State of Israel than the ignorant, self-delusional Dershowitz.  His incessant craving for public recognition mirrors a sado-masochist’s need for constant pain and punishment as a release of internal tensions.  Israel has become a morally hypocritical nation, the existence of which was defined by a moral catastrophe whose founders including Theodore Hertzl [btw also accused of being a pederast] decided to front the Jewish Bund which wanted to create a haven for the persecuted jews.
Now God or serendipity has played its most brilliant strategy.  As punishment for Israel having killed thousands of innocent Palestinians in Gaza and for its ‘stiff-necked’ insistence on war and occupation as the justifiable means of existence, the greater force of the universe have conspired to proclaim that Israel and its egregious spokespersons will have to pay the price of hubris: DESTRUCTION.  Several years ago,  I had warned that Israel’s self-destructive path towards Iran, Palestine and its constant double-dealing with Hamas and ISIS would eventually end up to eviscerate the very guts of the country.  Its a shame that those brave Israeli Reservists who were dying for a few inches of land attached to a false narrative would eventually end up in an Armageddon of  world condemnation.  An advanced hi-tech country, Israel has acted as a morally impeded child regressing to the very extremist ancient roots of the false prophet and charlatan Rabbi Schneerson, the faux leader of the ersatz Jewish Orthodox Group, Chabad.
The more Israel reverts to the precepts of these unholy charlatans whose panoply of sexual practices including homosexuality; leather fetishes; sado-masochism; and pedophilia—portrayed in the brilliantly prescient 1980 psychological thriller “Cruising” , starring the Al Pacino, produced by the intrepid Jerry Weintraub.  This vintage film delineates in clear pictorial exposition the perversions that Alan Dershowitz and those other so-called ‘religious Jews’ and Zionists have been involved in while at the same time professing to the world the moral imperatives of the nonsensical terms, “Never Forget [the holocaust] and Never Again!”

That grandiosity and self-delusion of people with little talent or real accomplishment like the low class Jeff Epstein who associate with Clintons and Dershowitz fits into the psychological paradigm that ‘birds of a feather flock together’.  Not more complicated than that.  I want to thank the Southern Florida Federal Prosecutors as well as the Judges and FBI agents for identifying Dershowitz and his fellow travelers.  
Israel will continue on its course of self-destruction as long as Bibi leads this nation of atheists, pious hypocrites, and military jingoists into an ever expanding area of depravity.  Such psychological political dynamics will spin Israel into a whirlwind of evisceration.
Palestine will eventually become a state irrespective of any interference.  It’s their time to be recognized!  They were there before any Diaspora Jew ever wanted to live in a desert. We Ashkenazy Jews are neither born of the tribe nor part of any ancient history that was concocted by some story tellers and fakirs. We were nomads in the Pall region of the Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

The rest is just that—myth making and weaving a nonsensical  story of entitlement. In any case, dear readers, thank you for all of your input on this salacious case. Please continue to contribute your thoughts.


  1. We can only hope that prosecutors have copies of incriminating videotapes in their possession, whereupon we will have the pleasure of watching Dershowitz and the House of Windsor eat crow....

    "Epstein’s palatial houses were secretly covered by a network of hidden video cameras, raising concerns that compromising footage exists of a number of rich and powerful individuals useful to Epstein’s work as a money manager."

    1. "incriminating videotapes in their possession"

      Blackmail-able acts force compliance. Royalty is being taken down. Why now? There are bodies discovered on Royal grounds -- "Queen of England and the Missing Children" -- Catholic Church has a similar history of destroying native culture. Pope is complying with the Carbon Extortion Racket., Vatican gets a pass?

      As for Dershowitz and Epstein, their privileges became exposed, to support the attack on Royalty.

  2. God said he will put Jews back to promised land... Israel policy is policy of balance, never let one strong enemy to emerge.

    1. God said absolutely nothing about "Jews" because even the word "Jew" itself was not in existence during the biblical times when the NT was being written. The letter "J" itself did not even come into existence until the late 17th / early 18th century. The English translation for the word 'Judean' in Aramaic is the word "IEWE" and this word IEWE is meant to describe a person who resides (lives in) the region known as Judea which is kind of like a 'county' in the United States. If you are from the region known as 'Judea' you were a 'Judean' but not necessarily a person from the TRIBE of Judah which is one of the 12 Tribes of Hebrew Israelites. In fact you could be a resident of Judea and not even be a Hebrew Israelite at all (like many who lived there and were called Edomites - who were/are NON Hebrew Israelites but were mostly (but not 100%) children of Ishmael who is Abraham's other son who was the father of the Arab nations, the other 'great nation' (besides ancient Israel) that God promised to Abraham. Many Edomites lived in Judea... these are a mixture of cultures both Semitic and NON Semitic peoples from other conquered nations who came back with the Hebrew Israelites after their Babylonian captivity. And that's when they also brought back with them the wicked Talmud and began practicing the "traditions of the elder's" which later became known as Pharisaism and is known today as Judaism. This man made religion was totally condemned by our Lord Jesus who said to the entire SanHedrin that they had "replaced the Word of God (the Torah) with the 'traditions of men' (the Talmud) and that their father was 'the devil' and that's why they wanted to kill Him. So, the point is? The point is God has NEVER 'promised' any 'Jew' any thing because it is a made up word and a made up people. At least 95% of so called "Jewish" people are Ashkenazi's which are European converts to Judaism and therefore have NO PROMISES of a special covenant with God who did at one time have a special covenant with the 12 Tribes of Hebrew Israelites but that covenant ENDED in A.D. 70 when the Temple in Jerusalem was utterly destroyed just as our Lord Jesus prophesied that it would be taken down "stone by stone" and again this ENDED the old covenant and was the beginning of the New Covenant made in Christ's own blood. Now ALL PEOPLE no matter WHO they are or WHERE they are from MUST CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD Jesus!! It is HE who is the passover lamb who died ONCE FOR ALL and who does NOT live in temples or churches built by men but who LIVES INSIDE of THOSE wgo call on His name! Both the Father and the Son will come and sup with them and take up residence inside of them and our OWN BODY becomes the TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit. THIS was/IS the message of the New TESTAMENT and the New COVENANT.

  3. Bill UK is entirely correct to mention David icke as he deserves recognition for exposing the truth in the first place he may not be everyone's cup of tea(probably because of a campaign to ridicule instead of listen) but I've yet to see his findings disproved! I can't help but feel things are changing rapidly and hopefully for the better! The corruption the abuse the thievery surely the world has had enough! I'm hoping that the saturation of child abuses will now be the straw that breaks the camels back and when did you ever read about some high profile case where its linked to the very top? Its no use having crown jewels and pageantry if we can't protect children is it? I'd still send a word of caution though as there's a raison d'ĂȘtre why the "elites" are being exposed at a phenomenal rate and I'd beware of Greeks bearing gifts so to speak

    1. "David Icke ... I've yet to see his findings disproved!"

      "“David Icke’s, Of Course, Copied All Of My Work Letter For Letter” – Dr. Coleman On Veritas"

  4. Why the venom? Take a Valium.
    Dershowitz is your neighbor now.

    You can confront him in person at the local deli.

    No one escapes their maker.

    Dershowitz, Clinton, & the rest of the dregs & deadbeats will end their days in misery.

    You should be a witness, rather than impugning those who are flawed.

    We all are.

  5. Think this is definitely worth a read!!!

    1. Or simply Google Chris spivey its on there! My apologies haven't a clue how to "cut & paste" unless its decorating walls!!!!

  6. Where are you MIT?

    A post by you on this subject will probably challenge the web for "post of the century".

    Please don't keep us waiting much longer.

    I would love to know what the pedophile pimp was doing (allegedly) in the White House at midnight with underage boy during George Bush's tenure (Franklin Savings and Loan Purveyor of Pedophilia granted tour with underage boys).

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